AFL Teams 2014: Round 18 (PART A)





Friday, July 18th | 7:50pm AEST
Etihad Stadium


B: Michael Jamison, Sam Rowe, Zach Tuohy
HB: Chris Yarran, Kade Simpson, Andrejs Everitt
C: Nick Graham, Chris Judd, Mitch Robinson
HF: Dale Thomas, Levi Casboult, Brock McLean
F: Marc Murphy, Lachie Henderson, Troy Menzel
FOLL: Cameron Wood, Bryce Gibbs, Ed Curnow
I/C: Tom Bell, Sam Docherty, David Ellard, Simon White
EMG: Jeff Garlett, Blaine Johnson, Jarrad Waite

IN: Mitch Robinson, Troy Menzel, Cameron Wood
OUT: Robert Warnock (omitted), Andrew Walker (knee), Blaine Johnson (omitted)


B: Michael Firrito, Scott D. Thompson, Scott McMahon
HB: Shaun Atley, Lachlan Hansen, Sam Wright
C: Sam Gibson, Andrew Swallow, Levi Greenwood
HF: Brent Harvey, Aaron Black, Nick Dal Santo
F: Ben Brown, Drew Petrie, Lindsay Thomas
FOLL: Todd Goldstein, Ben Cunnington, Jack Ziebell
I/C: Ryan Bastinac, Ben Jacobs, Leigh Adams, Luke McDonald
EMG: Brad McKenzie, Majak Daw, Aaron Mullett

IN: Jack Ziebell, Luke McDonald
OUT: Aaron Mullett (omitted), Brad McKenzie (omitted)


Saturday, July 19th | 4:40pm AEST
Etihad Stadium


B: Sean Dempster, Luke Delaney, Sam Fisher
HB: Jack Newnes, James Gwilt, Dylan Roberton
C: Leigh Montagna, Lenny Hayes, Shane Savage
HF: Josh Saunders, Nick Riewoldt, Luke Dunstan
F: Jack Billings, Rhys Stanley, Adam Schneider
FOLL: Billy Longer, David Armitage, Maverick Weller
I/C: Farren Ray, Tom Curren, Josh Bruce, Brodie Murdoch
EMG: Sebastian Ross, Sam Dunell, Cameron Shenton

IN: Josh Saunders, Billy Longer, Josh Bruce, Brodie Murdoch
OUT: Sam Dunell (omitted), Tom Hickey (knee), Cameron Shenton (omitted), Sebastian Ross (omitted)


B: Lee Spurr, Zac Dawson, Paul Duffield
HB: Tendai Mzungu, Luke McPharlin, Michael Johnson
C: David Mundy, Ryan Crowley, Danyle Pearce
HF: Chris Mayne, Matthew Pavlich, Matt de Boer
F: Colin Sylvia, Matt Taberner, Zac Clarke
FOLL: Jonathon Griffin, Nat Fyfe, Nick Suban
I/C: Michael Barlow, Lachie Neale, Cameron Sutcliffe, Anthony Morabito
EMG: Tommy Sheridan, Michael Apeness, Sam Menegola

IN: Luke McPharlin, Matt de Boer, Matt Taberner, Jonathon Griffin
OUT: Aaron Sandilands (back), Clancee Pearce (omitted), Michael Apeness (omitted), Hayden Ballantyne (suspended)


Saturday, July 19th | 7:40pm AEST
Spotless Stadium


B: Adam Tomlinson, Phil Davis, Adam Kennedy
HB: Zac Williams, Lachie Plowman, Tim Mohr
C: Will Hoskin-Elliott, Rhys Palmer, Tomas Bugg
HF: Tom Boyd, Jonathon Patton, Devon Smith
F: Josh Hunt, Jeremy Cameron, Callan Ward
FOLL: Shane Mumford, Toby Greene, Tom Scully
I/C: Adam Treloar, Jono O’Rourke, Dylan Shiel, Joshua Kelly
EMG: Tim Golds, Jacob Townsend, Mark Whiley

