The Weekend Wash-Up

If this is any sign of what life without Gary will be like, I quit for the rest of the season. That may happen anyway, but that’s an entirely different story. Not only will we pushing through the events of the weekend, we will learn a good lesson in team management. It’s time to take a look at the weekend wash-up.

The Legends

Johnson (130) – He’s back alright, one of the weekends few highlights. VERDICT: No questions asked, get him in. He’s too dangerous.

McVeigh (124) – After being nothing but consistent all season, he’s starting to repay us the big scores we expected. Pity we all have him! VERDICT: Done his job.

Dangerfield (132) – Let’s be honest here, this was more than owed. However it’s the exact reason why it was risky to trade him out, he’s just too good! VERDICT: Could make or break finals campaigns. I say persist.

Armitage (153) – Regardless of his irrelevance, his 112 point second half deserves a mention. Huge!

Goldstein (130) – Fantastic effort from the big man, if only he could put together some consistency. Jacobs and Mumford still my 2 picks. We all now how Todd has fared during final series before. VERDICT: I’d avoid.

Wright (115) – I’m almost certain he will average 50-60 for the rest of the season, but on the back of 79 and 115 his price is in for a massive increase. VERDICT: Possible cash grab.

Macrae (168) – I hope I’m not the only one frothing at the mouth thinking of this guys future. He put McCarthy in his place after being told he was hunting too much footy, so he just went and put up 40+. Can’t argue with that. Take a moment to consider the fact he’s averaging 106 for the season, including that vest last week. Why did we trade him again? Hats off to those who held. VERDICT: Superstar.

Kennedy (130) – JPK was clearly the best option to replace Ablett, and he proved that in a dominant display. Sometimes there’s a reason why there is an obvious choice. VERDICT: Pure class, must have for the finals in my opinion.

Jack (119) – I won’t go overboard after last weeks horror show, but this was the perfect way to bounce back. He’s affordable now, although the forward line may not be the most pressing issue for most. VERDICT: Will be a great POD for the next few weeks, but it won’t last.

Martin (113) – I’m not often speechless in dream team, but I cannot believe what he is doing. It’s remarkable, and far beyond what anyone could have expected. He’s pumping out uber premo scores! By far the best ruck selection at the moment, I never thought I’d see the day where I said that about Stefan Martin. VERDICT: This year’s golden stubby winner all voting is off!

Stanton (150) – When things are going well for the Dons Stanton seems unstoppable. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to happen enough to trust him, he could become a great POD for the finals with the Dons in some cracking form. VERDICT: Consider, he comes at basement price. Just remember he also comes with the name Brent Stanton.

Carslise (163) – Finally I have to pump up “Buckets” (I have no idea what that’s meant to mean) for his monster performance. He’s not relevant, but 19 clunks and 26 disposals for a key forward deserves a mention!

The Losers

Swan (57) – It’s a dark day for the most loyal Dream teamers. It’s time to say goodbye to a champion. His 2012 season will never be forgotten, I’m not sure we’ll ever see anything like it ever again. Just for those who have forgotten, Swanny averaged 133.6 for a season. A SEASON! This included a whopping six games with 40+ disposals. He only played 18. His only score under the ton was when he got substituted at 3 quarter time injured (He was on 95). This included five 160+ scores, and his average for the last 5 rounds was 150. I could go on forever, Viva la Pig! VERDICTThe time has come to part ways, it’s been a great ride.

Duncan (65) – Back to earth with a thud, what was Mitch doing! If it wasn’t for his second quarter revival, things could have been a lot uglier. One would have been forgiven for thinking he was the sub the way things were going! VERDICT: He was never going to be consistent, borderline top 6 forward. I said not to chase him!

Shenton (27) – This was the DT gods taking the liberty to piss on us without the courtesy to call it rain. He would have been covering for a lot of Rockliff owners, and his vested score was not appreciated in the slightest. If this was meant to be a joke, it wasn’t funny. VERDICT: There’s not much to choose from in his price bracket, hopefully a decent junior comes along soon!

Bennell (55) – Not ideal, Harley. Getting him was always risky, and unfortunately it didn’t pay off this week. However I do see the merit in getting him, he is capable of some huge scores and he could win you a crucial league match. VERDICT: if you have gambled on him, back yourself in.

Hanley (67) – Not the best start for any new Hanley owners, however I wouldn’t panic. He should bounce straight back next week. VERDICT: Back him in.

