Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 14

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Who will you make your captain for round 14?

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  • do you think that rocky’s stint up forward was just a one off because brown was injured mid game? and that brisbane will find someone else to play up forward whilst brown is out?

    or do you think that rocky might be put forward a bit more to fill that gap???

    • no way, can’t see Rocky being used as a forward. He’s one of their main ball winners so surely it was just due to Brown being subbed.

  • The Jonathan Brown injury will indeed take Rocky out of the centre more which is good for Zorko and C. Beams owners. Unless they decide to move Merritt forward and start giving Darcy Gardener the main job down back.

  • Bloody hell rocky burned me last would have won too

  • Sorry for this post but could someone please help?I have 186k in the bank, need help in what trades I should be doing this week!??

    Simpson, swallow, mcveigh, smith, suckling, houli( litherland, bees)

    Ablett, pendlebury, liba, beams, jelwood, swan, dal Santo, c beams( Lloyd, miles)

    Sandi, cox( derickx, currie)

    Parker, Martin, gray, Nroo, roughy, cloke( shenton, McGovern)

    • cox to lobbe? n roo to boomer, or someone like dalhaus is boomers out of budget? dal santo to a real premium?

      can you upgrade c beams or lloyd? should probably have 8 mid premos at this stage of the year (ie, rookies are on the bench, not the field). maybe downgrade c beams to z obrien for some extra cash, as it looks like lloyd will be getting more mid time over the next few weeks

  • Dal Santo
    Very inconsistent.

  • @Liam – for starters you should be getting bartek into your backline.

  • How many people do Afl Fantasy??? Currently ranked 700th.