My Team 2014: Round 15

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The following tables are with thanks to Chad over at – legend!

rd14breakevens rd14pricechanges


  • Zorko or Pavlich to dump, which one ?

  • daulhaus for robbie gray or for mumford via martin dpp?

    • I like having Martin on field for his current form so I’d go Dahlhaus > Mumford if it gets Martin to F6.

      • yee im planning to have martin on field either way haha…hell either be my 2nd ruckman if i get gray in or hell be my F6 if i use DPP and put him foward to bring mumford in. Your thoughts still with mummy knowing that?

  • I’ve got a forward line of: Harvey, Martin, Parker, Danger, Dahlhaus, S.Martin (Gunston, Ambrose). I want to field Martin but who do I field between Dahlhaus and Gunston?

    • gunston mate…last time he played gold coast earlier this year he scored 138 on them! Just on that alone would be enough for me!

  • How does Langdon to Malchski sound as a POD?

  • Need help please…

    Who to trade out Cale Hooker or Jack Gunston?
    My trade ins would be Gunston for Gray or Hooker for McVeigh/Hanley

  • Suckling,bartel,Simpson,McVeigh,Hanley,Swallow (x.ellis,litherland)
    Cotchin,Pendles,Swan,Beams,Ablett,Barlow,Rocky,Jelwood (Shenton,Robertson)
    S.Martin,Sandi ( Naismith,currie)

    Traded Pav to Kersten & Ambrose to Harvey , $81k left in the bank
    Is there better trades I could have done to improve my team ?

  • ambrose – brown (via martin DDP)
    s.martin on field as F6 (putting mcgovern on bench as F7)
    zorko – harvey


    team will look like this:
    hibberd, mcviegh, swallow, simpson, bartel, enright (x.ellis, bews)
    swan, pendals, beams, gaz, barlow, b.ellis, jwood, stevie j (shenton, lloyd)
    sandi, hmac (brown, thurlow)
    harvey, martin, parker, gunston, danger, s.martin (mcgovern, cameron)

    do i keep these trades and keep the (E) on brown to cover Hmac?

    or should i reverse and trade:
    ambrose – kresten
    zorko – harvey
    (this keeping s.martin in ruck to cover Hmac)

    • Ambrose/Zorko to Kersten/Harvey

    • Ben Brown is not great ruck backup and does not have great job security in my opinion.

      With Hmac out injured he’s playing for you this week. Do you really want that?

    • i ddp martin back in to rucks and put thurlow on bench and mcgovern on as F6… think that will be good ?

  • Option 1 – Pavlich out and Gray in
    Option 2 – Tyson out and anyone bar Rockliff in (thinking libba or J Kennedy)

    • like libba, specially this week!
      Although Tyson isn’t doing bad and might do well with cross/McKenzie out this week!
      Pav out to gray this week is good and then assess Dom next week?

  • Anyone heard anything about Sandilands out? Probably some guy trolling last night but you never know.

    • Haven’t heard anything but would like to know!

    • Lyon said yesterday that Clarke still had “hurdles to jump” to play tomorrow. That said about his knee and the fact that Kepler Bradley is the only ruck on emergency – Sandilands has to play….Taberner is the only in – a forward has no hit outs for Peel Thunder

    • if sandi is out i rekon AT LEAST 90% of dream team and fantasy players are screwed with derickx out this week. thats the way im approaching it haha.

  • daulhaus for robbie gray or for mumford using martin DPP. Martin will be playing on field either way as R2 or F6 depending on my trade.

    • Robbie Gray is the go. He’s consistent but not a high ceiling. I’d look to improve rucks soon tho. Luenberger comes back soon and Martin may be rotated or fill JBrowns spot ?

  • trade gunston or zorko?

    gunston v GCS
    Zorko v NTH

    • zorko. Gunston scored 138 against gold coast earlier this year and is a little bit more consistent than yoyo-orko

  • DSwallow McVeigh Enright Hurn Suckling Shaw – Bews/Langdon
    Rocky Swan Beams Jelwood Barlow Goddard Judd Tyson – ASwallow/Langford
    Sandi SMartin – Daw/Currie
    Danger DMartin RGray Tex Parker Zorko – Ambrose/KHarris

    Tyson – Ablett and Shaw – Hodge
    Other suggestions?
    Langdon/Bews = which should be emergency

    • ablett is just an absolute must so ill say get him in however you can and through tyson looks the goods.

      personally id go bartel over hodge but hodge definitely isnt a bad option.

      trades confirmed by me mate id do them.

      Id go langdon. I dont think hed be named if he wasnt a really good chance to get up.

      • Cheers Adam

        • I’d be worried about Hurn getting a fwd tag on him most weeks now

          • Agreed – but I’d need to decide between improving mids now or fixing that hole now. Cheers…..

