My Team 2014: Round 19


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  • Get around me

  • Priddis, Sidebottom, Sloane, Cotchin.
    Which one?

  • I’d go Sidebottom
    for a POD in the finals

  • Sloane or jelwood. I cant afford priddis or sidebottom

    • Jelwood. Looks to have hit some great form. Don’t put Sloane off though. People are criticising him for his 60 against collingwood. He has a great draw and is definitely capable of big scores. Although, I would pick jelwood

  • Hey guys, who should I get out of Zorko and Riewoldt. After two weeks, I am going to offload them to Buddy or Mcglynn so I will only have them for two or three weeks. Therefore I have to consider their draw. Thoughts are appreciated! Cheers :)

  • Thoughts on Hibberd and Langdon to Rocky and Warren?

    • They r good. Warren is good as a d10 beacuse he is the cheapest and there r not many cheap defenders. Can u pls help me above

  • Def: Simpson, Bartel, McVeigh, Swallow, Hibberd, Suckling ( Bews, Langdon)
    Mid: Pendles, Rockliff, Barlow, Kennedy, Ebert, Cotchin, Priddis, Beams (Riley, Obrien)
    Ruck: Jacobs, Martin (derickx, currie)
    Fwd: Parker, Harvey, Dusty, Dangerfield, Gray, Dahlhaus (Honeychurch, Kersten)

    Cash: 93k
    Thoughs on what trade options i have this week??

    Also have a quick question.. Carlise or b.smith and why??

  • Is Crisp a worthy M9 option? If I can downgrade Miles to him, it’ll free up a lot of cash to do a double upgrade next week. Cheers

    • im gunna jump on for the exact reason u have said altough i have miles as my other bench cover, if ur guarantee to make finals wld be handy for next week with the double upgrade

  • Guys i need your help quickly, it says my reverse trades are locked. Why is this happening ??? Is this happening to anyone else ? Please advise what to do???

  • Hey guys I only have enough cash to trade out one this week.. Who would you cut first Wingard or Suckling???

  • Was originally going to trade Cotchin to Rockliff and Robertson to Woodland, but with Hibbert now out for 2-3 I cant do those trades anymore!
    I only have 10K in the kitty so I was considering either Hibbert to S.Mitchell and Cotchin to J.Selwood or Hibbert to Johannisen (coming off back-to-back 90s) and Cotchin to Rockliff
    Thoughts would be great!

    • i honestly reckon hold cotchin had a terrible score last week but was terrible conditions, not alot of tigers cracked the ton last week im gunna wait 1 more week on him ud reckon he wld get a bit of it against gws

  • Def: Dal Santo,McVeigh,Swallow,Bartel,Simpson,Hanley (X.Ellis,Litherland)
    Mid: Pendles,Beams,Cotchin,Barlow,Rocky,Jelwood,Stevie J,S.Mitchell (Shenton,Honeychurch)
    Ruc: Z.Carke,S.Martin (Currie,Naismith)
    Fwd: Zorko,Parker,Martin,K.Jack,Harvey,Danger (Kersten,Colledge)

    I cant find one trade I’m happy with this week, its hard to cut someone, or should I fix my bench players ?
    Got $118,000 left

    • shenton to someone like crisp and there are alot better ruckman around than clark possibly make some cash this week to upgrade him next week, someone like goldstein is goin along nicely and not alot have him

  • Just wondering people thoughts on bartel vs sam mitchell, at first glance ud say mitchell but when u see who they finish off the season with its a bit different. Hawks play dogs (picken), freo(crowly) and pies(macaffer) do u reckon he will cop the tag as he gives em so much run out of the backline, cheers

  • Guys, any chance of Cornes missing out on this weekends game?

  • Who for the loophole tonight, Simpson, Fyfe or Barlow. I’m currently leaning towards Barlow because Carrazo is likely to tag Fyfe but what are your opinions?

  • thoughts on trades?
    hibberd to sam mitchell
    gunston to riewoldt?

