The Friday Scramble: Round 15

FridayScrambleWow, this season is flying by.  Round15 is upon us and so far we haven’t been hit with too many surprises at the selection table for a change.  This doesn’t mean that we won’t be hit with some late outs come game day.  Hopefully it won’t be too bad this week!

We only have 5 games left before DT Finals start so hopefully you are starting to cement yourself in the top 8.  If not, it is time to be bold and make some moves to get yourself in the 8!


Obviously in AFL Fantasy trades aren’t a problem for us.  But in RDT and Supercoach you have limited trades and I am sure that they are starting to run out!  But how many should you have left?

This year it has been tough for us, the rookies weren’t so cheap and it has been hard to get our teams up and going.  I wouldn’t try and tell you how many you should have at the moment but the strategy I look at in regards to trades.

My theory is that you need to have at least one trade per week during the finals.  So I try to make it to finals with at least 4 trades left.  However, if you are close but not quite in the final 8, then there is no point hoarding those trades, do whatever you can to get into that top 8.  If it means you have to wing it throughout the finals, then so be it.  You can’t win it if you aren’t in it!

Be Afraid, Very Afraid

There were only really two things that happened at selection that raised an eyebrow for me

  • Michael Hibberd – Many thought he was going to be out this week after coping an injury last week, I for one was stating to think about what I was going to do and thankfully he has come up!  However, don’t be surprised if he is a late out.  Thankfully he is playing on Friday night and hence we will know whether or not he is in.
  • Tom Langdon – I was convinced that he wouldn’t play this week after his concussion last week.  Now whilst he has been named this week, don’t be surprised if he either misses out on the final team tonight, or is a late withdrawal.  The only thing going for him is that it is a night game on Sunday which gives him the maximum amount of time to get up.  Personally if I had him in the back lines I would be very nervous and would be making sure I had some cover.


Good question and good analysis there mate.  After I clarified the game you were playing was AFLFantasy I had to have a good think about this.  To be honest, it is a tough call.  I think there are good reasons to go either way.  If you need the cash to make further upgrades then I would go with Miles.  He will keep getting games and would be good as a backup (don’t risk him on the field for more than one week).  However, if you don’t desperately need the cash then I would say go for Libba.  As you said you know you will get the points.  So it is a bit based on you status of your team.  If it was RDT, then the answer would be Libba, easily.

I am going to assume again that this is in AFL Fantasy which means that Honeychurch‘s price will change after this week.  Based on that and the fact that I think that Shenton has just about maxed out, I like that move.  Now, the other end of the equation is the upgrade.  Now, I am very happy with your idea of trading up Langdon, as  mentioned I am still very sceptical that he even plays this week.  I like Bartel and Hibberd.  The only thing that would swing me to Bartel is that injury that Hibberd suffered last week.  Even though he has come up, I am still a little nervous.  So, I like the downgrade and I would go to Bartel.

At the moment I think I have to say Joel SelwoodStevie is struggling a touch and seems to coping the tag more often than not.  Joel hasn’t been the superstar he has in previous seasons, but I still like seeing him in my team.

As I just mentioned above, I am a fan of Joel Selwood.  Whilst Dahlhaus has been great this year, I still think I would rather have Joel in my team.  Now, Kersten has only just come in and we know that Miles has better job security.  Having said all that I think I still keep Joel and take the punt on Kersten.

Things To Remember

  •  Something will happen to stuff us up. Yes there are poor scores and late outs, but if it is one of your guns then you should be reasonably comfortable in the knowledge that most others will have the same problem.
  • Match Day – Don’t forget that the match day game is still going in AFL Fantasy.  There is still money and prizes to be won, so get stuck in.
  • Anything can happen in a Derby or a Showdown – So don’t be surprised to see an unknown pull a good score or a premo not do quite so well.
  • Sunday Night Footy this week – The Carlton v Collingwood game on Sunday is a late start so it will be a late end to lockout on Sunday.

There we have it, round 15.  Hopefully your team is doing ok and not too many issues for you this week.

Warnie has let everyone know on twitter that the annual DT Talk Catch Up is being held this year in Round 23 in Melbourne.  If you are in town on the day, do your best to pop past and say hi and chat a bit of footy with us.  I will be heading over as will Jeppa and Tbetta, last year was a heap of fun, so make sure you keep the day free!

Good luck this week and make sure you keep an ear out for the late outs tonight as we need to check that Hibbo is playing.  Catch you all on twitter over the weekend @pkd73.



  • should i trade in prestia or libba?

  • Defender to get around 400k?