IN: Tom Boyd, Jonathon Patton, Josh Hunt, Adam Treloar
OUT: Rory Lobb (knee), Lachlan Whitfield (shoulder), Jacob Townsend (omitted), Matt Buntine (calf)


B: Jared Rivers, Tom Lonergan, Andrew Mackie
HB: Cameron Guthrie, Harry Taylor, Mitch Duncan
C: Corey Enright, Jimmy Bartel, Steven Motlop
HF: Allen Christensen, Shane Kersten, George Horlin-Smith
F: Travis Varcoe, Tom Hawkins, Steve Johnson
FOLL: Hamish McIntosh, Josh Caddy, Joel Selwood
I/C: James Kelly, Jordan Murdoch, Dawson Simpson, Mathew Stokes
EMG: Jed Bews, Brad Hartman, Billie Smedts

IN: Dawson Simpson, Matthew Stokes
OUT: Brad Hartman (omitted), Mark Blicavs (managed)


Sunday, July 20th | 12:40pm ACST
Adelaide Oval


B: Cam O’Shea, Jack Hombsch, Dom Cassisi
HB: Matthew Broadbent, Tom Jonas, Jasper Pittard
C: Jared Polec, Travis Boak, Kane Cornes
HF: Paul Stewart, Justin Westhoff, Matt White
F: Robbie Gray, Jay Schulz, Chad Wingard
FOLL: Matthew Lobbe, Ollie Wines, Brad Ebert
I/C: Hamish Hartlett, John Butcher, Jarman Impey, Benjamin Newton, Aaron Young, Thomas Logan, Sam Gray

IN: Dom Cassisi, Paul Stewart, John Butcher, Benjamin Newton
OUT: Kane Mitchell (omitted)


B: Colin Garland, James Frawley, Lynden Dunn
HB: Neville Jetta, Tom McDonald, Jeremy Howe
C: Jack Grimes, Bernie Vince, Jordie McKenzie
HF: Jack Viney, Cameron Pedersen, Jack Watts
F: Rohan Bail, Chris Dawes, Aidan Riley
FOLL: Mark Jamar, Nathan Jones, Dom Tyson
I/C: Dean Kent, Sam Blease, Viv Michie, Jay Kennedy-Harris, Luke Tapscott, Max Gawn, Dean Terlich

IN: Sam Blease, Viv Michie, Jay Kennedy-Harris, Max Gawn
OUT: Matt Jones (omitted)


Sunday, July 20th | 4:40pm AEST
Etihad Stadium


B: Liam Picken, Jordan Roughead, Jason Johannisen
HB: Robert Murphy, Dale Morris, Adam Cooney
C: Koby Stevens, Matthew Boyd, Jack Macrae
HF: Marcus Bontempelli, Stewart Crameri, Lachie Hunter
F: Luke Dahlhaus, Jake Stringer, Nathan Hrovat
FOLL: Will Minson, Ryan Griffen, Tom Liberatore
I/C: Mitch Wallis, Easton Wood, Mitch Honeychurch, Sam Darley, Jack Redpath, Tom Campbell, Mark Austin

IN: Adam Cooney, Ryan Griffen, Tom Campbell
OUT: –


B: Dustin Fletcher, Cale Hooker, Mark Baguley
HB: Courtenay Dempsey, Michael Hurley, Jason Winderlich
C: Zach Merrett, David Zaharakis, Brendon Goddard
HF: Heath Hocking, Jake Carlisle, Brent Stanton
F: Paul Chapman, Joe Daniher, Patrick Ambrose
FOLL: Patrick Ryder, David Myers, Dyson Heppell
I/C: Michael Hibberd, Nick O’Brien, Jake Melksham, Jackson Merrett, Ben Howlett, Cory Dell’Olio, Travis Colyer

IN: Brendon Goddard, Michael Hibberd, Nick O’Brien
OUT: –


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  • Well out Sandi and McDonald

    In Mitchell and Mumford

  • Best FWD?
    Already got
    Boomer, Dusty, Parker, Danger, KJack.

