The Weekend Wash-Up – Round 15

After a week off to cool my rage, I’m returning in a somewhat similar mood with very similar results. Those being sh*t. It was the Rocky show last week, but Gazza stole back the limelight with an epic performance against the Premiers. Even though there was some great highlights, we’ve still had to deal with some pathetic spuds. Strap yourselves in, it’s time to take a look at the weekend wash-up.

The Legends

Ablett (157) – It’s clear that we can get too clever with our captaincy decisions, there is only one man no matter what the team or the weather. VERDICT: The king.

Selwood (133) – This really just summarizes my season. After a full month of playing up forward, most finally lose patience. Of course once he gets traded he’s suddenly back in the mids, probably ready to punch out a 120 average from here on. VERDICT: See what his role is next week.

Heppell (152) – What a season he’s having! With an average of over 110 and a massive ceiling, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be a top 8 mid. His consistency is brilliant, I see nothing wrong with getting him. VERDICT:  Gun.

Hodge (122) – There’s been a couple of times this season that I’ve considered getting Hodge, and each time he’s gone onto post a shocker or been a late withdrawal. Be warned, he’s a very risky selection. VERDICT: Prone to resting. I’d avoid.

Cotchin (138) – Three consecutive tons may be pointing to a turnaround in form with Cotch, although it just seems like he’s always one week away from disaster. I don’t reckon he’s a top 8 mid, but if you’re after a differential then he could be worth a punt. VERDICT: A risky one, he has averaged 110 before though.

Ellis (115) – This makes it 6 tons on the trot, what a legend! He’s averaged 107 since Round 4, but it may be time for him to move on soon now that he’s over 500k. VERDICT: He shouldn’t overstay his welcome.

Fyfe (125) – Don’t worry, he’s still not relevant as far as top 8 mids go. However he is a future brownlow medalist, a match winner in its purest form. VERDICT: That suspension may come back to haunt him.

Hanley (133) – When he’s not being tagged, he’s a superstar. I don’t think you can ignore players on the off chance they may get tagged, he’s coming in for me. VERDICT: Top 6 defender.

Aish (140) – It’s of little relevance, but that doesn’t take away from the brilliance of his effort. He doubled his season average with 25 disposals, 9 marks and 9 tackles to go with 2 goals.

Martin (113) – A couple of weeks ago I refused to have Stefan Martin on my field, now he’s saving my team from embarrassment. Nobody could have seen these kind of scores coming, just make sure you have him. Not bad for an F6. VERDICT: You get one out of the blue every year, just go with it.

Kennedy (136) – He’s easily in the competition’s top bracket of midfielders, try to grab him ASAP. VERDICT: Not much more I can say about him, gun.

Franklin (120) – All the doubters have been silenced, he’s a freak show. Buddy has come to life, don’t be one to miss the boat. VERDICT: One score under 98 in his last 6 games says it all, get him in.

Jacobs (119) – Sauce Jacobs! Best 219th draft pick ever! I’m not sure how much more I can milk that, but those with him in fantasy will be absolutely loving his reliable output. VERDICT: Out of nowhere he has become the AFL’s best ruckman, get on board.

Sidebottom (147) – What a way to repay your team after a 3 week suspension, he’s definitely a shout as a differential. VERDICT: I like the idea of bringing him in.

Pendlebury (128) – With most of the comps premier midfielders struggling with breaking the tag, Pendles continues to show them how its done. Legend. VERDICT: Must have!

The Losers

Jaensch (55) – Let’s get down to the real business, there was a large chunk of popular players putting up pathetic scores and I’m sure most were already on the chopping block. Jaensch’s time must be up after that dreadful score. VERDICT: Trade time.

Suckling (65) – Another who was on the trade block for many teams, but just snuck through. This score hurts, why he goes missing in such comfortable wins without a tag is forever beyond me. VERDICT: Another onto the trade block.

Birchall (50) – Same sh*t different name. This time Birch got the red vest! One of the most reliable defenders in the comp has gone tits up. VERDICT: ANOTHER for the trade block. I’d love a bonus trade or three.