    • Mitch has a tough run of tags coming up (Picken, Crowley, Guthrie and Caff) maybe pick up someone else but he has good value tho

  • Who would you bench out of Roughy, Duncan and Zorko?

    • Far out mate! You must have a bloody good team! I’d bench roughy just because Zork is in good form and Duncan is in for a 90 yet roughy is pretty unpredictable

      • Thanks Benjo. I have building bench cover which is handy but I seem to be getting the bench decisions wrong! My forward line is Parker, Jack, Danger, Dusty, Duncan, Roughy (Zorko, Kersten). Roughy will be traded out next week to Boomer.

        Also need to decide who to bench out of Hurn, Swallow and Mitchell. Hard players to gauge.

  • Simpson and Barlow were marking everything tonight.

  • Do I take barlow’s 124 or wait for rocky?

    • you’re probably going to gain around 5-10 points by taking Rocky (as a best guess) so it’s up to you

  • simpsons 112, stevie J or JPK for captain

  • Hey Jack, in the same pickle as you. Thinking of going Rocky but it’s hard to go past 124….

  • MH6027: I’d go JPK at Sydney. Def don’t take Simpsons score. Would say SJ but it’s at Etihad, not sure how he goes there…

  • Def. hibberd, Simpson, swallow, mcviegh, enright, Dal santo, (X.Ellis, bews)

    Mid: pendlebury, Barlow, Johnson, beams, rockliff, j.selwood, fyfe, B.Ellis (o’brien, moribito)

    Rucks. Jacobs, Mumford (thurlow, currie)

    Fwds. Martin, dangerfield, Martin, Jack, Parker, gray (McGovern, bock)

    My first trade will be hibberd to Mitchell. That leaves me with $37,015. Not sure what to do with my next trade. Trying to build up some cash for next week.
    Thought about x.ellis to butler but I like having Ellis there as cover and not sold on butler.

    Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.

  • Sam Wright or Jason Johannisen to replace Langford?

    • Sam Wright ahead of JJ. If Higgins is back, it might hamper JJ’s score this week. Also consider Butler who could be good value. with extended injuries at the Weagles.. I reckon his JS has just increased.

      • I will need to play whoever I get this week so I think Wright might be safer compared to Butler (only had one good game).

  • Riewoldt or Zorko? I am only keeping them for a couple of weeks (2-3). Thoughts are appreciated

  • swallow or enright to Mitchell?

    the 2 players against each other:
    enright – BE 62, Proj score 85
    Swallow – BE 109, Proj score 87

    enright v north last 3 games he against them he got 80, 102, 71

    Swallow v saints last 3 games he against them he got 0, 115, 58

    Cats are playing better football at the moment and North are giving teams easy points.

    GCS have struggled since gaz been out, and if GCS play like they did on the weekend it will be a sub 60 from swallow i think.

    • Swallow @MS you would have to back him in & team to bounce back against the Saints. Swallow should consistently give you 70+ scores with a higher ceiling (this year) than Enright. Enright’s run home to the finals hasn’t performed well against them this year (Hawks, Blues, Lions) and he can give you scores in 50s 60s.

  • Fwd: SMartin, Dusty, Parker, Chappy, Dahl, Zorko (Gunston, Frost)

    One has to go.. thinking of Gunston as key fwds are a risk – but with Hale back and easy run (Doggies, Demons and weak freo defence) am not so sure now. or perhaps the Dahl? or whoever has the toughest run home? Cheers

    • Also thinking of bringing Jack into the fwd setup.. so two will go eventually

  • Who to field out of Danger and Dal? Danger is vs WCE, one of the easier teams to score against however he does have that knock on his knee or Dal who is playing Hawthorn this week and may struggle if he plays forward in wet, cold conditions down in Tassie. Thoughts?

  • pendles or sloane?

  • has to be Pendles.. a proven DT performer but nearly everyone has him so not a good POD option. Sloane was exposed to a tag last week and is likely to cop a tag again from Hutchings who kept Cotchin quiet last week

  • enright – mitchell
    swallow – hodge

    my defs is:
    simpson, mcviegh, nds, swallow, bartel, enright (x.ellis, bews)