Ebert (55) – Patience had run thin here a long time ago, now it’s just turned to rage. How can he possibly be so pathetic?! He doesn’t get tagged, no excuses… VERDICT: Never again list surely!

Pendlebury (84) – This hurts to bag out a true champion, but when the chips were down captaincy wise we needed our next best leader to step up. He did anything but that, registering his lowest score for the year. We expect this time of thing from guys like SJ, but this cut deep Pendles. VERDICT: Who do we turn to now? Step up the undisciplined but unchallenged Ablett successor, Rocky!

This Game Sh*ts Me

*Novel incoming* Breathe Matt, breathe. Where do I begin. Here’s a little story about a numb skull and his beloved Fantasy team. I blacked out from about 7:51pm on Friday arvo, and have only returned to give you guys a lesson in how not to play Dream team. So I jetted off to Bali this week, no complaints there. However there was one aspect I didn’t really consider, and that was the speed of the internet. Realistically I should have got my sh*t together on Thursday night, but I settled on Friday at 5pm. Surely 50 minutes would be enough, right? It would be enough for something, i.e The complete and utter devastation of my team resulting in the crushing of my dreams and hopes. Perhaps slightly melodramatic. Why you ask? I had taken the liberty to put Liberatore and Dal Santo into my team, replacing Ablett and Suckers. Rocky went to the bench and Shenton was going to cover, SJ getting the armband. All seemed pretty simple, until I wanted to play around with some trades. The page loaded slowly, but load it did. Of course it did. By 5:15 I had reversed my trades and went about pursuing some alternative trade options. Suddenly the site wouldn’t load. No big deal I thought, I’ll just refresh the page. Still nothing. The clocked rolled past 5:30 and I refused to panic. It wasn’t until my internet froze at 5:40 that I figured tits were about to hit the fan. It was at this moment Matthew knew, he f**ked up. To be honest, the rest was a blur. All I remember from there was the refusal to accept what was happening, and the determination to get the trades done. Watching to clock count down from 5:49 to 5:50 was the longest 60 seconds of my life, but it went by in an instant. There I was, stuck on the trades page, with lockout now underway. After some weird pacing up and down and refusing the urge to hurl my laptop out the window, I checked who my captain would be. In all the confusion I could have simply switched the big C without a problem. I didn’t. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that my captain was Ablett and Rockliff would vice captain my chargers into battle from the stands. WHY’D YOU DO IT ROCKY? Sorry, getting carried away. Basically this was the biggest possible f**k up you could imagine, and it’s not only cost me roughly 300 points, but my season and dignity. Where I go from here, I’m not sure. What I do know is that Fantasy is a cruel game, and you’ve got to be ahead of the ball to survive in such an intense landscape. That’s all just a load of bs, just don’t be special like me and do your trades early. And that’s why this game sh*ts me.


It was actually pretty hard to justify 5 nominees this week, but here they are:

Stanton – Stants scored well, I’m sure his owners will be pleased. Never did this for me. Totally not being bitter. In all seriousness he was huge as Essendon’s captain.

Johnson – Those who captained SJ will surely give him the vote, one of the few players to step up!

Macrae – The kid is undeniably a gun, hopefully McCarthy gives him a free reign! He gets my vote.

Kennedy – JPK was huge for those who traded him in for Gaz, a worthy replacement.

Dangerfield – He can single handedly win you league games on his day, I’m sure he got a few over the line

Who will get your vote?

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The Other Bits and Pieces

No. Just no. I’m not saying it. Hope you all have a lovely week and enjoy the rest of the season, I’m boarding a flight to Jakarta and leaving the country in disgrace.

If you enjoy seeing me rage and want a punching bag when sh*t goes tits up, follow me on twitter @MattCraigDT. My views are honest, mostly helpful and occasionally entertaining! Hit me up with your weekly Golden Stubby nominations, and mainly what gave you the sh*ts! I value everyone’s opinion









I may or may not have scored 1900.


  • someone please answer this!

    this week im not sure who
    to upgrade…

    its either

    swan to jpk
    mcgovern to dusty/zaha

    mcgovern is on my field but i will be doing the other trade next week..

    my only worry is that swan will drop heaps this week

  • So lets just recap a little shall we?

    Everyone on this site, without exception was recommending Duncan after his shift to DPP FWD/MID.

    I repeat EVERYONE.

    Now we get this:
    Duncan (65) – Back to earth with a thud, what was Mitch doing! If it wasn’t for his second quarter revival, things could have been a lot uglier. One would have been forgiven for thinking he was the sub the way things were going! VERDICT: He was never going to be consistent, borderline top 6 forward. I said not to chase him!