Mumford (62) – You have to back him in to bounce back, but this score was poor from Mummy. I had high hopes for him going up against his old side on the back of a 130, it wasn’t to be. I was watching his score turnover, the only problem was it went the wrong way. VERDICT: I have him ahead of Sandi. This was an outlier.

Riewoldt (64) – He looks cooked, it’s as simple as that. No need to go any further. VERDICT: Stop living in the past, surely everyone has dumped him by now.

Naitinui (61) – There was no co-incidence that his downfall coincided with the return of Cox. He’s had a great price rise, now move him on to Jacobs or Mummy. VERDICT: Once again, don’t let him overstay his welcome.

Liberatore (57) –  Too much of a good thing is never a good thing. Three consecutive 140’s against the Dees meant only one thing, with Griffen out they were coming for him. When Cross was named out you had every reason to be positive, but Viney seemed to pose Libba even more of a problem. Lucky he still laid 9 tackles. VERDICT: His record without Griffen is horrific, but give him another chance.

Wingard (40) – Unfortunately the Chad incredible ability to impact a game has meant that all the defensive attention goes towards him, and it worked well for the Crows. You can expect to see more of this as he learns to overcome the extra attention, just don’t own him for this learning curve. VERDICT: Cut your losses.

Chapman (56) – Finally Chappy was another popular pick to piss on the grave that is my Dream Team. Why. So much for chasing the highest averaging player. VERDICT: This hurt. If you have the luxury trade, get rid.

This Game Sh*ts Me

An AFL season goes for 23 rounds, involving 22 games for each team. It has been this way for over 50 years. Why is it then, that we suddenly feel the need to be SO OVER PROTECTIVE OF OUR STARS. I’ve gone early there, let me explain. Chris Scott, I’m talking to you. Not that you will ever hear this, or care for us poor fantasy coaches, but at least care for your teams prospects. Geelong are in no position to be playing their best midfielders up forward, but that’s exactly what they’ve been doing. I traded in Selwood after a 138, only to be pissed on with 5 nightmare scores while he played mainly forward, I finally snapped last week and traded him to guess who. Steve Johnson. At least SJ has gone to the least amount of centre bounces all year in the past 2 rounds… It’s glass bloody half empty at my club, and these kind of situations that are uncontrollable are not needed. Step up your game Scotty, get SJ back into the mids!


Here are the 5 nominees for the Stubby this week:

Ablett – He would have won a lot of league matches with that monster, 45 disposals and 2 goals can only be done by one man. Freak.

Heppell – If you’re one of the lucky few to own this guy as a POD, pat yourself on the back, then give him the vote.

S.Martin – Averaging over 100 for a 200k player, if he doesn’t win the stubby this week then I might have to retire it, or at least name it the “Stefan Martin” award.

Jacobs – He’s been huge all year, if anyone is deserving of a nice cold stubby it’s this bloke.

Franklin – Finally Buddy is proving to be a great POD in a lot of leagues, with plenty of other forward options struggling. Another 5 goals and 120 is what we’re coming to expect from him.

Who will get your vote?

Golden Stubby - Round 15

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The Other Bits and Pieces

More mediocrity here, I ended up with a 2204. This seasons crawling to an end for me, but there is positives to take into next year. I simply love the new Fantasy rules, this season can be written off as a learning curve! Feel free to rage away in the comments, I’m here to help (and understand).

If you enjoy seeing me rage and want a punching bag when sh*t goes tits up, follow me on twitter @MattCraigDT. My views are honest, mostly helpful and occasionally entertaining! Hit me up with your weekly Golden Stubby nominations, and mainly what gave you the sh*ts! I value everyone’s opinion


  • I enjoyed this article up until the bit where Matt said he “simply loves” the new rules. Honestly, the new AFL site version of the game is rooted. My league played its first week of finals last week, despite there being about 8 rounds to go. No one has completed their teams yet, and after the finals are over what do we do with our teams for the last 5 rounds? The new rules are great if you’re insane or like being served up a steaming pile of turd for dinner, but otherwise they’re absolute bollocks. Just a flat out joke and waste of time this year. Anyone who likes the new rules can keep them all for themselves. My league won’t be anywhere near this train wreck next year.

