Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 16


What a huge week we have coming up and selecting you Fantasy captain is another important hurdle you need to jump.

Check out the all mighty Calvin’s view on the best options heading into round 16 right HERE at the website.

How many points do you think Ablett will score against Collingwood?

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  • gablett or rocky

  • Excuse me Calvin
    Where is the pig I’m heading for a oink score this round 166
    Rockliff number 2 He’s a rock he’s doesn’t move!
    Ablett number 1. My teammate Macaffer said ” I will hold him to 17 touches. “

    • Swanny you are my lowest averaging starting midfielder and i have trades to use tell me why i shouldn’t turf you? Why has your form been so unpiggish this year>?

  • And Look who’s top of the board! Again (The King)

  • More like
    ” how many points will swan score for collingwood ”

  • Im getting a bit sick and tired of being overlooked Calvin!… Lock me in boys, im goin large!

    • You still alive Relton? I remember you were too busy eating burgers to play footy. Should have never wasted a draft pick on yo ass!

    • change accounts much

  • are they actuall players

  • Ablett your mate prestia might take the ball more this weekend

    • Yeah He is in good form you better be scared, but no chance the King is too good!

  • Your not the pig

    • tsk.

      the contraction of you and are – i.e. you are not the pig – becomes “you’re” not “your”

  • Lame.

  • Rocky is locked and loaded. Will go huge this wknd. I’m giving Gazza a break for the first time this year. My vice is cotchin who will rip the lions apart.

  • If Gaz is still #1 even against the leagues most in-form tagger then he is definitely a set and forget C from here on.

  • My game will be close this week my opponent doesn’t have rocky so will have gaz as captain should I have him aswell or should I put the C on rocky and hope for him to score higher?


  • Jack I’d back rocky in. He scored 122 last week with a heavy tag. Ablett 157 running free. This week rocky play tag free tigers and will run free. Ablett will wear a heavy macaffer tag. I’m that confident its the first time I’ve left the C of gaz this year.

    • Cheers Peter I think I will go rocky

    • I agree. They are the 2 best fantasy players this year. One will have a tag, one won’t. Easy choice. Having said that it’s scary not picking Gazza after watching him dominate with the VC last two weeks

  • Suckling out for dal Santo, Hanley or hodge?? who does ever one reckon??

    • i would go Hanley > Hodge > Dal

      hanley is avging around 100 if u take out his injury game.

      hodge would be number 1 but i rekon hes pretty likely to get a rest/early subbing at some stage.

      dal is pretty cheap compared to those 2 tho, but hes not in great form like early in the year, something like 39,80 and 79 in his 3 before his tonne ( against brisbane…)

      im skipping dal, got hanley and will get hodge next week. but if SMitchell plays tomorow hes gonna be a massive bargain and i will skip hodge for him

  • Are any of the Geelong midfield going to pull their fingers out this weekend and score big?

  • Yer general it is scary watching ablett and not being captain. But il call it now. The Richmond v brisbane game will produce the 2 biggest scores of the wknd. Rocky and Cotchin. Cotchin in irresistible form. Plus he shouldn’t be tagged.

  • hahaha the thread has been over taken by trolls