    What a pile of horseshit, Matt is living in a dream.

    • “Duncan (115) – Finally it’s the man who’s picked up a huge jump in ownership thanks to his DPP addition, and he didn’t let his new owners down, 10 tackles shows he doesn’t just rely on finding the pill. VERDICT: Certainly on the watchlist, whether he is worth chasing is another question. I won’t be doing so.”

      Nice one mate

      • Hahahaha

      • I wasn’t referring to what you said about Duncan. I was referring to the general consensus (By this site’s authors and members) that he was the player to get 2 weeks ago.

        • You weren’t referring to what Matt was saying about Duncan you were just referring to what “EVERYONE I REPEAT EVERYONE” was saying about him, yep that makes sense.

    • L O L

  • Consistency people, thats what i’m after, Consistency.

  • Enjoy the Bali trip Matt, I hope it clears your ears out.

    • Holy Crap Milansta’s back… Teach me all about your golden rules, please?

  • Matt. Not 100% but I think they are referring to the size of his hands (Buckets)

  • Macrae – The kid is undeniably a gun, hopefully McCarthy gives him a free reign! He gets my vote.

    I’m guessing in about 2 weeks everyone will be dumping him again…. but for now he’s a gun! (yes that was sarcasm)

    For those of you thinking of dumping Dane Swan, here is a word of warning.
    The guy is having a ‘horrible’ year according to all the ‘experts’ out there BUT he is averaging 97.27

    If you have other players in your team with a worse average scoring potential than that, I’d suggest sorting out those problems first or focus on picking up a good rookie or two to generate some last minute cash. He may not be the ‘Great old gosh darn’ Dane Swan of old, but 97.27 average players should never be traded out, especially with so much upside as Dane Swan history will show.

    Dont be an idiot.

    • Maybe you need to take a backwards step. 5 round average of 87.2, 3 round average of 77. Only averaged 92 since Round 6, highest score 114. I don’t know of any good rookies and unless you have some complete spuds to deal with, I would’ve thought getting a gun like JPK/Rocky/SJ in for Swan would be a high priority. Sidey killing it also

      • Dean Towers, one of the best rookies to get this round. Dirt cheap and he’s DPP for those late outs later in the season.

        Do your research Matt get your head out of your arse.

    • The only idiot is you Milansta… troll

    • Mate you think and pretend you are smarter than you actually are with your shitty golden rules. You’re an arrogant trolling fk head. Take your overcompensating and insecurities somewhere else.

  • Hey Matt, nice article. I wanna get sam mitchell in this week, but my defence is already full of premo’s (Kade simpson is my cheapest defender). Do you think it is worth trading one of them out for sitch, or upgrading litherland to him and benching someone like dal santo or even simpson (I have enough cash for it).

    • Cheers! I’d just pass on Mitchell, unless the rest of your team is perfect!

    • Im trading Sandi to Jack this week (DPP Stef). Just unsure of the other trade. It’s between Litherland to Sitch, Simpson to Sitch (still filthy about his 28) or Selwood/DBeams to JPK.

  • awesome article Matt one of the best of the year, really loved it.

    ps I also had trade panic while in Bali this week ;)

  • Top article dood!
    Whilst milansta seems to be a bit of a spastic – i do agree a little on the duncan issue…
    2 scores under 80 up until his shocking performance on the weekend seems a picture of consistency to me…?
    Either way i resisted and went Jack! :)

  • Great read Matt! I’m giving sandi the flick this week and moving Martin to R2 opening a spot for Boomer or K. Jack. Which one should I get? I’d been resisting Boomer cos of his age but he just keeps on trucking!

    • Thanks mate, I have Boomer and absolutely love his work. That being said, go Jack. Work on getting Boomer soon tough

  • Great read matt, funny as farc. What do u think i should do for my trades this week. My team is this.

    Def: mcveigh, simpson, hanley, bartel

    Mids: pendles,beams,stevieJ,barlow

    Ruc: Jacobs,Sandi,(currie,thurlow)

    Fwds: Dusty,Danger,parker,
    Chappy, s.martin, harvey
    (Mcgovern, kersten)

    I have $145 428 before my 2 trades, im short $3000 for swan to rockliff. Whats ur thoughts mate?

