The Friday Scramble: Round 19

FridayScrambleThe last minor round!  Are you in contention?  Are you safely tucked away in the top 4 and just waiting for next week?  Well this week is the week to make sure everything is squared away ready for the finals.  Don’t expect the massive scores of last week to be repeated, but jeez it would help if it was my players getting those scores!

We have already had one game this week so maybe you took advantage of the VC loophole this week?  We will have a little look at that and anything else of interest from last night.

Don’t forget that your trades in RealDreamteam and Supercoach are NOT reversible today.  Once you trade in those two games today, they will stick!


So did you have a go last night.  Here were the ones that I thought of that you may have used.

Barlow 124
Simpson 112
Fyfe 105
Murphy 87
Gibbs 89

This is very awkward tonight if you do own Barlow.  I think he is the only score that you are considering taking.  If you have Rockliff then I say trust our newest Fantasy Pig.  If you don’t have him then I think you have to go with Barlow’s score.  To be honest this is probably one of the toughest calls though if you don’t have Rocky.  Do you trust Danger who is playing banged up, or do you trust Joel Selwood or Stevie J v the Kangaroos who don’t tag?  I would be in a quandary over this one.  I have Rocky in RDT and will be backing him in.  But in AFL Fantasy I don’t, so I think I will be taking Barlow.  Greed simply can’t be afforded when you are fighting for finals positions.

Do you take Barlow's 124 as Vice Captain?

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So if you aren’t happy with the score you got then you should be looking at locking in another captain this week.  I am sure that many of you would be looking towards our new Fantasy Pig Rocky!  I would bet that this is who Roy has the big C on this week.  Other options as I mentioned above would be Danger v West Coast or Stevie J v North Melbourne who don’t generally tag guys.  But why listen to me.  Check out this week’s Calvin’s Captains to see who he thinks is the right one to pick.


Selection Table

A few things happened this week for us to have a look at.  We found out that Michael Hibberd is now out for 3 weeks.  This puts him on the must trade out list.  We can’t afford to have someone worth that much sitting on the bench.  By the time he comes back for the DT Prelim final you may have already been bundled out of the competition!  Sandilands is back after a couple of weeks rest.  I hope that he rewards those of us that have kept him.  I am confident that he will.  Tom Langdon has been left out of the Collingwood side.  This may be the last we see of him for a while.  Interesting to see Shaun Higgins back in the Doggies line up.  Hopefully he can stay there.  Dean Cox didn’t pull up after his Vickery whack so that means that Nic Naitanui will be rucking essentially alone (well he will have Lycett) as backup.  Billy Hartung finds himself back in the Hawks Squad, but I can’t see him making the final team.


Who should I pick up?

When you are looking towards the end of the year and who you should be selecting in your team from here you need to have a good look at who has the easiest run and will be most likely to maximise your points.  You should make sure you have a read of this weeks edition of Daniel’s Dilemma where he had a look at this exact issue.  Without stealing too much of Daniel’s thunder it is Adelaide that I would be looking at players from.  Adelaide have arguably the easiest run home of all teams.  They play Brisbane, West Coast and St Kilda who are the teams that have been scored against most heavily.  Check out the article and have a look at which other teams you should be looking at players from.



I am sure there has been a fair bit of interest in Nick Riewoldt this week after he pulled out a big score last week of 164.  But if you have a look back before that his previous 4 scores were 72, 64, 97 and 89.  His average is 90.5 but his previous 100 was in round 5.  So yes he would probably be a point of difference but if you were going to pick him up it would only be for this week vs Gold Coast.  After that he has Dogs, Sydney, Richmond and Adelaide.

Hmm… Nick Riewoldt seems popular this week.  However, given this choice I would be taking Buddy Franklin.  He simply has greater consistency and the fact that he is playing in a much better team means that the ball will get to him more often!  Simple really.  So yes, Buddy is the way to go here.

Good question.  Many thought that he would rocket up in price last week, however in AFL Fantasy he actually dipped a little still.  In RDT he only rose a touch.  So this means that he is still very affordable in both competitions.  He is $439,269 in AFL Fantasy and $428,500 in RDT.  Given that he is available in the backlines and is averaging 90.44 I still think he is a must have in your defence, he is the 8th highest average, but you can discount Tom Logan who has played just the two games.  So really 7th.  His Mid eligibility also gives you plenty of options.  So given he is at Aurora this week I am expecting a 100+ score from him so he should be going up in price given his BE of 54.


Things to Remember

  • Trades Stick – As I mentioned earlier, trades will stick today so be careful with them!!
  • No Guts No Glory – If you are fighting for a spot in your final 8, don’t leave anything in the tank this week, go all out.  You need a win!!
  • Rocky Rocky Rocky – If you don’t have him then you could be in a bit of trouble.  I think he will go nuts after receiving his Pig Status this week from Calvin
  • Planning – Make sure you are planning ahead for the finals and make sure that any moves you make have an eye on the future.

Go for it!  Get your team sorted and make sure that you are on board for the finals.  Hopefully you are in the top 4, if not, don’t despair, unlike real footy it is certainly possible to win the flag from outside the 4!!  Also now that we have the round 23 fixture sorted out you can come along to the Richmond Hotel at 100 Swan St and either sit with me and watch the Power v Dockers or sit with Warnie and Roy and watch the Bombers v Blues as we have a few beers!  Hit the facebook page and RSVP to the event.  Until next week and Finals Fever have a great weekend and may all your players ton up!