    • +1, I hate the price change after 1 week and unknown formula to produce a players BE. I hate unlimited trades. The website is just crap, I can’t even see what the trades I have made this week were (maybe my memory not so good) until I reverse them. AFL Fantasy Coach is now too intrusive (I paid last year but wasn’t going to pay for a faulty product which the website sure was at the start of the year).

      The AFL needs to come to grips with the fact that “casual fantasy players and their leagues” are following the media led Supercoach. Instead of dumbing it down they should return Dream Team to it’s original format and cater for the more serious coaches who are on sites like this.

      • It’s only an opinion, but for me personally I don’t see the pride in always saying “serious coaches” and hardcore dream teamers. Why can’t hardcore players play fantasy? If you want RDT, go and play RDT. Yes the site isn’t ideal, but even though I’m ranked lower, every week researching for my fantasy squad is so much funner. Basically, RDT seems boring to me. I didn’t like the price change system at first, but it’s actually adding a new challenge. Some people just don’t want to see it that way. I love how you have to research your rooks, one week and their price is flying. How boring is it in RDT when every just gets the same rookies? Everyone’s teams are actually more similar on RDT. I couldn’t play the game without 44 trades, people who say the game is ‘easier’ are talking out of their ass, yes everyone scores higher. But the top players are scoring higher as well!!! It balances out. To keep up with the pack you have to be flexible with your team and always changing things up, I love it. Being stuck with the same team for the majority of the season doesn’t really appeal to me. I think it’s added a lot more intrigue and planning to the game, and for that I love it. Some people will obviously prefer original dream team and that’s fine, but I’m enjoying fantasy far more and I know it’s the same for a lot of my mates. Poorly organised website aside (Hopefully it’s fixed next year) it has been a success.

        • I appreciate that it’s an opinion, and I understand completely that some DTers whether serious or not will like the new site / format. I’ve been around long enough to know what I do and don’t like, and finals in June are a definite dislike. I don’t think Fan Hub took their sh!t seriously this year, and it’s reflected in the game and website. It’s the second worst website I’ve ever seen and really I’m just putting up with it this year because I’m a league administrator. As far as I’m concerned their added ‘features’ this year are just balls ups under another name and if it wasn’t for the fact I’m in the finals I would never go back to the site. Honestly, what are we supposed to do with our squads in August when everyone else is playing their finals? Doesn’t make any bloody sense to me.

  • Duncan, Buddy or Gray?

  • Matt, Martin has been a surprise but 157 as Captain gives Ablett my vote.

    Going Chappy to Buddy and Suckling to either Simpson or Hanley. Who would you grab first? Simpson is playing St KFC this week but his BE is still high

  • “Tom Rockliff” and “Gary Ablett” you guys are killing me :.)

  • Brak, go Hanley, he’s gonna be more expensive next week. Pick up Kade when he bottoms out the week after or so.

  • What to do with Greenwood? Was tagging and thinking of getting rid of him?

    • He’s been great, but cashing in sounds like a wise move

      • A week is a long time in footy. Last week he was all the buzz to bring in even at that price lol.

      • Seems a bit premature, considering it’s his first score under 109 for 6 weeks. Surely you’ve got bigger issues.

  • AFL Fantasy team

    D: McVeigh, Simpson, Hibberd, Swallow, Suckling, Kelly (Martin, Langdon)
    M: Ablett, Rocky, Pendles, Beams, Goddard, Barlow, Selwood, Tyson (Beams, Shenton)
    R: Jacobs, Sandi (Derickx, Currie)
    F: Danger, Gray, Tex, Parker, Dusty, Harvey (Kersten, McGovern)

    any obvious trades this week (might revisit after DPP announcements)

    was thinking Tex –> Stefan Martin to generate some cash and play him on field??
    would also like to bring in Hanley and keep one of Suckling or Langdon as D7. Is this wise?? unfortunately i’m around $20k short of suckling to hanley. I could trade Tyson to Hanley via DPP

    or is it better to get Dal Santo in the backline who is a bit cheaper?

    any trade advice much appreciated, cheers!