Jeppa’s Juniors – Round 16

jep2014_rd16_articleThey say a week is a long time in footy and after Round 16’s shenanigans the same can definitely be said for Fantasy and Dreamteam. No doubt the story of the week is the injury to Gary Ablett Jnr. The greatest Fantasy player of all time is out for approximately 4 weeks (TBC) and given it is the business end of the season, we have no choice but to trade him out. If the injury to Ablett wasn’t bad enough, both Rockliff and Goddard are suspended this week.

So who do we turn to? Pendles, Stevie J and Barlow are the obvious choices however; a couple of strategic trades at this point can see you get a leg up against your opponents. For Fantasy, my plan is to trade Ablett and cash in on the newly promoted DPP Mitch Duncan. With my second trade, McGovern to Blaine Johnson sees my bank balance at just under $300,000 and ready for a double upgrade next weekend.The downside of these trades means I’ll have to start Shenton on the field and put Rocky on the bench. As far as Dreamteam goes, my trades are scarce thus I’ll need to make a healthy profit from trading Ablett. Picking up the ultra consistent Rory Sloane nets me over $100,000!


Three-Or-More Gamers


Anthony Miles (Mid. $418,884, 49 be AF & $413,000, 56 be DT) is not slowing down one bit. Richmond’s prized recruit maintained his excellent output with 24 possessions and 95 Fantasy points against the Lions last weekend. His role amongst the Richmond midfield continues to be strong and with the challenges that exist for coaches this upcoming round, a bargain buy like Miles could be very handy! Another youngster dominating on the field is Marcus Bontempelli (Mid. $364,128, 25 be AF. $373,300, 27 be DT). The might of Geelong did not scare the boy from Bendigo and by game’s end he had an impressive 13 kicks, 8 handballs, 2 marks, 10 tackles, 2 goals and 116 Fantasy points to his name. Bonts is no doubt a future champion of our game!

It’s easy to take Stefan Martin (Ruc/Fwd. $407,255, 32 be AF & $420,000, 39 be DT) for granted. From his five games this season, he’s averaged a remarkable 104 Fantasy points which is currently the highest of any ruckman and forward! Whether it is in the air or on the ground, Martin is doing it all and with Leuenberger’s Achilles injury flaring up last weekend (source) there is no threat to his scoring potential in the short term.

Martin’s teammate Lewis Taylor (Fwd/Mid. $367,566, 31 be AF. $373,100, 33 be DT) is also in a purple patch of form. After scoring 73 last weekend, Taylor has averaged 80 from his past five matches and he’ll be a handful for the Eagles this weekend. Zak Merrett, 98 (Fwd. $314,782, 70 be AF & $293,400, 53 be DT) and Ben Kennedy, 82 (Fwd. $204,664, 18 be AF & $226,100, 9 be DT) are two more young half forwards playing excellent football. Merrett was one of Essendon’s best against premiership fancies Port Adelaide and Kennedy is finally getting an opportunity to show his worth to the Collingwood faithful. Unfortunately, both Merrett and Kennedy are susceptible to the green vest.

Maverick Weller (Def. $320,698, 33 be AF. $340,600, 57 be DT) has found his niche as a tagger for the Saints and he put in another excellent performance against the Blues. Not only did Weller keep Bryce Gibbs to just 14 possessions, he had 22 touches of his own, scored 72 Fantasy points and was in the bests for St Kilda on the day.

There were plenty of surprise performances from the lesser likes in Round 16. Zac Williams, 100 (Mid. $286,166, 30 be AF. $305,200, 39 be DT), Simon White, 98 (Def. $232,219, 18 be AF & $231,300, 10 be DT), Sam Day, 96 (Fwd/Def. $246,679, 26 be AF & $238,500, 7 be DT), Brodie Martin, 90 (Def. $285,761, 21 be AF. $298,800, 25 be DT), Darcy Gardiner, 81 (Def. $206,231, 13 be AF. $199,500, -4 be DT) and Ben Brown, 67 (Ruc/Fwd. $151,172, 7 be AF. $137,000, 6 be DT) all had the highest Fantasy scores of their careers and are earning great money as a result. If you own any of these players then keep them for the short term but other than Brown (only for his DPP), I wouldn’t trade any in this week. Inconsistent Fantasy scoring players are not what you need at this stage of the season!


