Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 15

Here we go again and this week we have some absolute rippers to pick from.

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Who will you be locking in as your AFL Fantasy captain for Rd. 15?

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Ok… now let’s make things interesting here with another poll. Surely we are all deciding between these guys so lets see which way the majority of people are thinking

If you had BOTH Gary Ablett and Tom Rockliff... who would you make captain this week?

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Thanks and all the best for this week!


  • Anyone considering Harvey as a POD this week. Went huge v lions last time. I’ve gone
    Ablett as set and forget cappo this year but have this gut feeling Harvey is going to go berzerk this wknd

    • Only put the C on up him if you are fairly confident that you will beat your opponent

      • nice have Harvey might do that as game this week for me is dead rubber

  • zorko to gray or jelwood to rocky. Thoughts.

  • Jelwood to Rocky. Rocky will go up in price faster than Gray

  • Swan at #5, you’re kidding right?

  • I’m thinking rocky, after having gaz as captain all year and being quite happy with the result. Just thinking that rocky has been huge and north don’t tag. For gaz, it feels like some of the other suns mids are much better than the last couple of years, getting a bit of Gary’s ball, perhaps reducing his ceiling?

  • I’m playing a fairly easy opponent this week and he will have gay as captain should I take a little risk and put the C on rockliff?

  • zorko to gray or jelwood to rocky
    thoughts would be really appreciated.

  • Swan at #5. Must be having a laugh surely!

  • Someone else. Harvey or cotchin will explode this week. Vs great teams to feast on.

  • Should I trade in Ward or Ebert? Ward nice unique and can go huge, ebert $30k cheaper and doesn’t have as worse stinkers as Ward (ward has scored twice in the 60s, albeit at the start of the season)

  • Need a win this week which combo will win?

    a.) Rocky and Shenton/C.Beams
    b.) Miles and Selwood

    thansk guys

  • Bartel for me

  • Liberatore against melbourne this week?

    But if Griffen isn’t named will Mackenzie go to him??

    • Mackenzie and Cross out this week, which will make it extremely difficult for the Dees and makes good scores by doggy mids much more likely.

  • Hmm, any chance of Greenwood getting back his tagging duties this week if Rocky’s sitting on 90 at half time? I’m not overly concerned for Rocky’s sake (he’s my C), nor am I concerned for Greenwood, since I don’t own him. But should Greenwood owners be slightly concerned given Rocky’s absolute dominance in 4/6 of his recent games?