          • Definitely improve mids now. Was talking about Hurn down the track since you already got some good advice about this week ^

  • TEAM IS:
    hibberd, mcviegh, swallow, simpson, bartel, enright (x.ellis, bews)
    swan, pendals, beams, gaz, barlow, b.ellis, jwood, stevie j (shenton, lloyd)
    sandi, hmac (s.martin, thurlow)
    zorko, martin, parker, gunston, danger, mcgovern (ambrose, cameron)

    Trade options:
    ambrose – brown (via martin DDP)
    s.martin on field as F6 (putting mcgovern on bench as F7)
    Hmac – Jacobs

    ambrose – kresten
    zorko – harvey

    • Option 1 gives ruck cover
      Option 2 is better score potential for now but will be left ruck drama when Luenberger returns. Not sure how long HMac is going to be out.

      • option 1 leaves me with 126k in bank
        option 2 leaves me with 21k in bank

        i will do option 1… sick of hmac… give zorko one more week to turn it around.

  • My midfield is: G.ablett, T.rockliff, S.pendelbury, M.barlow, D.beams, J.macrae, S.johnson and O.wines.
    Next week I am picking up honeychurch and kersten on the bench and will have 400K in the bank.
    So in 2 weeks time i want to trade wines to any other midfielder. cash is no drama.
    I was thinking JPK?
    Then trading out T.Walker to Boomer.
    Thoughts please???

  • 1)
    N Roo > Motlop (120 ave last 2)
    O’Brien > Miles. Leaves Shenton at M10 – DPP and playing


    N Roo > Gray
    Shenton > Miles. O’Brien at M10 – not playing, but will have a better F5 (Gray)

    So comes down to would you rather have a M10 that’s playing and is DPP, or a better F5? Thanks.

    • Option 2, gotta aim for the best players at this time of the yr.

      • Wise words.

        Only thing that is tempting me is Motlop at 380k with a BE of 20 coming off 115 and 125. Could save 120k instead of getting Gray now and there’s a good chance he’ll be a straight swap for Gray in 3 weeks.

        Getting Gray now would be playing it safe though.

        • Grays output compared to Motlop over that 3 week period could cost you 50-100 points though. I think if the opportunity is there to get the best option you go for it. With resting etc. coming later in the yr, id avoid risking being stuck with Motlop and missing Gray all together. This game rarely goes to plan.

  • as Chappy is back this week.. One of Zorko or NRoo has to go for Boomer/Parker. Which one to trade out this week? the other one will be in the next round or two.
    My thoughts – Is Zorko playing more forward – 6 goals in last 4 games? NRoo seems to be carrying an injury and Saints are poor in their forward 50 entries and gets double teamed most times.
    Thoughts? Cheers.

    • Zorko could go 40 or go 110
      Riewoldt probably wont get less than 70 but not more than 80

      I traded Zorko last week and would probably do the same this week out out of those 2 mate

      • thanks mate.. it’s that 110 from Zorko that’s doubting me.. but I think I should just trade him out as Boomer is going to get that score most weeks

        • Yeah even if Dorko goes 110 this week you’ll be happier next week when he gets a 50 again.

    • my other forward is Gunston and he will be in my team for another round or two by default…

  • RDT

    DEF: Simpson, Swallow, McVeigh, Hodge, Hibberd, Enright (Bews, Aylett)

    MID: Ablett, Rockliff, Pendlebury, Ward, Beams, Barlow, Selwood, Miles (Honeychurch, Hartung)

    RUC: Sandilands, Lobbe (Martin, Currie)

    FWD: Harvey, Martin, Parker, Dangerfield, Gunston, Walker (Kersten, Rohan)

    5 trades left. 400k in the bank.

    Ranked 1012.

    Where do we go from here?

    I feel like I need to get Bartel in defence, Gray up forward and a JPK/Libba/Goddard through the middle to complete my team

    • I think you sit tight for the moment mate. As much as your want to get all the guns over every line, 5 trades over 9 rounds don’t present you with that luxury. They need to really be saved for LTI’s.

  • I am so stuck with two (+) options:
    1) Trade out:
    – Ellis to Max Warren and upgrade Jaench/Tex/Higgins
    – Ambrose to Kersten and upgrade the same

    2) Trade out Swallow for Miles and Jelwood to JPK


  • AFL Fantasy

    DEF: Simpson, Kelly, Hanley, Swallow, Hibberd, Jaensch (Bews, Georgiou)

    MID: Ablett, Beams, Pendlebury, Ward, Ebert, Johnson, Barlow, Cotchin
    (X.Ellis, Shenton)

    RUC: Sandilands, Martin (Brown, Currie)

    FWD: Harvey, Martin, Parker, Dahlhaus, Gunston, Walker (Kersten, Rohan)

    350k in the bank … Only playing H2H

    • I’d bring Martin down to F6 and trade out Walker/Gunston. Mummy/Jacobs or Lobbe as a POD will get you 90+ every week which is rare for forwards so free up that R2 spot.
      Trade Jaensch out to Bartel/McVeigh or Malceski as a POD

    • Walker-Gray or Walker-Lobbe/Mumford/Jacobs (Martin moves to f6) + Jaensch-McVeigh/Bartel..