    • Haha cheers, I’d look at Currie to a basement rook, then going Swan to Rocky. Leaves cash in the bank for more moves next week. Upgrading Sandi/Chappy would be ideal, but Swan would be my priority this week

  • Hi Matt. Thanks for the article. Kept my Kiss of Trading Death performance going strong. Had planned all week to trade in Stevie J. Last minute went Pendles & stuck the C on him and got Handley as well. (This follows such great perfomances as trading in Mummy the week he went missing, trading in Dahlhaus at the start of his 4 week downturn and trading him out again 3 weeks ago immediately prior to his regained form.) Topped off a great round for me. Overall rank dropped from 902 to 1827 after only one ton in the midfield and one in defence. This week (everyone be warned) Out Sandi & Swan, In Thurlow & Stevie J, leaving me with $307k to clean up my midfield next round.

  • A moment of silence to remember Mr. Dane Swan.

  • Which is more of a priority?
    Suckling–Mitchell or Sandi to Zaha (DPP)

  • hey fellas, got a few trades in the pipeline but not sure which to prioritise.

    Ellis–> Smitch
    Swan –> Johnson or Rockliff
    Tex –> one of the DPPs

    I’m thinking the first two but not sure as Ellis still has some upside but Swan has to go. Spewing I don’t have Rocky already but should I do SJ instead and wait on Rocky for another week?

    Cheers fellas

  • Whats your thoughts on Suckling -> Mitchell?

    There are no real obvious upgrades in the back line, most are unreliable, but Suckling is bleeding the most right now.

    Also, any word on when Hibberd will return?

  • Anyone else think Swan might bounce back a little?

    Jamie Elliott being out clearly hasn’t helped him, he was virtually playing his role in the team.

    Plus it was a horror show from Collingwood where even Pendlebury went low.

    Buckley has to do something and putting Swan back in the mids might be one of the changes he makes.

    • swan has looked crap all season. one monster score, some good ones and alot of crap in between. consistency has left him and that’s what everyone relied on. I won’t be taking the risk again.

  • Please read this whole thread^^ before reading this comment.

    Dear Milansta,

    Why do you have such a big ego and why do you come to this site in an attempt to validate it to yourself? You really got no reason to have an ego at all seeing as you talk the most uneducated crap out of anyone here. You clearly don’t check what you’re on about (just one example^^ calling Matt out on something which was completely wrong) and clearly don’t watch any footy if you think Swan is going good this last month and has “so much” upside the way he’s playing.

    Last week you were talking as if you were god’s gift to dream team and it doesn’t look like stopping. So here I am, personally, bringing you back down to earth so you can stop being a cancer to this site.

    Does anyone remember when I asked him to show us his team and he said “it’s irrelevant as I wouldn’t even show you if I was ranked near the top.”
    Now, does anyone really believe that this guy, with the attitude he has, WOULDN’T show us his team if he was ranked near the top? Ofcourse he would. Heck he’d be shouting it from the rooftops if his team was even REMOTELY good.

    Milansta – please piss off.


  • Swanny will be relevant again next year when he gets FWD status, pendles, beamer, sideass, adams, even Thomas and Kennedy are getting more mid time the the ex pig! Sadly we thank swanny for his massive contribution to our fantasy midfield and wave good bye and say hello again as our number 1 FWD

  • *next year

  • Haven’t had McVeigh all year, but thinking it might be time to get him in. Solid as a rock back there and I feel I didn’t miss out on much until the last 3 weeks where he’s just gone BANG! (Sam Pang on Bounce reference). But first its Suckers to Mitchell and then X.Ellis to McVeigh next week (or in 2 weeks).

    Great stuff as always Matty. I’ve asked it once, but I’ll ask it again… WARNIE, CALVIN, ROY, MATTY, ANYONE… IS THERE ANY WAY TO BLOCK PEOPLE FROM THIS SITE?

    Absolute joke that people would come on here and have a massive go at people who try to help others with their Fantasy team. Your ideas are your own so comment with those and try to give advice in a positive way, with constructive tips. If you don’t agree with others’ opinions or views, just don’t comment.

    I look forward to hearing you on the phone with The Boys in the lead up to Round 23 being the Number 1 ranked player, Milansta!

  • sandi to martin or mummy

  • With the position Brisbane are in this year, I actually doubt whether they’ll play Leuey if he’s not 150% fit. When he goes down in the first week back in a NEAFL game, that might be never for 2014. Which makes Martin an absolute Lock. You just can’t put Mummy over him at the moment.

  • thanks

  • thoughts on suckling to mitchell.