  • Thanks again Dunny, I need a M8, either Goddard, Johnson or Miles or a POD.
    Goddard looks good with low BE, Johnson not so sure but cheapish and miles is $200k in the bank. All my spots are filled with premos so now it’s just making adjustments for the finals.
    Anyone got some thoughts, it would be greatly appreciated.

    • At this stage of the year BE is not so important for M8 as it should be a keeper. Base it on scoring prediction and on price. I’d say Stevie J

    • its hard without knowing your oyher mids but i would be going with goddard never seems to get the tag and loves to mark and kick so plenty of +6 and he kicks goals.

    • Goddard, easy choice.

  • Thanks Dunny. Two things I’m not sure about:
    Miles or Jelwood on the field?
    Enright or Jaensch on the field?

  • Thanks again Dunny. I’m not risking keeping Langdon so Malceski will come in. My other trade will be Sam Lloyd to S Martin or Kersten. I’m thinking Martin as it gives me DPP with Thurlow but Kersten would give me cash. Which one is likely to be a F6 keeper in your opinion. This for Fantasy. In RDT I’ve gone Ambrose to Kersten to free up money to go Griffen to Rockliffe or Libba.

    • If it’s F6 then Martin. kersten will have a few 50s and might not play every game. Martin is a problem too if Berger comes back soon

      • Thanks mate. I could also go Miles M8 and have Zorko F6 with McGovern and Shenton on bench. Then next week Lloyd from Sydney goes to a premo and Miles goes to M9 and Shenton to a premo and Zorko F7, I’ve traded and reversed about 100 times

  • Hibberd trained strongly on thursday so am pretty confident he will play

    • What a champ. Played out the whole game on 1 leg and still tonned up, and now he doesnt even miss a week!

  • Love your work Dunny. Langdon to Brodie Smith for me which leaves Enright as my emergency. Shenton to Kersten for cash.

  • Any truth to the sandi rumor, I have no cover with derickx not named so would be a disaster and donut

    • Yeah my trades are hinging on that rumour as I have no ruck cover either (Thurlow & Currie).

      Either I believe the rumour and go Sandi -> Jacobs/Mumford which means I have to keep Zorko (my other trade is Griffen -> Miles) or I risk it and and leave Sandi and go Zorko -> Gray and cop a possible zero.

    • Given the question mark over Clark in the ruck I can’t see Freo going in with 2 questions over Rucks and only Kepler Bradley on the emergencies.

  • Should I trade Dahlhaus or Gunston for Harvey?

    • Definitely try and get Harvey in either way. Both have had poor last rounds. Dahlhaus BE is 114 and Gunston’s is 91. Dal vs Melbourne, Gunston vs GC…toss a coin?!

  • Should I get rid of Pavlich or Zorko ? Both have their moments but not as regular as I would like.

    • Tough decision as both have very similar BE’s as well (86 vs 91). Look at who they are playing and who you think might score better. Who are you looking at trading in?

      • I already have Danger,Parker,Martin, then McGovern,Pav,Zorko so would like another premo, can get anyone really

  • Should I trade out Kade Simpsons after a poor 21 last week, thinking Hibberd but heard hes injured. or keep it for now?

    • I’m holding Simpson as have other issues but if that is your only problem and the rest of your team is set you could look at trading him. You should have Hibberd anyway and you’ll know before lockout tonight whether he’s a late out or not.

    • Simpson has a break even of 168, it really depends on whether you need the cash for an upgrade. If you want to make some cash then yes, but if he’s going to be a keeper then no.

  • Love your work Dunny!

    Currently chasing overall ranking in RDT – I only have 5 trades left…

    Do I go sideways Pav to Boomer (on field) & Shenton to Kersten (bench)? This only leaves me 3 trades for the rest of the year!

    Or sit tight and back in Pav for his next 4 weeks (WCE, Melb, GWS, StK)?

    • I’d avoid trading for trade sake unless Fantasy. Unless you really need some coin. Shenton give good cover and dpp. You answered your own question with Pav.

    • I’d just leave your team for a round and make no trades. Back Pavlich in RDT. No point in wasting trades.

  • My midfield is: G.ablett, T.rockliff, S.pendelbury, M.barlow, D.beams, J.macrae, S.johnson and O.wines.
    Next week I am picking up honeychurch and kersten on the bench and will have 400K in the bank.
    So in 2 weeks time i want to trade wines to any other midfielder. cash is no drama.
    I was thinking JPK?
    Then trading out T.Walker to Boomer.
    Thoughts please

  • Why would anyone trade in Jelwood!? He’s playing predominately forward and hasn’t even averaged 100 for the season. I can’t wait to get rid of the prick!

