My Team 2014: Round 17

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  • Sam: I’d go Gaz to Greenwood or JPK. Depending on how much cash you have I’d look at upgrading Tex or Suckling

  • Nkthegunner12: I reckon Langford

  • Should I trade in:
    Pendles & Sitchell
    Zaharakis & Bartel?

  • do i trade:

    sandi – zaha (this putting s.martin as R2)


    danger – zaha (this keeps sandi as R2 and s.martin as F6)

  • Deztroyer: I’d wait til final teams are announced. If Danger isn’t a late out then prob trade Sandi

  • is everyone without SJ getting him in for Gaz?

  • Thanks Deztroyer

  • Who should I upgrade out of Tex and Suckling and who to.

  • Please help!!
    Def: Simpson, Bartel, Mcveigh, dal santo, swallow, suckling (Litherland, Laidler)
    Mid: Ablett, rocky, pendles, beams, swan, treloar, Barlow, miles (Shenton, j.lloyd)
    Ruck: Sandilands, Jacobs (currie, thurlow)
    Fwd: Parker, danger, Martin, Harvey, k.jack, s.martin (McGovern, Cameron)
    Really need help, 7,000 left
    Ablett to stevie j/sloane?
    And how long is treloar out for?
    trade him or have him and rocky both not play?

    • I reckon Treloar has just been rested given their fat chance of winning against Freo and the travel they have to do. You have cover for Rocky and Treloar who both should be back nxt round.
      Ablett to StevieJ than Sloane.
      You could use the 2nd trade to upgrade Suckling or Danger.

  • come on cavin/roy and dawg… where is your traders vid on

  • In RDT is it worth it to use one of my last 5 trades to avoid a donut this week and create a FWD/MID DPP link?

    Also thoughts on getting Ebert instead of Barlow as a unique?

  • sandi/danger – zaha/duncan
    gaz – slone


    gaz – JPK
    sandi/danger – duncan


  • Who will score more from now onwards…?:

    Parker or Duncan? I am torn. Any advice would be much appreciated…


    • parker hands down

      • Thanks for reply… I am worried about his 2 scores of 73 amd 82 in his last 4… Don’t think he may be dropping off? Where as Duncan has averaged over 110 the last 4…

        Brain tells me go safe with Parker, but I am worried about him dropping off..

        Please help people!

  • Need Help Please!! Who should i trade out Suckling, Jaensch or T.Walker???

    I have a feeling Walker will go big against a weaker Hawks back line so i was thinking to trade him out

  • suck shit to all those people who put pendles as cap this week I went with stevie j 260 as cap pendles 148 as cap so bad rest of the year go with stevie j he will be exploding every game now on forget about players from the pie camp or name danger