Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 13


Last week, I have been told that I ‘forced’ people to move their ‘C’ off Ablett. Firstly, these people must have also been frustrated with his 2 scores of <100pts as well and agreed with my logic. Well this week is the big test… what are YOU going to do?

Well… for me, I don’t have Rocky but I do have Stevie and I will be laying it on the line this week and backing in the gun on his home ground againsta  team that is currently giving up the most points in the league

Have you say and vote below… but make sure you read the FULL CALVIN’S CAPTAINS article at the website.

Who will you be locking in as your AFL Fantasy captain for Rd. 13?

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  • You will never keep everybody happy Calvin. All part of the job I guess.

    • +1, was really outraged at the number of people angry with Calvin over twitter etc, obviously not going to get them all right, and I agree that Gary didn’t deserve to be in there with the two <100 scores. I had Gary captain, but only because I back him in basically each week. Just because Calvin gives his thoughts on captains each week, he shouldn't be made a scapegoat when it doesn't work out….

      • Also there’s always a certain amount of uncertainty in captain selections. Calvin would’ve been the first to say that Gaz might go 140+, hell, it’s Gaz we’re talking about, but based on the stats, he didn’t think it was likely, and gave us his top 5 accordingly. And those who didn’t select him as captain obviously agreed. So quit your whining!

    • All realistic people are going to know that Calvin’s choices for captain are his choices, he isn’t forcing anyone to actually put the C on him or him or him… at the end of the day, it’s our decision.

      • Exactly. People are more than welcome to do their own research rather than going off what someone elses article states.

        • I call BS! Calvin actually comes around to every coach between Thursday teams and final lockout and holds a gun to everyone’s heads. You can’t NOT do what he says, can you!?

  • in what order do the taggers go after at essendon? hepD, stanton, zaha and then goddard?

  • Love your work & appreciate the time that goes into breaking down the numbers for us!

    Tell the haters to go start their own bloody web site.

  • Honestly, this has basically turned into the most non-essential item this year. Most are now doing their own research and come here (well, the AFL site now) as an afterthought. Still helping out the casual players I guess. What I don’t like and has turned a lot of people off is this defensive attitude when things go wrong. Calvin.. if you stuff up there’s no use a week later trying to fight the issue and the people that blamed you. Just move on mate this article will be better for it.

    • Gambler mate, what is the point of doing your own research when calvin does it for you….
      Anyway you must think you are pretty damn good!1!1!1!1
      Onya calvin love ya work!!

    • mate settle down. Calvin does a great job each week bringing us his tips and stats. And after all he is human and if he makes a mistake its just unlucky. onya pirate

      • Haha – it’s not Calvin’s mistake… it’s the useless players that struggle to get a kick, cop an unforeseen tag (or unluckily have their worst game of the year… hello Beamer) or just don’t turn up. If you back in whatever Calvin says, then that’s the risk you take! Just like with anything.

        Message to those who Calvin is writing this about: don’t blame them if you can’t be arsed doing your own research or want to back in whatever he says. He’s not clicking the C for you!

        (Some comments are tongue in cheek giving Calvin crap, but other coaches honestly have no idea…).

        • First up, great article Calvin, enjoy it week in week out, keep it up mate.

          Secondly, spot on Warnie. Not Calvin’s fault whatsoever, Calvin does his job by crunching the numbers, looking up facts and statistics to give us what HE thinks are the best captain options for that respective week. Our job is to then either trust Calvin and go for HIS number one option (or highest ranked player on the list that YOU own) and select them as captain or go for YOUR own different option as captain.

          Calvin doesn’t click that ‘C’ button as Warnie said.
          It’s disgusting to see people saying each week that CALVIN’s top five don’t live up HIS expectations and it’s all CALVIN’s fault.

          YOU should be doing YOUR OWN research to support YOUR opinion on a differential as well as reading CALVIN’s article (optional — but recommended).

          If players don’t turn up on the day in real life, tough luck, YOUR fault for clicking that ‘C’ button on YOUR team page.

          Side note: those complaining that they didn’t choose GAJ this week and it’s CALVIN’s fault, CALVIN stated why in HIS article this week. YOU should’ve take the initiative and seen why and researched further, GAJ (before last week) averaged 125 against the Swans in his last 6 and although it seems odd, GAJ was an calculated risk this week but many people stuck the ‘C’ on him (including me :)) because of THEIR research and THEIR choice.

          Again Calvin, love your stuff, would love to see it for many years to come.

        • It amazes me people crack the shits about Calvin’s Captains, haha.

    • Mate if your gonna only rely on calvin to choose your captain for you then you shouldnt be playing fantasy. Do you have someone to pick your trades for you each week too? you make that decision for yourself. when im not sure or abit hesitant ill have a look at what calvin thinks.. in fact i always do, its still my decision at the end of the day mate.

      I never %100 fully agree with what calvin thinks… but everyones got different opinions, its a great artical which i look forward to each week.

      • Not sure if anyone actually read what I wrote. How people can appear to be against the ideas presented in a post, yet somehow echo the point of the post in their own words (that people should do their own research and not rely on Calivn) astounds me.

        Read what I wrote.
        – People are doing their own research (the serious ones anyway)
        – Calvin should not get defensive when he is blamed by idiots and just move on to the next week as the article will be better for it.

        Now who’s gonna be the next numbskull to tell me “Do your own research!” when i’ve made it clear that I do, and “Don’t blame Calvin” when i’m the one talking ABOUT the people blaming him. Pack of fools.

    • Gambler I read your post
      Honestly your post has turned into the most non essential post this year
      What turns me off is you trying to tell Calvin what to do with HIS article
      You talk of Calvin being defensive to criticism yet react the same to people having a go at your post
      So who’s the fool?

  • as an eagles fan, ill be putting the C straight on gabby. We’ve been absolutely pathetic and he is gonna tear us a new one every which way at subi. Im penning him in for a 175.

    • I’m putting my C on Rocky vs Gws at the Gabba. I am an eagles fan as well but whenever I put the C on Gary at Patersons, he fails to crack the ton. Even though, Scott Selwood is tagging Gaz (not efficient tagger) Gaz should absolutely destroy the eagles however Gaz doesn’t like Patersons at all.

  • Is it time to hop on Ibbo, he scored 89 and showing good signs of getting back last years solid form and averaging 102. Trade him for Hooker and then bring in Libba for Watson. Or would u do something else, really want to get rid of Hoooker and need to get rid of Watson

  • Yeah I’m going with Rockliff this weekend, hopefully piles up a decent amount, 102 from him last week wasn’t enough but shit happens, can’t win ’em all.

  • Awesome article as always! Cheers calvin

  • Might need to invest in a golden tissue award for some of the above. It’s only a game that you play at your own risk…

  • I don’t have Rocky, and will get SJ next week, but as much as I’d like to use Barlow for Captain, I’m concerned the weather over east (yes I’m a WAussie) will have a detrimental affect on scores in general.
    At this stage I’m taking a punt on Boomer in Adelaide, but am looking for other options …
    Best of luck all.

  • Thoughts on Jelwood for captain? Don’t have stevie j and Geelong are surely going to do a number on saints