  • which team looks better for this week:
    hibberd, mcviegh, swallow, simpson, bartel, enright (x.ellis, bews)
    swan, pendals, beams, gaz, barlow, b.ellis, jwood, stevie j (shenton, lloyd)
    sandi, JACOBS (BROWN, thurlow)
    zorko, martin, parker, gunston, danger, S.MARTIN (MCGOVERN, cameron)

    ambrose – brown (via martin DDP)
    s.martin on field as F6 (putting mcgovern on bench as F7)
    Hmac – Jacobs
    126k in bank


    hibberd, mcviegh, swallow, simpson, bartel, enright (x.ellis, bews)
    swan, pendals, beams, gaz, barlow, b.ellis, jwood, stevie j (shenton, lloyd)
    sandi, S.MARTIN (HMAC, thurlow)
    HARVEY, martin, parker, gunston, danger, KERSTEN (MCGOVERN, cameron)

    ambrose – kresten
    zorko – harvey
    21k in bank

  • DEF: McVeigh, Bartel, Simpson, Swallow, Suckling, Langdon (Litherland, Bews)

    MID: Ablett, Rockliff, JPK, Swan, Pendlebury, Beams, Barlow, Cotchin (C.Beams, Lloyd)

    RUC: Jacobs, Sandilands (Derickx, Currie)

    FWD: Dangerfield, Parker, Harvey Martin, Roughead, S. Martin (Ambrose, Cameron)

    $36,000 in the bank

    Option 1:
    Derickx –> B. Brown
    Langdon –> Hibberd

    $107,000 left over

    Option 2:
    Ambrose –> Kerstan
    Langdon –> Hibberd

    $105,000 left over

    What are the chances that Hibberd will be a late out??
    Do you think I should go Hanley instead?!

    Thoughts and Tips much appreciated

    • Keep Hibberd.. most likely it will only be one week if he is a late out and you have cover.

      Basically comes down if you want Brown or Kersten. GEE needs key forwards so you’d expect Kersten to have better JS than Brown. and Kersten will get you more cash quicker as he is more likely to score over 50 than Brown. You can still trade in Brown next week as he wont go up much in value.

      • I don’t have hibberd, I’m thinking about bringing him in for Langdon!
        And yeah I’ll go with kersten cause brown was a late in and north key forwards haven’t been playing well at all, and yeah kerstens break even is to good to ignore!
        Thanks :)

        • you will know if hibberd is a late withdrawal before lockout and if not i would bring him in

  • Best midfielder ATM?

    Already have Ablett, Pendlebury, Rockliff, D Beams, Barlow, S Johnson, Goddard, K Cornes.
    Would like to hear your thoughts

  • best DT mid atm would be Prestia… 3 130+ scores in 4 games.. he’s killing it! Greenwood is another one who has been in DT form since R7.

  • Hey guys,

    Need some help on my last trade. Here is my current team

    Def. bartel Simpson hibberd suckling swallow Kelly (Aylett simpkin)

    Mids. Gablett StevieJ beams JPK swan Cotchin Goddard barlow (Honeychurch obrien)

    Rucks. Mumford sandilands (Dericx currie)

    Forwards. Parker boomer Gunston dahlhaus dangerfield dustbin (kersten Cameron)

    My first trade was Ambrose to
    Kersten. My thoughts on the other trade are Gunston/dahlhaus to Gray or suckling to mcveigh. Any input would much appreciated.

    • Get Gray. I feel like I’m going against the grain by saying trade dahlhaus > gray instead of Gunston. But I’m backing in Gunston and Hawthorn’s class. Dahlhaus still needs that big shift into midfield to get massive points.

  • Bah fk it. I’m backing my gut, keep Gunston, dump Dahlhaus.

  • Upgrade Tex or Higgins

  • S Johnson or Swan?

    • Swan IMO, good form. SJ’s breakeven is still pretty high

      • I’m mind f***ed! not sure on who to bring in
        I personally think Stevie J JUST, cause he’s some easier games and plays another 3 or 4 game at SS

    • Both should go 110 this week. For mine Stevie J, if you can wait a week he’ll be even better value.

  • Got a couple of decisions, got me stumped, need to get Rocky in, so Shenton/C.Beams>Kersten and Montagna/Cotchin/N.Jones>Rocky/Pendles. Whoever out of first two will turn into Honey next week, and upgrade Langdon.

  • Brodie Smith or Hanley

  • Lecras or Buddy