  • Thanks Dunny. Good as always.
    I need to prioritse one trade:
    1. Suckling to Mitchell – I am hoping Suckling will be ok this week and i will get Mitchell next week.
    2. Gunston to Franklin or Mcglyn.

    Which one first and why?

  • Great stuff Dunny! Is Crisp a worthy M9 option? If I can downgrade Miles to him, it’ll free up a lot of cash to do a double upgrade next week. Cheers

  • Top article, Dunny. What trades this week?
    Gaff to Priddis, Sloane or Mitchell?
    Tex to Jack, McGlynn, Zorko or Carlisle for the cash grab?

  • Great article dunny … Whats ur thoughts on chappy ? I have him, he’s had 2 good scores in last 2 weeks, but im still unsure whether to trade him out. Thoughts? Thanks

  • Great write up!
    My last trade of the round, suckling or weller to mitchel? The one who stays will be my d7 for the rest of the year.
    Will suckling be a more reliable d7?

  • Sam Wright or Jason Johannisen to replace Langford?

  • Cheers Dunny, my Friday scramble is working out who to dump for Stevie J, my midfield at the moment:
    Rocky, Priddis, Pendles, Beams, Barlow, Cotchin, B.Ellis, Miles (Shenton, O’Brien)

    Was thinking Cotch to SJ and Shenton to Crisp?? Next week I’ll probably go Miles to JPK. Is this okay??

    • Actually, I might downgrade derickx to say a max king $115k type instead of trading shenton. That should allow my to do a double upgrade prior to finals.

  • As Usual, great write up!!

    I’ve got Barlow with the VC attached but I’m 2 games clear on top so will keep the C on the pig!!

    are there any juniors worth downgrading Laidler to? such as Luke Thompson?
    just for a cash grab for double upgrade next week!! I’m also taking a punt on Carlisle going up $60k again then upgrading him next week, unless he goes back to back to back 160+.. Thoughts?

    Laidler – L. Thompson.. banks $100k
    Dahlhaus – Carlisle.. banks another $10k


    • I would look at Steinberg, L.Thompson is in for Rutten atm and that could change on any given week.

  • Since i got not back up ruckman playing, should i trade out Derickx and bring in Daw? seems to be the only cheap ruckman and then upgrade Swallow for Hanley. Good idea?

    • Or trade out Mcgovern for Rohan and have more money to spend?

    • Most coaches won’t have a backup ruckmen either. I have BBrown as R3 and I believe he is injured hence Daw is playing. Only Sandi has been unpredictable with late outs. Otherwise if your Ruckmen gets injured, just sideways trade them. If you are really after a decent R3, consider Gorringe or Hale DPP.

      • Ok thanks, i ended up trading out Mcgovern for Rohan and Gunston who been too inconsistent for Zaka

  • Please help:
    Should i bring in S.mitchell of L.Hodge this week?

    • Get Mitchell. If you discount Mitchell’s 7, he’s averaging 4 pts more than Hodge and he’s over $70k cheaper. Hodge’s recent form is perhaps a touch more reliable, but not worth the $70k.

  • Just a quick question:

    Should I trade Shenton > Zorko giving me a great bench option
    or upgrade Cotchin > Sidebottom giving me a potentially better score on the field?

  • I have Sandi’s 90 as my Emergency ruck… do I take that & put a Currie on field, or do I go with Martin & Jacobs?

    • tough… if it was me, I’d take 90 good score for a ruckmen. there’s more to lose if you don’t take it than missing out on 10pnts if Jacobs/Martin gets 100. Because of Martin’s hot form and against Dees.. I’d go Sandi/Martin combo scores.

    • Leave out jacobs and take it.

  • Keep bird or upgrade to harvey

  • Anyone else thinking nic nat could go big without Cox?

  • Great read as always Dunny.

    Loopholing Sandi’s 90 as an E with Martin shifting into the fwds (in RDT). Who to put at F7 out of LeCras, Dahlhaus, and Chapman?

  • Team 1 vs Team 2

    Fyfe. Sandi
    Franklin. Bird
    Zaha. Heppell
    Cotchin. Hooker
    Goldy. Danger
    Dahlhaus. Priddis
    Hodge. B Ellis
    Wingard. Nroo
    Ebert. Gunston

    Not sure what team 1 will trade players but in team 2 thought of trading hooker and ??? For maybe sitchell and ??

    Any thoughts

    • Hooker to Sitch is a good trade. second trade depends if winning against team 1 is a must which you can use 2nd trade to nullify a premo or more long term. If long term, I’d look to get rid of Gunston to a Harvey or Parker or Jack if you haven’t got one of them.

      • Currently 1st playing 2nd, winner this round be 1st

        Have Parker only out of list

        • assuming win or lose you’ll get two shots at it? unless being minor premiers gets you bragging rights. I’d focus more on upgrading rooks/mp/out of formers to a premo and depends on what rest of your team looks like.

  • Do I live with Barlow’s VC score? Or captain Rockliff?

    • I covered that off fairly comprehensively in the article mate, hopefully you find the answer there. But just to be crystal clear, go Rockliff

  • Upgrade McGovern to R.Gray, Nroo or Zorko?

  • cotchin to kennedy or libba to kennedy
    Any thoughts

  • Langford to Mitchell with no bench in midfield or pickup bench player and upgrade Langford to Ryan Harwood/Sam Wright?

  • which two out of s.mitchell, b.smith and dal santo??