Round 15 Lockout Chat

lockoutDiscuss the round as it progresses in the comments. Post your scores at the completion of games but be sure to indicate how many players have played, including your captain. Follow the live scores all weekend via Chad’s DT Live website.

luxbetpuntAFL Fantasy Punt is back!

Very much like Match Day, but with prizes based on a competition pool – ie. betting like on lotto. – you can pick a side, enter it with a $10 entry fee and if you’re in the top few, you take home cash prizes… and for the high rollers, get involved in the $50 entry game!

The round game locks out before the first game of the round, but for the single match day games it just needs to before they start. This week we have Cats v Dons (FRIDAY FREE ENTRY!), Crows v Port, Pies v Blues.

Sign up to a Luxbet account by clicking here and then head over to the AFL Fantasy Punt website to log in and pick your sides.

18+ and gamble responsibly.



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  • 1730 with Simpson, Pendles, Beams, Jacobs, Danger and Robbie Gray to come.

  • 1810 with Pendles, Beams, Jacobs, Elliot and Danger. Should get around 2200 at least.

  • 1396 from 12played (Ablett Captain!!)

    Studs – Ablett, Jelwood, Rockliff, Hanley, Swallow.

    Spewing about swapping Derickx for Martin 3 weeks ago and having him a R3 and consistently outscoring my forwards. Beat all of Parker, Martin,Harvey so far this round.

    Still got Simpson, Jaensch, Pendles, Beam, Swan, Jacobs, Gray, Wingard, Dahlhaus and Danger to come.

    Hopefully 2300?

  • Who wins?
    My opponent: 1683 from 16 with Beams, Jones, Dahlhaus, Lobbe, Danger and Simpson to come
    My team: 1414 from 14 with Danger, Simpson, Jacobs, Sloane, Langdon, Pendles, Swan and Gray to come

  • Any idea why Suckling has been so bad recently? Has his role on the team changed with Lake back?

  • I think Russell played a lock down roll on suckling yesterday so that hurt

  • Ebert is the most f*cken frustrating motherf ucker ever

    • Steady on. He has 45 at half time. Get rid of him for a good sideways trade if you are so pissed.

  • That’s exactly what im doing.

    He’s been unsighted the whole 2nd quarter and the prick comes on and gives 3 high tackles away. sick of his shit

  • Is Brodie Smith injured?

  • Thanks Tom Langdon, I will take x man’s 89

  • brad shitbert. the warnie curse continues

  • Big Jacobs and danger cut it up. I’m 1960 with pendles, beams, Simpson , Cloke to come

  • 2153 with A. Walker, Beams and Pendles to come. Could shake 2500 if all perform well

  • Here’s a tip for the Port Adelaide strategy team……. send your best tagger to dangerfield……. shhhhhhh don’t tell anyone…………

    • or send cornes to richie douglas and let dangers have 32 touches………………….
      pure genius!

  • Nah Bucks, just leave the Langdon out until the last minute nobody will care…

    3rd time they’ve left an injury out until the very last minute :/

  • Him Cloke, Swan and Simpson vs Me plus 270….. Who do you think will win??

  • Can anyone who watched the showdown tell me what the fuck happened to Brodie Smith?

    Did he get injured?
    Did he get tagged?
    Did he get AIDS?

    • that’s what i want to know??? WTF???

    • He’s been in the media all week as the No.1 distributor in the league.
      There was nothing more certain in the world than him getting a close check today.
      Monfries wore him like a glove, to the detriment of his own game !

  • who do i trade out tex or suckling?