    • With you there Jesse… I downgraded him to Salem during the bye rounds, but still have no regrets whatsoever!

  • Already upgraded my FWD bench with Bock to Kersten

    I want to get rid of both Langdon and Murphy but which one is higher priority:

    a) Murphy to leaning towards Goddard
    b) Langdon to leaning towards Birchall

    if Langdon misses then I can bench him for another week and not lose value but will he play even though he’s named.

    if Murphy misses then I can bench him for another week and not lose value, but I won’t be able to afford Goddard next week

    Please pick one and why??

    Thanks guys

    • Keep langdon as a D7, I’d be scared if you had him as D6 with no emergency and then swap murphy for prestia.

  • Have langdon as cover for hibberd. Surely one will play?

    • sorry was that a reply to my post?

      if Langdon plays then i’d prefer to trade him now, not to lose value in the coming weeks

      similar situation with murphy

  • I said last night. My mate is in freo cheer squad and said with the doubt over Clarke Sandi would be a very highly unlikely late out. Expected him to play. I have been given good info from them before. So I’ll believe Sandi is in. At worst Ben brown who I traded in last week should score OK to cover him

  • I have no cover and don’t really want to waste a trade in the rucks this week so im hoping your right peter

  • U can never be 100% right. But I’m confident he will line up. Clarke is the one in real doubt they said. Told me making Sandi a late out with a dubious Clarke lining up would be stupid.

  • There’s nothing wrong with Sandi, he’s playing. Look at the emergencies names. If either Clarke or Sandi were in any doubt Jon Griffin would be named as an emergency, he has been in good form in the WAFL.

  • Yes good point pistol, kepler bradley is no backup Ruckman that’s for sure, I’m not even sure he’s afl quality haha

  • Who would you bench out of these MIDs?

    Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Rockliff, Libba, Goddard, Cotchin, McVeigh, Miles

    I have miles at m9, but he’s playing the saints, so I’m thinking he could be in for a another good week? (110+)
    I was also thinking McVeigh, but he’s playing the giants, so again, thinking he could easily ton up.

    • Looks like a first world problem there Will. Can you move McVeigh to your backline and use him there? Otherwise toss a coin.

      • definite first world “problem”. McVeigh is currently helping out in the MIDs as part of some DPP magic, but he’ll head back down to defense in the next couple of weeks.
        think ill go proven premos, and bench miles.

  • Great reading. Just wondering I ve got enough money to pick up a midfielder m8 under 510,000 Is it worth taking a punt on Cochin or I wS thinking see how miles goes and then have some cash left over to spend else where

    • Kornes doesn’t do much wrong… capable of going big (and small I suppose) and averages above 100.

    • I wouldn’t bother with cotchin for 150k more than Miles. Can you stretch to 515 for stevie j?

    • also – Fyfe, Sloane, Mundy? check out their scores season, see how you like it

    • if you can wait a week you’ll get Stevie J for under that price

  • I just want to know if Hibberd is in / out? And the same with Langdon. Any news from insiders anyone?

    • can you wait til about 6:30pm when the final teams are named. we’ll all know then

  • Yes, Hibberd is in / out. Same with Langdon.

    • Nice one champ. Keep the jokes comin’

      • Hibberd was named, and on the field. They said he pulled up fine this week, and will be right to play. We’ll know if he’s a late out before lockout, because he’s playing tonight.

        • Thanks Will. I suppose Langdon as D6 is more of a concern playing Sunday night for me. I only have Bews as emergency cover and don’t want both out.

  • Cheers Simon. Would u jump on him before Cochin

  • Thanks Will , I ve got beams. Barlow. Heppell swan Ablett Johnson and Ellis at the moment

  • field shenton,kersten,mcgovern, or llyod


    • just have a feeling McGovern could have a field day against a short Freo defence. he’s a good strong mark and weagles might kick the ball to him more often. Dawson might go on JJK or Cox when forward.

      • Its gotta get into the Eagles forward line first though! The Dockers midfield will likely pump the Eagles mids.

        FWIW I have the same decision between Ambrose and the Gov. Despite what I said above I’ll prob stick with the Gov since Ambrose plays Geelong so it’ll probably much of a muchness

  • Not sure who to bench in the mids out of Cotch, Miles and Macrae.

    It’ll likely be a decision between Cotch and Miles and Macrae has been super-consistent.

    My only worry about going Cotch is are the Saints likely to tag him? Cotch seems a safer option if he doesn’t get tagged, but if he does then Miles should outscore him comfortably.

    What say you all?

  • Who to field up front kersten or mcgovern??? Help