Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 12

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Who will you be locking in as your AFL Fantasy captain for Rd. 12?

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  • Hey calvin, just wondering if there will be a loophole oppurtunity for the monday game this week?

  • Calvin, love your work as always.

    How come the other Trader boys don’t link their articles here? I’m not in the habit of checking AFL’s site…

    • Check out the sidebar on the side – the twitter feed – for the links to our articles. Pretty much my round review comes out on a Sunday night (or around 30-60mins after the last game). Roy’s Trade Talk is on a Tuesday. And then we’ll do our chat on a Thursday night at 6pm over on the AFL site. A video is released on a Friday and our podcast (which gets posted here) is usually Monday evening.

      • Hey Warnie, curious about Tbetta’s bulletins – has that been canned? Haven’t seen anything new posted in a month.

      • Where is the video posted, I didn’t know yous were still doing them, Thursday nights haven’t been the same haha

  • Hey calvin is cotchin to barlow a good trade

  • Only 6 players have scored 120+ vs Melbourne this year. They’re a totally different side this year so I’ll be staying away from Collingwood players. Probably go with Rockliff

  • Rocky my boy was 2nd picked after gaz from the start.

  • Picken held ablett to 78, Fyfe to 65. Why are all so eager on Rocky this week

    • Rocky will just tackle everything in sight if he doesn’t have the ball.

      • Also hopefully he won’t be a sook like Gaz and won’t get injured like Fyfe.

  • I think Rockliff will come back down to earth this week. I’d be amazed if he can pump out 140+ for the 4th straight week.
    Gaz was doing it for a few weeks and followed it up with 76 and 98..

    Leaning towards Beams, or Goddard as a smokey.

    • Yea I am worried that Rocky might have a bad day…. after all he is due!

  • When was the last time neither Ablett or Swan made the top 5 and were playing…

  • What sounds better?

    a) Cotchin to goddard
    langdon to mcveigh
    then next week
    Kane mitchell to barlow
    hallahan to cheap dpp


    b) langdon to mcveigh
    Cotchin to obrien
    then next week
    kane mitchell to barlow
    hallahan to goddard

    • Ess play GWS this week, get Goddard now his BE is only 66 so he will not be this cheap again.

  • Get ready for a Bargain next week #GarrickIbbotson

  • Rocky is a brilliant player, and great for fantasy too. Although I don’t imagine this’ll be the week for him, seeing as Picken will have zero interest in the ball, and 100% interest in doing unsportsman like things to stop Rocky from doing his thing. I think tagging is the worst part of AFL, and the rules should be far more strict to penalise taggers for doing shitty things.

  • Tagging is just wrong. Let the best be the best.

  • Its exactly why the dogs can’t win a game, they play 16 against 18, picken and Wallis aren’t intrested in winning any footy and with Griffin getting tagged that’s 3 blokes not getting a kick, you can’t win a game whilst that’s happening

    • Good point they got about 6 blokes all up who either tag/ can’t handle a tag. Bad news

  • Picken might go to Zorko. zorko often gets tagged ahead of rocky

    • As a bulldogs supporter, whilst Wallis is playing he’ll be the tagger, not Picken. And they always go to the No.1 midfielder, which is Rockliff.

      • As a Bulldogs Supporter would you also agree that most of your players prefer the D? not the V?