    • I’m doing that same trade this week. Mitchell ripe for the picking. GF rematch of a couple years ago and vs. the best team in the comp I reckon he’ll go huge in the middle and Swans will lock down the back half run of Suckers and Birch.
      When I go X. Ellis to McVeigh next week, my back line will be exactly the same haha

    • See my post below. Average of 75.4 over his career against Sydney.

      • I still reckon for the extra $40k up to Mitchell, he’ll score better than Suckers based on Suckers recent form

  • DT is just fraken stupid with green vest/ red vest and no one smart enough to put in a plan to circumvent the inevitable screw ups the come Fracked Dream Team (FDT) with it. I say no one smart enough but i had posted a plan last year that went over everyone’s heads.

    Simple do away with emergencies. Who cares if you have Swan on the bench if FDT locked up near lockout. When it comes to scoring just add the best 22 as we normally would (sort by score, then tie breaker if score are even sort by last name).

    Now the part no one (admins from this site) seemed to understand. Players in Def are D1-D8, Mids M1-M10, Rucks R1-R4 and Forwards F1-F8. Then sort as above (score descending/ last name descending). Round score equals sum=(D1:D6) + (M1:M8) + (R1:R2) + (F1:F6).

    Yeah, sometimes it really is just that simple.

    • A brilliant and under rated idea mate, this would actually improve the game BIG TIME.

      No emergencies… just have your best 6 def/fwds 8 mids and 2 rucks score each week and the other 8 scores not count. It really that simple isnt it?

      I think this will make the game A LOT better for more than 1 reason.

      Look at some of the sub-par teams near the top – it’s obvious a lot of people get lucky with late outs, vests, and their bench and finish higher than people with better teams who have been unlucky. This would move the game towards more skill and less luck!

    • I completely understood this, so I hope you’re not referring to me. I don’t mind it at all and have stated that in the past… but the whole doing away with emergencies is where my trepidation is. It’s part of the game.

      However, it is something I have discussed with the powers to be as a solution to the vests. My worry is that it’s just another thing to dumb the game down and already with plenty of changes over the last couple of seasons, it probably wasn’t the best time to be implemented.

      • All true Warnie but it doesn’t really dumb down the game as this idea makes it more about skill and less about luck.

        Teams field their whole squad of 30 each week.
        Only 22 players make up the team’s weekly score – as happens currently.

        Difference is LUCK would not play a part in your weekly score anymore, as it currently does most weeks. You can’t deny that each year so many people finish high up the rankings with sub-par teams ONLY because they’ve had great luck avoiding late outs / vests/ and good luck with their bench.

        Anything that removes luck required to do well and inserts more skill
        required to do well needs to be implemented.

        • Yep, I agree. Would minimise the luck factor.

          As with anything – it’s a ‘new’ skill/strategy. Probably works well with the two trades per week as people would aim to have a better ’30’ rather than do away with the last player in each line.

          As I said, a different strategy. Just as making decisions who to field or bench is part of strategy… if you have someone who is a chance to be vested, while there is an element of luck in that, it can’t be denied that there is strategy in having someone less likely to be vested.

          But I agree… with this new strategy, the luck factor would decrease by more than the ‘dumbing down of the game’ factor.

          • I like this idea as well, but it also removes the decisions of who to play on each line later on in the year and which rookies to play earlier in the year. Also, in a case like Hibbo’s or better Rocky/Goddard, teams are at a disadvantage for holding them for the week?

          • Agree 100% Warnie. There’s always gonna be both positives and negative sides to each new idea i guess. But as you said, in this case it would decrease the luck factor whilst not dumbing down the game as much.

  • I was considering swapping Suckling out for Mitchell. Did some research on Mitchell knowing his record against Sydney is not great. He has played against them 20 times for just 3 100’s. Highest score of 107.

    Scores are, 19, 73, 104, 73, 62, 89, 67, 78, 41, 80, 107, 91, 79, 93, 63, 51, 79, 104, 82, 73. I might wait one more week.

    • +1, cheers for making me doubt my trades for the 1,453,789th time this year haha

    • Was looking at the same thing just before.. only had to go back 3 years to see that maybe we can hold off on him for one more week. Appreciate you going back the whole way though

  • Hey guys. I have made Milansta’s comments to be moderated… he is nothing but a troll. He tries to come off smarter and wittier than others, but at the end of the day he is here to not be involved in any constructive conversation.

