My Team 2014: Round 18 (PART A)

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  • currently have: mcveigh, swallow, hanley, simpson, enright, suckling (bews, aylett). Looking to upgrade suckling but to who? Keeping in mind I can’t afford a late out.

    • Guessing that means your ruling out Bartel? Look at Bartel, Mitchell, NDS, Kelly. I’d say Jimmy and Mitchell are your best options.

      • +1. Mitchell most likely. Vanilla trade I know. Otherwise Hodge I suppose, but he’s not immune to a visit from the general either.

        • Maybe I’ll keep the trade up my sleeve for next week then. If there’s no carnage then I’ll go Suckers to someone.

  • Kids can you please pick one option & replacement this week?

    A) Upgrade Langdon to Mitchell or another defender
    Def: Kelly/swallow/mcveigh/Simpson/suckling/Hanley
    B) Upgrade Tyson to any mid under $550k ($2k short of Goddard!)
    Mid: pendles/beams/Rocky/Tyson/Sloane/jelwood/SJ/Barlow

    suckling will be D7 and Brodie Martin D8

    • Tyson–> Cotch, Crouch, B.Ellis, Libba and Ward would be your best option.

      • appreciate it Matt

        Interesting numbers on these guys:

        – Cotchin is safe for 100 but only average 95 at the MCG this year
        – Libba has a fairly high BE but higher ceiling than Cotchin. 5 out of last 6 games at Etihad where he averages 103.
        – Greenwood (not mentioned) also has a fairly high BE but 4 out of last 6 games at Etihad where he averages 108!

        Is Greenwood worth the $550k investment??

      • +1. I think Libba is the best of this bunch, especially with Boyd in good form and Griffen back.

  • Def. hibberd, Simpson, swallow, mcviegh, enright, Dal santo, (Ellis, bews)

    Mid: pendlebury, Barlow, Johnson, beams, rockliff, j.selwood, fyfe, Ellis (o’brien, shenton)

    Rucks. Jacobs, sandilands (thurlow, currie)

    Fwds. Martin, dangerfield, Martin, Jack, Parker, gray (McGovern, bock)

    $3,978 left over.

    Plan so far is to trade shenton to moribito to make some cash. Then currie to brown. Switch Martin to rucks with brown to forwards. Play McGovern on field and brown as emergency.

    Next round sandilands should be back so I’ll switch them back.
    Any suggestions or opinions would be appreciated.

    • personally I would look to trade out sandi permanently. Either Martin to RUC or bring in Goldstein – will be a monster on his run home

      • Not a fan of Goldstein. He always is scoring well and then when it comes to the last few weeks he burns ya with bad scores. Maybe I’ll go to Mumford. Will leave me with a bit mor money then if I trade Martin to the rucks and go sandilands to a fwd.

  • mark: i would do the shenton trade, and then switch martin with sandi
    and trade out sandi for boomer/zaha.

  • My Team
    DEF: simpson , Bartel, mcveigh, suckling,swalow dalsanto, (ibboston ,Warren )
    MID: cothcin,pendelbury,Johnson,Barlow , priddis, beams , selwood , swan ( shenton, Lloyd )
    RUCK: sandi , jacobs , (thurlow , Currie )
    FWD: S.martin, D.Martin, Jack, Danger ,Chapman , Dahluhaus, (Mcgovern, Kerstan)
    $73,066 left

    obviously i need to trade out swan , i was thinking Swan > Mitchell and then i could downgrade Shenton this week but then to who honey??

    any help would be great guys TIA

    • Your best bets are shenton to either honeychurch or moribito.

      • thats what i was also thinking thanks mark might go moribito this week and put honeychurch into the fwd line next week for mcgovern or kerstan

  • Sandi to Jacobs or Mumford?

    Swan to Stanton or Selwood or Sloane?

    MIDS are Johnson, Goddard, Beams, Cotchin, Barlow, Pendlebury, Miles.

    Unfortunately I can’t afford Rockliff due to the Sandi trade.

    • Sandi to jacobs


      Swan to sloane

      • Cheers Jack, probably the trades that make best sense although I’m nearly tempted to do a Calvin and bring in Clarke for Sandi to bank a bit of cash…

  • My team

    Mcveigh, swallow, hibberd, simpson, suckling, dal santo (janesch langdon)

    Rocky, libba, trelor, pendles, beams, barlow, greenwood, stevie j (beams, shenton)

    Jacobs, sandi (brown, currie)

    Martin, Parker, duncan, wingard, lecras, danger (kersten, honeychurch)

    Initial thoughts are langdon to warren and wingard to boomer

    Or janesch to warren and wingard to zaharakis

    Open and would appreciate all feedback

  • Sorry elasticity

    My forwards are: DMartin Parker dahlhaus dangerfield kersten SMartin

    I’m moving Martin to ruck and trading sandilands, need to choose a forward and I have 550k

  • Who to get for Sandi? Already have Jacobs.