Jeremy McGovern’s (Fwd. $278,481, 65 be AF. $274,500, 71 be DT) was up against it last Sunday against the Swans. In wet and slippery conditions, the key forward struggled to get his hands on the wet ball and was subsequently subbed in the third quarter after scoring just 18 Fantasy points. With Kennedy out suspended, McGovern is still important to the Eagles set up and against the Lions this weekend he should score well.

Considering that Ben Ross (Mid. $127,713, 5 be AF & $118,500, -2 be DT) wasn’t even meant to play last Friday night, he did well to score an unexpected 51 Fantasy points. After Brad Hill injured himself in the warm up, he got the call up but was given the green vest. Sewell then pulled a hammy late in the first quarter and Ross needed to step up. He was far from spectacular but he should hold his spot this weekend and with a breakeven of 5 in Fantasy and -2 in Dreamteam, there is no reason to panic. I wouldn’t trade him in though, just hold him if you already own him.

Other players worth keeping include Ryan Schoenmakers, 57 (Def. $290,766, 39 be AF. $302,300, 52 be DT), Cameron Shenton, 56 (Fwd/Mid. $280,351, 45 be AF. $281,400, 38 be DT), Shane Kersten, 52 (Fwd. $183,227, 3 be AF & $165,900, 8 be DT), Claye Beams, 52 (Mid. $281,312, 53 be AF & $279,000, 37 be DT), Angus Litherland, 52 (Def. $235,303, 27 be AF & $244,300, 31 be DT) and Darren Minchington, 48 (Fwd. $195,159, 25 be AF & $205,200, 34 be DT). These youngsters aren’t scoring big but they’re still earning steady coin.


If I haven’t categorised a player from Round 16 under ‘Keepers’ or ‘Don’t Panic’ then trade them out as soon as you can but when appropriate!


Two Gamers

Thank the DT Gods for Blaine Johnson (Fwd. $131,454, -12 be AF & $98,500, -41 be DT)! Carlton’s new unsung hero was on fire last weekend and a breath of fresh air in AFL Fantasy ranks. He finished with 15 quality possessions and took 9 marks as a secondary lead up forward. Clean hands, his booming right foot kick and strong tackling are Johnson’s best traits and I hold no fear for his job security over the next month. He had 77 Fantasy points in Round 16 (40 in the third quarter alone) and is easily this week’s number one downgrade option for both Fantasy and Dreamteam. Trade him in!

Mitch Honeychurch (Fwd/Mid. $151,830, 0 be AF & $112,800, -33 be DT) is one tough cookie. Against Geelong’s mature bodies, I thought his 68kg frame would shy away from the rough stuff but to his credit, his forward pressure was superb and he laid 7 tackles for the match. Honeychurch has managed to avoid the green vest in both his games this season but has only provided returns of 41 and 59. Unless you’re desperate for a cheap dual position mid/forward, I’d stay away. No vest for Jesse Lonergan (Mid. $211,894, 38 be AF & $248,300, 58 be DT) this week but he still couldn’t capitalise with a big score. In one of the best games this season, the Ablett-less Suns held on for a famous victory and Lonergan played his part. He finished with 13 possessions, 3 marks, 2 tackles and 48 Fantasy points which is quite uninspiring for a player at his price. Pass.

As a rule of thumb, coaches must avoid young key defenders like Daniel McStay (Def. $184,592, 27 be AF & $112,800, -15 be DT). McStay had a reasonable 59 Fantasy points against the Tigers in Round 16 but that’s as good as it’s going to get. I’d also avoid Ash McGrath, 23 (Fwd. $204,462, 61 be AF & $241,200, 90 be DT), Brad Hartman, 18 (Fwd. $132,314, 13 be AF & $119,200, -6 be DT), Dom Barry, 9 (Mid. $105,403, 24 be AF & $119,200, 45 be DT) and Sam Dunell, 3 (Mid. $197,030, 67 be AF & $255,700, 108 be DT). Green vests and job security issues are the problem with these players.


