Jeppa’s Juniors – Round 19



What a year! This season we have had two forms of AFL Fantasy and I personally have enjoyed the challenges of each. As far as the rookies go, I think it is safe to say that we have been well looked after. Stefan Martin (av. 109), Anthony Miles (av. 90) and Dom Tyson (av. 89) are three players that all exceeded expectations and most would have played a big part in building your current side. Fortunately, a few new rooks may still play a part…


Three-Or-More Gamers


Further to my article last week (source), I’d like to add a couple of notable absentees from the worthy rookie reserve category.

Brodie Martin (Def. $365,679, 39 be AF. $379,600, 44 be DT) – Confidence is everything and Martin is certainly flying high at the minute. He has averaged 88 from his past three games and more importantly, his spot in Adelaide’s best 22 looks secure. With the Crows favorable draw in the last four rounds, Martin will be handy cover.

Jeremy McGovern (Fwd. $279,297, 47 be AF. $275,000, 46 be DT) – I always love seeing a big fella roam free. Against the Crows last weekend, McGovern did as he pleased and finished with 24 possessions, 6 marks and 80 Fantasy points. He looked as confident as ever and against a smallish Collingwood backline this week he should do well.


Two Gamers

For those lacking a quality back up midfielder, Jack Crisp (Mid. $254,072, -15 be AF & $238,400, -52 be DT) is an excellent option. Plenty would have thought Crisp’s Round 18 score of 97 was a fluke but he backed it up with 20 possessions, 10 marks, 3 tackles and 96 Fantasy points against the Dees last weekend. Other than his kicking efficiency, there’s not too much to dislike. Crisp is strong, reads the play well and is part of a current winning formula at Brisbane. Don’t miss the boat!

It was great to see midfield dynamo, Alex Woodward (Mid. $120,489, -6 be AF & $119,200, -11 be DT) avoid the green vest. He has overcome two knee reconstructions in three seasons and last weekend was the first full game of his career. Woodward’s appeal is his price. Bargains that play on ball and score 70+ are always sound investments so if you need to maximise your earnings, trade him in. Note however, that his job security is far from guaranteed.

Cameron Wood (Ruc. $302,542, 32 be AF & $163,500, -66 be DT) found the going tough against Fremantle and that last kick was a clear error.  To be fair, most ruckman have been far from their best when opposed to Sandilands but he still managed to score 68 Fantasy points which is a positive. If Wood holds his spot then expect him to do plenty of damage against the Suns this weekend.

Stay well clear of Sam Blease, 33 (Fwd. $175,963, 26 be AF & $173,700, 17 be DT) and Louis Herbert, 2 (Fwd. $107,902, 30 be AF & $124,500, 38 be DT). Both are well below the standard required for Fantasy.


One Gamers

The late out of Buddy Franklin on Friday night allowed Tim Membrey (Fwd. $123,686, 12 be AF & $119,200 DT) to finally make his AFL debut. The strong marking forward has been in hot NEAFL form but he was hardly sighted against the Bombers. Membrey could only manage 9 possessions, 4 marks and 40 Fantasy points before being subbed off just prior to three quarter time. Unfortunately, Membrey will make way for Jesinta Campbell’s boyfriend this week but expect his to be a name floated about in Fantasy next year if he’s traded to another club for more opportunities.

FYI, I am not a fan of Tony Armstrong, 62 (Def. $239,100, 35 be AF & $274,700 DT) and would highly advise against picking him up. I cant believe he got a game at Collingwood!

Tim Golds (Def. $151,093, 25 be AF & $174,800 DT) was the only other one gamer to feature in Round 19. He started in the green vest but did make the most of his time on ground. 10 possessions, 3 marks, 1 tackle and 36 Fantasy points in just over a quarter is a solid outing but I’d wait and see what he can produce from a full game before trading him in.


Keep Your Eye On

I know I sound like a broken record but Trent Dumont (Mid. $184,300, 62 be AF & $112,800 DT) and Orazio Fantasia (Fwd. $135,500, 45 be AF & $112,800 DT) are closer to selection than ever before. Dumont was untouchable in the VFL last weekend amassing 35 possessions, 10 marks and kicking 3 goals (video highlights) while Fantasia had 22 touches, 6 tackles, 1 goal and was the best player for Essendon reserves. Both the Bombers and Roos had bad loses in Round 19 so expect them to feature at selection on Thursday night. Early prediction…OUT Jackson Merrett, IN Fantasia.

In his return from injury, Brant Colledge (Fwd. $141,456, 15 be AF & $119,200 DT) had 20 possessions, 6 marks and 1 tackle versus Subiaco in the WAFL. West Coast rates this kid highly and they’ll want to get games into him where possible. Expect him to play this week or next.