    Is it Zaharakis, Duncan, McGlynn or Buddy?

  • Can cover Sandi’s out with either a shift of S.Martin into the Rucks or by giving Ben Brown a guernsey in Sandi’s place.

    So it basically comes down to B.Brown vs Ambrose vs Kersten for either my R2 or F6 spot on the field.

    With all three playing teams in the bottom 4 its tough to choose which one to chuck in there! Any advice?

  • sweet! Sandi out, now i can stash him on my bench as r3 for time being Without him dropping $$$$ this week – and also allowing me to do my double upgrade in my forwards.
    (Mummy, Martin as R1+2)

  • Rock I would field kersten

  • Is it time to move Shenton on

    • Yep, dropped. Downgrade to a Morabito/ Honeychurch

    • Yep I would be if I didn’t have other priorities. Will be next round injury crisis permitting. Dropped this week as Matt said and has a breakeven ten above his average.

  • Yes send him packing

  • is zac clarke really worth going for?

    • Not as a long term starter for me. Will probably go well this week however.

  • Cam wood or Ben Brown?

    • Just tweeted this one to Jep, will let you know if he replies.

    • Ben Brown. Over $100k cheaper and better job security imo unless Carlton have totally arseholed Warnock.

      • Wood already has 60 odd AFL games under his belt. Not too sure but it seems like he could maybe do a Stefan Martin haha!

  • Sandi out throws a small spanner in the trade plans

    was planning on trading him out next week anyway, and was set on Suckers – Smitch and Ebert – JPK this week.

    But now im thinking, Sandi Out – SMartin to R2 – Zaka In & Ebert – Fyfe… which means Suckers manages to hang around for another week!

    which leaves me with:

    Mcveigh, Hodge, Swallow, Simpson, Hanley, Suckers
    Rocky, SJ, Pendles, Barlow, Beams, Heppell, Goddard, Fyfe
    Jacobs, Martin
    Boomer, Parker, Dusty, KJack, Zaka, Danger

    but then im screwed for trades next week if theres any suprise team changes.
    The only fwd apart from Zaka i would think about is Buddy… but i cant leave that trade till next week either cuz Sandi would be locked (not that i think buddy will be an out anyway, but anything can happen) and then Ebert – Fyfe still this week… split round is bloody annoying

    • good trades. i’d lock in both trades this week if you’re keen. just bad luck if there’s more carnage but it’s a calculated risk

      i’m also doing sandi > motlop and tyson > jack so both trades this week!

  • Can anyone help me? I’m commissioner of a VS dreamteam draft league and the boys are asking me how this round works. I chose to play through the byes so that our 10 team league can play each other twice and also have finals also no rolling lockout.

    Does anyone know how this will work? Cheers in advance.

  • Gray or motlop up forward and suckling to Mitchell or boomer up forward and keep suckling for this week?

  • Macrae and K.Jack


    Priddis and Motlop

  • Mumford or Jacobs for Sandi?

  • Winderlich a good POD, got a new role in the back line and looks vey comfortable. Hasn’t gone under the ton since moving back and is only 330k and be is 11.
    Worth getting ???

    • interesting stats but just one of those players who is a constant let down fantasy wise.

  • With Shenton and Sandilands not playing I’m going Sandilands out, sub Stefan Martin to Ruck, sub Shenton to fwd, sub McDonald to mid (so i have some playing on the bench) and then trading in Mitchell. Thoughts on the trade?

  • Lads… Swan –> SJ and Tex –> McGlynn (massive POD)

    I still have sandi and shenton but they can wait right?

  • Anyone know what’s going on with Missy Higgins? Is he injured?

  • Who do i play on the field out of hibberd or enright?

  • Will it work if I leave Stefan Martin on the bench in my forward line so he can cover Sandi and I can use my trades elsewhere?

    • nope, he has to be in the same position as Sandi to replace him otherwise you get a donut

  • You go to trade out Sandi. DDP Martin from forwards to rucks then you can bring in whoever to forward line. That’s 1 trade.

  • A forward emergency only covers missing forwards and so on.