One Gamers

Anthony Morabito’s (Mid. $197,030, 45 be AF & $119,200 DT) much publicised return to senior football is one of the stories of the season and from a Fantasy/Dreamteam point of view there is plenty to consider. As predicted, Morabito started in the green vest but came on at the half way mark of third quarter. He played predominately on a wing/forward and as expected, had plenty of nervous moments including missing a goal from point blank range. Fortunately, he finished with 31 Fantasy points from just 37% game time, which is definitely something to work with. Colin Sylvia’s poor form suggests Morabito’s spot is safe for the short term however, I expect another green vest this weekend. Stay away from Morabito for now but pencil in a downgrade in Round 18.

On debut, key forwards Michael Apeness, 28 (Ruc/Fwd. $199,507, 49 be AF & $132,800 DT) and Jack Redpath, 25 (Fwd. $109,066, 19 be AF & $119,200 DT) made small contributions on the field as did the green vested Brett O’Hanlon, 33 (Fwd. $133,932, 21 be AF & $141,500 DT). Stay well away from these youngsters.


Keep Your Eye On

After North’s big win last Friday night it is unlikely that they’ll make any changes however if they opt to rest a midfielder of two against the Saints then Trent Dumont (Mid. $184,300, 63 be AF & $112,800 DT) may get a run. He’s been named as an emergency in two of the last three rounds and after 26 possessions and 10 tackles in the VFL last weekend he’s definitely close to selection.

Young Orazio Fantasia (Fwd. $135,500, 47 be AF & $112,800 DT) was a traveling emergency for the Bombers in Round 16. The speedy forward applies plenty of pressure, is an efficient user of the football and has been in great VFL form. Expect him to get a game soon.

Lastly, Zac O’Brien (Mid. $168,138, 6 be AF. $150,200, -13 be DT) and Cameron Ellis-Yolmen (Mid. $104,532, 25 be AF & $119,200 DT) have been carving it up in the reserves, which could see them earn a recall this week.


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  • Nice one Jeppa, thanks mate!

  • Thanks again for the rookie insight Jeppa.

    Due to the gaz/rocky/goddard situation I have a choice of fielding mcgovern, honeychurch, or blaine. I’m leaning towards mcgovern at this stage, would you agree? and i’ve got the E on honeychurch over johnson?

    • It’s a Saturday night fixture for WCE v Lions in Brisbane. Conditions at the GABBA will be greasy and wont suit McGovern but given Carlton play the Swans, McGovern should still score more than Johnson.

  • Hopefully O’Brien gets a game with Rocky out

  • Hi Jeppa great article
    What are your thoughts on Clayae Beams in fantasy?

    • Steady earner…should go well against the Eagles but I wouldnt trade him in

  • Thanks for your work again Jep, do you reckon Bews is likely to generate much more $$$?

  • Great work as always Jeppa!
    This is very off topic of rookies but as a fellow eagles fan, should I go with Priddis, greenwood or Ellis? I love seeing priddis at the games getting those cheap 4s and 2s and can’t ignore him! Same with greenwood and Ellis though. Thoughts are appreciated

    • I had him for the majority of last season and he was a little frustrating with numerous scores in the 90’s. This season though an average of 108 is hard to ignore. Out of those three players, Priddis is who I’d go with

  • Any word on Will Langford and whether he will get a game this week with Sewell out??

  • Great read Jeppa, I want to downgrade mclovin this week to make some cash. I can either go Blaine Johnson for a great cash cow but I could also go Ben Brown which would give me ruck cover (thurlow Currie) in case Sandi gets a rest. Is Brown’s spot secure for the rest of the year?

    • You get Ben Brown for his DPP as a R4, not for his job security or points potential. I have Thurlow there for exact same thing.

    • I wouldnt rely on Brown playing. Like Brak said, Brown is great for his DPP switch with say Stefan Martin and now Cox, Ryder, etc (fantasy only)

    • Who is your other ruck? Instead of getting in Brown to cover Sandi for when he gets rested I just traded Sandi for Jacobs last week (still similar price this week). You can bank that he’ll score 20-30 more ppg than Sandi at this rate, and he played all 22 games last year so you don’t have to worry about him being rested. IMO that’s a better outcome than keeping Sandi and taking the points hit whilst using that trade to upgrade bench cover for him. If you got S Martin in your fwd line to DPP with Thurlow on the off chance that either Mummy or Jacobs miss than i’d definitely recommend doing that.

