Pig Sty – Ep. 20, round 19

After a huge 190 on the weekend and a 129.7 average so far this year, it is official – Tom Rockliff is now a Fantasy Pig. The Traders discuss his induction into the Pig Sty and give him a call to congratulate him!

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  • Good stuff boys!!!

    Love ya rocky!!!

  • What’s everyone’s thoughts…
    Trade suckling to Simpson or Mitchell?

    • I had trouble with this too, I ended up going for Simpson purely due to following 2 reasons
      1. I already have Hodge and try not to have too many of same team in one area or over whole team for that matter as if that team goes bad then all those players scores maybe affected. A reasonable spread should smooth out the scores
      2. Mitchell is a little prone to injury, did he do a calf? I think so correct me if I am wrong – calf injuries are old man injuries and I need trades in coming weeks to fix up other areas not potentially move out Mitchell cause he broke down again

      hope that helps

  • Rocky for the fantasy Brownlow!!!

  • Mcglyn jack or budy

  • I could of taken the loophole but didn’t because playing with no emergencies on a line makes me too nervous. I looked at it from the point of view that I would prefer to lose a few points with the security of an emergency than gain a few points with the risk of a donut

    • That is a very fair point, and probably something we should have mentioned – I was sort of in the same boat – didn’t want to risk the (even unlikely) late inclusion of Zac O’Brien.

      More aimed at those who chirped about picking Rocky even though they could take the loophole as they thought he’d score higher than 145.

  • He was always a Pig in my eyes! Bout time boys good stuff!

  • tweeted by Rocky: “Play like a champion. Train like an underdog.”

    Just have my kids already.

  • something that hasn’t been addressed, of major importance, is can there be more than one pig at any one time? Is it a mantle of piggery status that gets passed from one slopper to another? If so, somewhere (probably a dingy little tattoo parlour) a little tear is rolling down the cheek of Swanny…

    Piglets can come and go, but there can only be one pig at any one time..

    • Wait….. Calvin did mention that once pig status has been bequeathed, it can not be removed.. I can sleep at night now..

      • Haha – exactly. Pig status isn’t going to be given out willy-nilly. Can have multiple pigs in a pen. Swanny will keep his status. Once a pig, always a pig. Hope so anyway, my signed Swanny oinking pig needs to gain in value from the $2 it was at the two-dollar shop I got it from! Or it goes to the dog.

        • Given the momentous occasion that is the anointment of the newest pig, there definitely needs to something to mark this day. Something like a tub of oinkment that Roy can rub on Rocky after matches.

          Or a swine and cheese party, with a new pig in the neigh-boar hood we need a new mascot.

  • Hey Guys would appreciate some advice:)

    Def: Bartel, McVeigh, Swallow, Simpson, Dal Santo, Hibberd (Suckling, Litherland)
    Mids: Rockliff, Johnson, Pendlebury, Beams, Selwood, Cotchin, Prestia, Miles (Bird, Honeychurch)
    Rucks: Martin, Jacobs (Currie, Thurlow)
    Forwards: Harvey, D.Martin, Parker, K.Jack, Daulhaus, Motlop (Kersten, Cameron)

    Do you guys have any trade recommendations as I am really stuck with what to do, with only $2k in the bank! Thanks

    • Try the My Team post for team advice.

    • Hi mate will give a little thoughts for you if this helps:

      1. I am not a big fan of having too much cash on bench i.e. Suckling – I would rather have full guns out on deck with at least some cover on bench. So you would sacrifice a possible bench back up score of 75 to a 50 for an on field increase from 75 to 100. Remember that your opponent probably has same players so would be faced with same out and you get 2 trades per week
      2. You could possibly downgrade Suckling to cheap backup (not sure who is slim pickings, but think even shoemakers is cheaper or clay Cameron or mark Austin)
      3. The maybe swap Hibberd for Hanley (be wary though he may start getting tag that said he has Melb. ADL. Pies coming up)but not sure how the cash would work out.
      4. same in your mids is that Craig Bird on the bench at $424k? This again is up to you but he could become Jack Crisp (if he’s selected) at $211k pocket $213k and upgrade anyone you want to get some cheap cover on rucks

      Anyway food for thought you are probably higher placed than me at 2,240 although I have been as high as 540 (last year but lol)

      All advice helps to go into your own calculations

  • And to think Warnie wouldn’t even have had Rocky in his team if it wasn’t for Swanny being injured….

  • Great podcast, <3'ed Rocky's comments. :P

    Just a couple of things I heard that sent a shiver down my spine.

    First of all, to all those people who neglected SJ's VC score and went with Rocky instead: Good for you guys this week but you got extremely lucky. In the long run its a bad move but I love it when other DT'ers make basic mistakes like this. Reminds me of fishy poker players who go all in with junk and think they know how to play. We love these types of players in Poker and we love em just as much in DT. To quote Brad Pitt from Moneyball: "When your opponents are making mistakes, don't interrupt them."

    That tweet about trading Miles to Sloane. While on the surface you look to gain a +8 or so points per week on average, I believe there are greater concerns to thing about heading into finals. The boys touched on it briefly with talk about Geelong resting players. We can expect a host of players to be rested leading up to our DT Grand Finals. This being said, I would be looking at strengthening up my bench instead of paying another 80k to upgrade Miles to Sloane for 8 pts a week. Not when someone like Bartel and god-knows-who-else can be rested and force you to play a crappy rookie who will lose you 50 points that week!

    I could think of a better use of that 80k personally. You have options like getting a cheap-as-chips DPP (even non playing is useful) to allow DPP swaps to cover late outs or rested players in the upcoming weeks. Alternatively, hold that 80k and do other trades that will swell your bank into more constructive trade options down the line.

    Milansta's 2cents worth!

    • I think that Sloane could be a 15-20 point better player than Miles… I’m not just looking at their season average to make that call.

      Rather than making that trade, I would like to cash down a D8, M10, R4 or F8 to get a bit of a warchest for finals as I currently have $147 in the bank. Top 4 is secure, whilst there are some issues in my side, the gain from getting some cash to use over the finals could come in very handy.

      Even if it is just to gain $100K by going X.Ellis in D7 to Sam Butler, something I’m considering this week.

  • Just a few things Milansta (that was actually a semi decent post!)

    How is it a “basic mistake” to have Rocky captain regardless of the loophole when he’s smashing everyones score consistently ?
    “Reminds me of fishy poker players who go all in with junk and think they know how to play.” – Well having the clear highest averaging player as captain isn’t exactly ‘going all in with JUNK’. It’s more like playing your cards right when you’re holding a straight-flush.

    “We can expect a host of players to be rested leading up to our DT Grand Finals”. Go and look at how tight the top of the ladder is. There will be minimal to no resting this year as even percentage is crucial for any team in the top 5 right now.

    To quote Brad Pitt from Moneyball: “When your opponents are making mistakes, don’t interrupt them.” I think that applies to yourself lol. Anyway better effort this time Milansta.

  • Bloody hibbo!!!!!

  • I played – and won – my GF on the weekend for some stupid reason (probably me, as administrator, and not reading the fine print about settings, etc.). Can anyone give me a single good reason not to chuck the towel in at this point? Currently 10,000-somethingth overall after a slow start.

    Dare say there’ll be quite a few more coaches just like me over the coming weeks…?

  • Yet another great episode fellas, thanks.

    On a sad note, the awesome guy who originally put me onto this fantastic website is recovering from his first heart attack ( I have my suspicions, he took Stevie Js loophole score and ended up losing his first place on the ladder to his missus!) get well mate! Sometimes life ain’t fair