  • please help!! i need help with my trades

    def: bartel hanley simpson mcveigh dalsanto jaensch (fuller aylett)

    mid: rockliff jpk pendles beams swan jelwood johnson parker (o’brien lonergan)

    ruck: martin sandilands (currie derickx)

    fwd: parker chappy dahlhaus dangerfield cox tex (kersten honeychurch)

    only $4,000 left ::((

    • derickx to ben brown and move cox to ruck an trade sandi to jack. Hope that helps. can u pls help me below

    • Swan > S.Mitchell, Sandi > a forward (DPP Cox). Not sure who you can afford, but maybe Dahlhaus? Or even straight swap Sandi to another ruck to Stef Martin- even though you missed the boat he’ll still score well this week against the Suns.

  • Goldstein or Minson?

  • DEF: Bartel, McVeigh, Dal Santo Swallow, Kelly, Hanley (Bews, Delaney)
    MID: Rockliff, Johnson, Pendlebury, Barlow, Cotchin, Swan, Beams, Jelwood (O’Brien, Lloyd)
    RUC: Sandilands, Jacobs (Thurlow, Currie)
    FWD: Martin, Harvey, Dangerfield, Parker, Duncan, Walker (Shenton, Kersten)

    Cash: 10k remaining

    I had originally planned on going Lloyd to O’Rourke and Walker to Jack, however now that Swan and Sandi are out should I get rid of swan first for someone like Kennedy or Sloane or stick him on the bench or do something similar with Sandi a go through with my original trade?

    What do you guys think? Greatly appreciated :)

    • Play lloyd for swan and go shenton to redpath and sandi to goldstein or minson. Can u pls help me above

  • Goldy, Minson, Martin, Mummy or Maric and why?

  • Trading Sandi + Swan out. Chapman + Sloane/Murphy, or Treloar + Zorko?
    MIDS: Rocky, Pendles, Beams, Barlow, Stevie J, Jelwood, Macrae, (Swan)

  • Please help, what’s the best option

    Def: Mcveigh, Bartel, Simpson, dal santo, swallow, Hanley (Litherland, Laidler)
    Mid: rocky, pendles, beams, swan, barlow, sloane, treloar, miles (Shenton, j.lloyd)
    Ruck: Jacobs, sandi (currie, thurlow)
    Fwd: danger, boomer, Martin, Parker, jack, s.martin (McGovern, Cameron)
    15,000 remaining

    1. swan – k.cornes & Sandilands – <Devon smith or cheaper
    2. Swan – k.cornes & Sandilands – any ruck man
    3. Swan – b crouch & Sandilands -<Gray or cheaper
    4. Sandilands – chapman & swan – <s.thompson or cheaper
    5. Any other better solution cheers!

  • Option 1: Sandi to Ryder, Swan to Rocky
    Option 2: Sandi to HMac, Swan to Rocky
    Option 3: Sandi to Maric, Swan to Rocky
    Option 4: Derickx to Brown (to cover sandi for one week), Swan to Rocky
    Option 5: Sandi to Mumford/Goldstein, Swan to JPK

    Please help???

  • will cox play?

  • DEF: Bartel, McVeigh, Swallow, Hanley, Burgoyne, Suckling (Litherland, Bews)
    MID: Rocky, Goddard, Pendles, Greenwood, Cotch, Stevie J, Beamer, A.Swallow (Martin, Honeychurch)
    RUCK: Lobbe, Sandi (Brown, Currie)
    FWD: Martin, Boomer, Parker, Jack, Danger, Tex (McGovern, Johnson)

    300k left

    Sandi to Jacobs is a definite trade and then I was thinking Suckling to Mitchell. Or instead of trading Suckling, should trade out A.Swallow or Tex.
    Help Please!

    • 1st trade is great IMO upgrade Tex to Zaha. Suckles is capable of getting 80s and 90s and swallow is capable of hitting the ton just the 88 last week let him down but the two weeks before were both tons

  • sam mitchell or miles

    • if i go miles i can afford swan – miles and sandi – gray

      • Go Miles, safe 95. Mitchell probably won’t change in price much with a BE of 110. Sandi > Gray should be a solid move.

  • Swanny to Ward or Libba lads? Cheers

  • please help!!
    play cox or derricx

  • Is motlop too much of a risk or should i play kersten for the week and get k.jack next week. ? So either jpk and motlop or kersten for a week and rockliff and jack

  • Hey guys, just need an opinion here, it would be much appreciated..

    Current team:

    def: Bartel Simpson Mcveigh Swallow Hanley Suckling (Bews Georgiou)
    mid: Johnson Barlow Jelwood Rocky JPK Pendles Beams Miles (JLloyd Obrien)
    ruc: Jacobs Sandi (Derricx Currie)
    fwd: Parker Martin Jack Harvey Dangers SMartin (Mcgovern Kersten)

    The options iv been tossing up are as follows:

    a) Trade Derricx to Thurlow (R/F) and bench Sandi, play Smartin in rucks and play Mcgovern, second trade is JLloyd to Goddard and bench Miles.

    b) Trade Sandi, dpp Smartin into rucks and get Zaha into fwds, then turn Suckling into Smithchell

    c)Trade Derricx to Thurlow (R/F) and bench Sandi, play Smartin in rucks and play Mcgovern, second trade is Georgiou to SMitchell and bench suckling.

    Currently ranked in the 200′s and want to go for overall so maximum points is what I’m after.

  • 2 definitely gets the most points

  • MID under 554k….I’m thinking


    Thoughts on who I should get?