2014 AFL Fantasy & Dreamteam Rookie of the Year

It’s time to vote for this season’s best rookie. Select two ‘juniors’ that you believe were the most valuable throughout the season. Consider scoring ability, games played, consistency, and the like.

Who has been the best Junior of 2014?

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Winning Lineups

We all play Fantasy and Dreamteam to win finals so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share my ideal and realistic teams heading into the business end of the season…



Both teams are very similar, in fact the only differences are Kelly in lieu of Hodge in defence for Fantasy as well as a DPP in Dal Santo at D7. Kelly is due for, dare I say it, some PIG like scores and I’ve got a feeling that Hodge will be rested this week or next. The Hawthorn skipper has averaged 105 from his past five. Mid/Fwd, Alex Spina is at the ‘throw away’ M10 position and can be switched with Zorko when needed. David Hale can comfortably score 70+ and is suited to the R3 spot given his current price and dual position status.

The Dependables

Rockliff is a must and Beams is back to his best. JPK continues to lead the Swans midfield (and the Brownlow IMO) and teammates McGlynn and Parker are winning too much ball to be ignored. Bartel is self explanatory as are Simpson and Jacobs. I’m extremely confident that Heppell, Goddard and Macrae will score heavily over the next four weeks!

Notable Omissions

David Swallow (Def) – Is under an injury cloud with a sore achilles so even if he plays, he’s not 100% fit.

Nick Malceski (Def) – Can stink it up with a score in the 50’s and is likely to be heavily tagged given the damage he can cause for the opposition from defence.

Michael Barlow (Mid) – Geelong, Hawthorn, Brisbane & Port isn’t the best draw and after watching him closely last Thursday night, Carlton paid him no respect. I may rue this decision.

Matt Priddis (Mid) – Surely opposition teams realise that he is the backbone of the Eagles midfield and therefore must be tagged. As good as he’s been this season, I can’t pick him.

Kieran Jack (Fwd. Fantasy only) – I’m not feeling it from Jack at the minute. His 61 against West Coast a few weeks back burns in my brain but this decision could backfire.

David Zaharakis (Fwd. Fantasy only) – Hurt his ankle in the dying stages of the game on Friday night and won’t be fully fit. It’s unfortunate because the Bombers have an excellent draw.

Mitch Duncan (Fwd. Fantasy only) – I’m after consistency from my players. Duncan has scored 65, 93 and 111 from his past three. Chook lotto.


That’s a wrap! What a year. I hope you have enjoyed my research and opinions. This job isn’t easy but I enjoy it immensely. Good luck in the finals and I’ll see you bigger and better in 2015. Peace!


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* Massive thanks to Jeppa for his awesome contribution to DT Talk this year. You are an absolute legend! If you’re heading to the Round 23 Meet-Up, be sure to buy him a beer for his brilliant pieces throughout 2014 and then another for the years before! – Roy, Calvin & Warnie


  • best “rookie” is a tough one
    -Martin wins it on average, but he didn’t appear until the byes (and wouldn’t really class him as a rookie either – especially with him averaging 82 as a sole ruckman for the Dees in 2011)
    -I’d probably go for Tyson, he’s been consistently up there this season, and for a guy priced at 250k (to start the season) he’s been well worth it – honorable mention goes to Polec, but he’s faded recently

    also…. tough call to be leaving out Ryder for your “finals team” – but I guess he’s not breaking into that ruck battle, and is a 50-50 shot with Gray (he probably just edges it, but only because Gray can throw some stinkers at you)

    • I’m a fan of Langdon. Considering the lack of defensive rookies he has been amazing. Had the ability to pump out 100’s earlier in the season and was handy with DPP (He is still my D7 in RDT)

  • Hey Jeppa thanks for all the hard work you put in every week to make our jobs easier. The best and most important article every week and you always make the effort to answer peoples questions. Much appreciated

    • Cheers mate much appreciated.

    • Hi Jeppa would just like to second that …. awesome work … all your research advice and judgement has been spot on and was really appreciated by all

  • Great article as always jeppa…Who would be the priority 2 to trade out… Goddard, Cotchin, Chappy or
    D swallow?

  • You are a champion Jeppa, have loved your work all year! Currently have L.Taylor at M9. Is Crisp dependable enough to be an M9 as it gives me an extra $120k to play around with, or stick with Taylor?

    • thanks champ.

      Nah keep taylor but only if you can make some cash elsewhere…sounds like you need it?

  • Also, i see you have named Goddard in both of those teams. I have him in RDT and am concerned as has been playing forward last couple of weeks with Daniher out which has killed his scoring. Do you see this continuing?

