Top of the Rock – Ep. 15, round 15

Tom Rockliff’s 172 points gives him the highest score of the year and remains the highest averaging player of 2014. The boys chat to him and look to round 15.

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  • Zorko to Gray or Boomer?

  • g’day lads; was wondering if its worth going Joel Selwood to Anthony Miles this week. He has a BE of just 4 and is coming up against the saints.

    • Nah you are better off trading stevie. Or bartel. Really if you are gonna trade a cat, joel would be your worst option.

      • Jelwood TO Miles.

        If you need some cash it probably at least won’t cost you any points. But you’d want to upgrade to a premium at some point in the near future.

  • Great podcast lads! Loved the chat with Lockliff!!

    Who should I go Gunston to, have Parker, Danger, Dusty, Dahl, Tex, Martin, ____
    Thinking Robbie Gray? Can afford anyone.

  • another great podcast lads

    What does everyone think of:
    Sandi/Jacobs -> less than 200k ruck
    Bews -> McVeigh

    Worth the risk?

  • good podcast boys
    i have langdon need to get him out current backline Mcveigh,Simpson,Hodge,Suckling,Swallow wanting to get hibberd but probably wont play and am thinking on waiting for bartel because his price is going down?

  • good stuff fellas, great podcast as always.

    yep, tough to work out who to upgrade Langdon to in the backline … :(


    ps. is Matt’s w/end wash-up on the way? ;)

  • What’s a better trade this week?
    Liam Shiels to Tom Rockliff or,
    Taylor Walker to Robbie Gray

  • Who should i get into my defence out of:
    1. simpson
    2. Malceski
    3. mcveigh
    4. kelly

    (Others i either have or not considering)

    • I brought kelly in last week – 33 in the 1st term, then dripped like a slow leaking tap for the remainder of the match, finishing with 69.

    • Mcveigh. Pretty much a guaranteed 90 plus can go 120.

  • Gunston > Stefan Martin
    Cotchin > Rockliff or Jelwood > Ablett

    Can’t afford Joel to Rocky unfortunately

  • Zorko to Gray or jelwood to rocky

    Thoughts would be appreciated.cheers

  • Thinking trading Langdon to Jaensch or Hooker or someone else. Don’t want to get Simpson in right yet or spend too much cash. Thoughts. Also any good downgrades in the midfield or defence. Want to get rid of Hallahan and Langford if they’re not getting games.

    • At this stage you should upgrade to the best available, jaensch and hooker aren’t. I don’t know who you have so its hard to help. Simpson, Bartel, Mcveigh, Hibberd, Swallow, Hodge, Hanley, Smith and Kelly are your options

  • Boys you realize Rocky’s 172 included 3 FA’s for high tackles? That’s 3, 7 point swings. If he managed to land those tackles not high that’s 3 +4’s instead of -3s giving him a grand total of 193. Insane.

  • To Ryan you can bring on brown in ruck for bench from nth around 137k if he plays note is dpp fwd. what I did was leave Sandi n Jacobs n moved s Martin to fwd Cameron out and brown in ruck bench also have deidriks. This lets me put gunstan on bench or dangers in fwd and note if brown plays I will actually have 5 rucks including Martin playing


  • Anyone got a list of teams that tag defenders? Like Gws against Simpson for example

  • What is a better trade for this week?!

    Tom Langdon > Jimmy Bartel
    Liam Shiels > Tom Rockliff
    Dayne Zorko > Brent Harvey
    Taylor Walker > Robbie Gray

    • You missed the boat with Rockliff, he’s heaps expensive, and it seems you have a lot of upgrading to do across your field. I’d go Langdon to Bartel, and save the extra cash for upgrading Zorko, Shiels to less expensive premos like SJ, Goddard, Barlow, Parker

  • Come back Matt we need you

  • JPK or Libba?