      • My rucks are Jacobs, Sandi, Currie, Thurlow and I have S. Martin in the Fwd line so I can do the switch with Thurlow.

        I am more concerned about Sandi being a late out and giving me a donut. Lyon left Pav out last week last minute to ‘illness’ which I very much doubt so I’m wary of the late Sandi out.

        • If you don’t have any other pressing trades apart from Gaz then go Sandi > Mumford.

  • Awesome as always Jeppa, Your thoughts on X Ellis? I am glad I started him over suckling last week for his 97 but do you think he is good enough to keep at D6, at least for a while with Langdon still D7 (after trading out suckling this week)

    I would love to bring in Johnson but way too many issues with injured and under performing premos this week. Two Roos boys in for me this. Ablett to Greenwood and Suckling to Dal Santo.

    • I was stoked with his score as cover for Hibberd! Can be succeptible to scoring a 50 and possibly a vest so i wouldn’t have him at D6. Keep Langdon on field over Ellis

    • Doubt it…very injury prone and red vests would sting. He should be good this weekend against the Lions though.

  • Hopefully Langford comes back because of Sewell’s injury

  • Brown for DPP action with martin or get Johnson? Great work again as usual Jeppa!

  • With all the carnage this week I need to decide which rook gets a starting spot this week, choices are c beams, honeychurch, kersten or shenton!

    I’m thinking either beams, may get more mid time with rocky out and eagles leak points or a bit of DPP and play kersten againt melbourne and hope he snags a few


  • Jeppa, pls. There have been FA Back rookies, if not McStay, then who? Fuller nowhere to be seen.

  • Thanks for the hard work once again Jeppa

    In RDT if Hibbo’s still out I’m trading Salem to any FWD under about 330k. Do you think Josh Caddy at 242k is a good option to play on the ground this week, then be F7?

  • Who to trade for honeychurch? Jack Martin or Mcgovern (Will have to start honeychurch if mcgovern).
    Also I was planning to get blaine johnson next week for whoever i don’t trade out unless its better to get johnson first.

    • Id get blaine johnson for mcgovern this week instead

      • cheers jeppa and love these articles :)

      • actually just worked out that i will go mcgovern to honeychurch and next week swap him in mids and trade either O’brien or martin to johnson

  • Makes this week easy thanks Jeppa out goes Ambrose for Blaine and then i have all the money in the world to get rid of Gazza

  • Is it safe to trade in H.Bennell into my forward line?

  • Fingers crossed zac o Brien comes in. I’ll even take a 20-25 from aiden Riley lol. I’m that desperate. I really wanted to bring Blaine in last week due to full game v saints. But had to trade redden. Then had him locked in this week then GAJ/ Rocky/ Ablett scenerio.

  • Djgrosser98. I would be hesistant on bennel as his is a major tag target now. Gazza has shielded them to long

    • Thanks for that, would zaharakis be a better option?

      • I personally think he will. Stanton and heppel will get the attention this week and Goddard back next. He always avoids a tag. I’m bringing him in this week for Goddard in mids then next week I’ll DDP to forward line.

        • Ok, sounds good Do you think trading Ablett to A.Miles is a good trade to free up some salary?

  • Considering Miles’ is yet to drop below 87, and his predicted score is 95, I’d say yes.

    That’s about 10 more points than Swan and Beams managed last week!

  • You’ve probably got 2 price rises in miles
    Left, personally that ship has sailed and I’m waiting for him to thud back to earth. If u need a few extra bucks to ride u to a premo then its OK trade. But a better trade would be a fallen premo like Stevie J. Someone like him could potentially go back to $600,000+.

  • I’m actually looking at Griffen, he is so cheap and recent form without injuries is good. Frees up a lot of cash too.

  • Are any young Hawks likely to come into the team given the recent injuries?

  • Great read jeppa. Who would u field this week out of shenton, honeychurch, mcgovern or kersten? And who would u trade langdon to… Hanley, dal santo or hodge?

  • Best 2 to field out of these 3. Honeychurch, McGovern, or kerston?

  • In order guys I’ll go.
    1. Kersten
    2. Honey church

    I would go nicky dal this week mate as hanley is no.1 tag target

  • Thoughts on Alex Pearce? Not listed as playing but he’s in the squad?

  • Hey Jeppa, should I field Langford or Litherland now that Hibberd is out again??