    • And now with Ambrose also being injured

    • I was also surprised at this mention, would be keen to hear Jep’s reasoning

      • Reasoning is that Bomber should have realized their midfield suffered. Bombers need Goddard in the middle but I could be wrong.

  • Cheers Jep!

    Was interesting to see your position on Goddard, have had him traded out all week! It seemed that he was spending lots of time forward on Friday + big BE, but I’d be keen to hear why you think he’s going to do well from here on in?!

    • because Richmond (who he’s averaged 121 on in his last 3),
      WC (who are pretty porous themselves),
      GoldCoast (who have gone to crapper recently, giving up HUGE scores)
      and then Carlton (don’t give up that big of scores, but I think he’ll avoid a tag)

      are his run in, it’s pretty self explanatory

      • Is it? I think he must have played about 30 minutes in the midfield on Friday night, and now Ambrose is injured too. Surely there’s more to it than that?

        • Agree. Doesn’t matter who you are playing if you aren’t getting midfield time, you aren’t going to score well

      • spot on samdiatmh

    • see above. at this stage its about points not BE’s anymore.

      • Sure, thanks mate. I think I will give him one more chance this week.

        Just like to say thanks for the year Jep, obviously the the most helpful article each week, which has saved my guts (and many others’ – I’m sure)

  • Thanks for all your work over the season Jeppa, Loved reading your advice and you helped me out heaps. I have to vote for Stefan Martin, he is the only Junior I still have and use him as R1, solid as!

  • Cheers Jeppa your info this year has been invaluable and the work you put into it is very much appreciated. I notice you’ve got Kelly in your AFL team I was going to get rid of him after his role seems to have changed and also Goddard he’s been stinking recently and playing forward.

    • Back in Kelly and Goddard…granted its a hunch but I expect Kelly to explode this week and Goddard has an awesome final 4 games

  • Thanks for all your help and research throughout the year jeppa. Very much appreciated! Without you our teams would be peanuts. Thanks again :)

  • I’m also interested in your Goddard opinion.I was planning to trade him to Gibbs this week.

  • Very consistent articles all year Jepp, easily one of the most helpful out there!

    For rookie of the year, well… Langdon is an easy victory for me. Not really any other options that have sparked a great fire this year in defence, McDonald was so inconsistent, Langford’ JS has been shaky since the byes and Martin didn’t appear until late.

    I advise everyone to go through their scores and note what an impact Langdon would have made, whether it be on field, as an emergency from the bench or the feeling of security of having a decent back up.

    Once again Jepp, great article and look forward to your work next year!

  • Got one final decision to make, Do i take the risk with crisp + gray (and 120k) or do i got Douglas and Chapman

    • depends on the rest of your team…

      • DEF: Swallow, Simpson,NDS, Bartel, Mitchell, Mcveigh
        MID: Rocky,Beams,Pendls,Kennedy,Selwood,Goddard,A.Swallow,A.Miles(OUT)
        RUC: Martin,Sandi

  • Gday Jeppa, brilliant info all year mate. Enjoy your off season and good luck for finals.

  • Massive thanks jeppa for all your hard work, one of, if not the most important article of the week, very Informative and very well researched!

    Thanks again

  • Cheers Jeppa, read every article this season, absolutely love your work.

  • I am a bit surprised that Lewis Taylor wasn’t included as he has played sooo many games this season and been very consistent and does the job. May not score the best fantasy points but is always good for a M9/10 or F7/8. He gets my first vote.

  • Good work Jeppa. Interesting with your winning lineups. I notice you did not include Franklin. My Forward line has Dusty, Danger, McGlyn, Parker, Zaha and Dahlhaus. My trade so far is Dahlhaus out and Buddy in. What do you think?

  • Great work Jeppa. Good luck for the rest of the season.

  • jep..ive had BJ traded out to priddis/macrae all week…im going with you though and going to stick it out with him and hope he produces the goods like your saying! Heres to hoping your right! Cheers for the all the work this year mate…legend!

    • I hope im right too adam. Pretty confident he’ll score very well against the Tigers

  • As everyone else in here has stated, thanks heaps for the year Jep. Probably the most important article on this site for everyone involved in fantasy (sorry all the other lads, your articles are awesome too, I just feel this is the best). Enjoy your off season!

  • Best def to get for 424k?

  • Great work Jep, your articles have been extremely valuable!

    What are your thoughts on Cam Wood as an R2?

    I’ve got Mummy and Martin in my Rucks at the moment but my forward line needs some serious improvement so I’m thinking of DPP’ing Martin back into the forwards and trading Wood into R2 as a cheap option.

  • great year jepp, cheers.\

    now with all that aside, to kick yer ass:)