  • G’day Matt, great article. The Bali situation is a rough one aha, onwards and upwards though. My big f**k up this week was trading Chappy out and leaving Tex in. Chappy of course had come off a few weeks of poor form and coming up against collingwood i expected more of the same, and left Tex in because of the gaps i thought he’d be able to exploit with that many outs in the Hawks backline. This week, I have absolutely no idea what to do with my trades now, as I’m also getting sick of the scores in the 70’s from Sandi. Was hoping for a bit of trade advice before I go and screw my score up for the week again. I was thinking downgrading brodie martin in the backlines in order to upgrade Tex to Harvey, but is there something else I should be doing? can’t help feeling like im missing something. Anyways, here’s the team:

    DEF: Bartel, Swallow, Malceski, Dal Santo, Hibberd, Simpson (Martin, Laidler)
    MID: Rocky, Kennedy, Greenwood, Barlow, Beams, N Jones, Jelwood, Miles (Shenton, Wanganeen)
    RUC: Sandi, Ryder (Currie, Thurlow)
    FWD: Martin, Jack, Parker, Dahlhaus, S Martin, Tex (Kersten, Cameron)

    with $49, 237 in the bank.

    • Cheers mate haha. I agree, Shenton to Riley and Tex to Franklin, Duncan or Danger in my opinion. Splitting those 3 is hard, Franklin would be my pick.

  • Everyone has an option whether you agree or disagree that is your choice but to disagree and act like a child and refer to name calling troll, dickhead or whatever. What I like about Milansta’s option the most is that most of you are like sheep you flock together and act as one. Ask for the same advice repeatingly ” should I trade suckling for Michell ” or ” I am ranked in the top 100 I need help” read the previous postings, it ain’t hard. Now you all can act like a flock of sheep and turn on me and ban me as well.

    • No mate I know other people are bagging him but it is for good reason. Not only on this post from Matty but other posts in the past too. If you read my post above, I don’t have a go at him just suggest he posts his opinion constructively rather than with negative comments. Yes you can disagree but if you do, don’t come on here and troll. There is no other word for it.

    • Not about being a flock of sheep, having different opinions… it’s the way he goes about things & not just today. Anyway. Each to their own. If he thinks keeping a midfielder averaging less than 100… and much worse over the last month… is the right way to play this game where we have two trades per week, then I will disagree. And I can do that without calling him a dickhead/troll/etc.

  • Sawn to JPK with 98k left or Tex to k.Jack 23k left over? option 1 or 2?

  • Matt, Buckets refers to his big marking ability ie Stewie Lowe, ie taking 19 marks! Thought that might have been obvious.
    Mental note…trade early and don’t tinker when O/S….tip of the week

    • Haha, noted. I had never heard him called it before and he’s not really been taking that many marks, so I was slightly confused!

  • No idea who to trade this week

    DEF: McVeigh, Enright, Suckling, Simpson, Swallow,Kelly (Bews, Aylett)

    MID: Miles, Swan, Beams, Swallow, Fyfe, SJ, Jelwood, Cotchin (Rockliff, Shenton)

    RUCK: Sandi, Minson (Currie, Thurlow)

    FWD: Zorko, S.Martin, D.Martin, Cloke, Parker, Danger (Honeychurch, Kersten)

    Only 3k in the bank so a MID needs to go out of: Swallow, Swan and Miles

  • Great read Matt, really enjoyed it

    Amazingly I did the same thing as you. 45 minutes before lockout I decided to fiddle with my trades. Then straight away I realised I was happy with them. Spent the next 44 minutes pressing the ‘T’ on Ablett only to reopen my team page. Very long and frustrating story short, I completed my trades between 7:49 and 7:50. Don’t mean to rub it in, sometimes we’re lucky and sometimes not

  • Matt, great reading as always. Missed your writing two weeks ago! Anyways. I have quite a few spot fires I have to worry about:
    1. Tex
    2. Swanny
    3. Suckling
    4. Scott Thompson
    5. Hibberd
    6. Suckers

    In what order priority should I get rid of these guys? Feel free to help out fellas, I’m gonna hopefully just squeeze in the 8!

  • 1. Swan
    2. Tex to a MID/FWD with $$$ made from a downgrade elsewhere

    Thompson is injured but the week off should help him. I’d hold out on trading until after this weekend.

    Hibbo is back this week. Suckling AND Suckers? Wow I know having him once was bad but now? haha

  • Should I trade lloyd to zorko in my mid for decent bench cover or is that a waste of time?

  • Paul Chapman or Sandilands to trade this week?

  • @Jack that’s a waste of time, don’t worry about it

  • I’ve held Zorko and held and held. I like to think he’s finally turned the corner and will get more mid time with no Redden. Hopefully Leppitsch realises he’s the best bet through the mids after last week v WC