My Team 2014: Round 12


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  • which mids looks better:

    swan, pendals, beams, barlow, b.ellis, watson, jwood, gaz (hallahan, lloyd)

    swan, pendals, beams, JPK, b.ellis, watson, jwood, gaz (hallahan, lloyd)

    swan, pendals, beams, Libba, b.ellis, watson, jwood, gaz (hallahan, lloyd)

    • is this like spot the difference?

      could’ve just asked who is better to own Barlow, JPK or Libba :)

      probably Barlow – JPK – Libba in that order based on current prices

    • Go Barlow, will def be a top 6 Mid

    • Libba great this week if points are at a premium for this week in particular !
      Barlow long term, just running into some form and a soft draw.

  • sorry for the repost, got stuck on the bottom of last page

    Langdon to Jaensch (with bews as cover)
    Langford to Hurn (Langdon as cover)?

  • Franklin or Bird? Any thoughts/ideas will be greatly appreciated :)

  • upgrade ellis or keep cotchin?

  • who does everyone think will average more at the end of the season?? Joel Selwood or Steve Johnson?

  • First trade is Polec to Dusty via Shenton DPP

    Second trade looking like Langford to Brodie Martin

    Sound trades??

    It looks like Jacobs will play which is good, although he has a high BE vs Sandi.

    Is it worth a luxury sideways trade to Mummy who has better fixtures? Prefer to get rid of guys who aren’t playing / making money

  • shenton or ambrose on field?

    • I’d go Shenton, saints backline should see plenty of the ball this week

  • upgrade ellis or keep cotchin? no idea what to do

  • Hey first time i’m really stuck with my trades, would appreciate your thoughts.

    My Team:
    DEF: Suckling, Langdon, Swallow, Simpson, Birchal, Hibberd, (Fasolo, Georgio)
    MID: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Rocky, Stevie J, Heppell, Jelwood, Polec, (Hallahan, Hartung)
    RUC: Jacobs, Sandi, (Derickx, Currie)
    FWD: Dalhaus, Riewoldt, Martin, Dangerfield, TEX, Billings, (Shenton, Markworth)

    Cash 47k
    Option 1:
    Billings > Parker/Buddy & Polec > O’Brien (means fielding Hartung who is a vest risk)
    Option 2:
    Ploec > Barlow & Hallahan > O’Brien (probably push Billings (another vest risk) to the bench and play shenton)
    Option 3: Hold Polec
    Upgrade Billings to Buddy and downgrade other rookie for cash


  • Dunstan or Shenton on the field?

  • whos more likely to wear a vest? C shenton or Z O’brien?

  • Defenders: Simpson,Swallow Suckling,Langford,Langdon,Enright (Bews,Laidler)

    Midfield: GAJ,Pendle,Ebert, Beams, Watson, Cotchin, Barlow, Jelwood (X Ellis, Cunningham)

    Rucks: Sandi, Derickx (Rowe, Currie)

    Forwards: Parker, Martin, Danger, Gunstan, Gray, Ambrose (Rohan, Cameron)


    Thoughts on team?

    • I’d bring in Shenton over Ambrose. More cash to be made but he starts cheaper.

  • K.Simpson or J.Bartel

  • AFL Fantasy

    Needs some help with my trades.

    DEF: McVeigh, Hibberd, Burgoyne, Swallow,Suckling,Hanley (Langford, Bews)
    MID: Rockliff, Beams, Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, Cotchin,Griffen (Hallanhan, Langdon)
    RUCK: Lobbe, Sandilands (Derricx,Currie)
    FWD: Danger, Martin, Chapman, Gunston, Billings, Walker (Ambrose,Honeychurch)

    • Langford to O’Brien using Langdon DPP and upgrade Billings to Parker. Or Lecras if you’re looking for value although he comes with much more risk

  • Downgrade Langford – Litherland

    Upgrade Billings – Parker (if you have the $)

  • Should I downgrade Langford or Langdon.
    Whose more of a priority to trade out- Billings or Griffen

  • Fantasy

    DEF: Simpson, McVeigh, Swallow, Hibbo, Suckling, Higgins (Langford, Bews)
    MID: Gazza, Beams, Jelwood, Libba, Watson, Cotchin, Barlow, Tyson (Hallahan, Shenton)
    RUC: Cox, Sandi ( Derrick, Currie)
    FWD: Dangerfield, Martin, Parker, Zorko, Dahlhaus, Riewoldt (Ambrose, Lloyd)

    Already went Polec to Barlow, my other trade is a downgrade to O’Brien. Should I get rid of Lloyd or Hallahan?

    • Get rid of Lloyd if he doesn’t play, but otherwise downgrade Hallalan due to DPP

  • Who would you rather have: Wingard and Barlow or Polec and Danger.
    I am trying to work out which one of polec and wingard I should trade out

    • Polec and Wingard should both be good this week against the Saints. If you have to trade one then trade Polec because he isn’t a keeper whereas you could keep Wingard as an F7

  • Sorry for the repost, bit confused still as how and what I should do this week:

    Def: Simpson, hibberd, Mcveigh, swallow, suckling, Langdon (Langford, Laidler)
    Mid: Ablett, rocky, pendles, beams, swan, jelwood, wines, Hallahan (j.lloyd, shenton)
    Ruck: Sandilands, Jacobs (currie, thurlow)
    Fwd: danger, boomer, Parker, Martin, dahlhaus, Breust (Cameron, Ambrose)

    Using dpp, How can I trade out Langford and Langdon without trading Hallahan?

    Thoughts would help cheers

  • Hi guys i have read calvins captains but still unsure as to who i should pu captain. Beams or rocky

  • peoples thoughts on lecras? Will be get more attention with kennedy out etc or do you think he can keep up his numbers?

    • I think LeCras will get more touches. I have Darling and been thinking about this all day. IMO Darling will stay up forward and help McGovern (presuming McGovern plays forward, which is what Simpson has been saying) and LeCras asked to play up the ground to help deliver the ball inside 50.

      Hence I’ve traded out Darling because he will have to rely on goals, but I reckon LeCras will get 90+ (and he tackles a fair bit too).

    DEF: Simpson, Hibberd, McVeigh, Swallow, Suckling, Langdon (Langford, Bews)
    MID: Rockliff, Beams, Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, Liberatore, Ebert, Hallahan (Lloyd, Honeychurch)
    RUC: Mumford, Sandilands (Derrickx, Currie)
    FOR: Parker, Dangerfield, Martin, Dahlhaus, Gunston, Walker (Shenton, Ambrose)
    Cash: $256,999

    Have gone Ebert to Barlow and Hallahan to Goddard – would appreciate your thoughts on other trades. Cheers

  • Jaensch & Barlow or Hibberd & Goddard?
    Thoughts will be great

  • who should i upgrade first: langdon > jaensch or hallahan > any premo

    upgrading langdon will make Jake Lloyd or Shenton my M8 this week

    whichever one i dont do this week i will do next week probably

    • Hallahan to Rocky

    • getting a good mid premo like rocky, pendles, barlow, etc is more important than getting rid of langdon because he is still playing and scoring quite well

      • already have rocky, ablett, pendles, beams, swan and jelwood, who should i get?

  • do i keep joel tippet


    shenton or litherland to bring in?


  • My team: Lloydy’s All Stars (Real Dreamteam)

    DEFS: J.Bartel, M.Suckling , D.Swallow, M.Hibberd, T.Langdon, L.McDonald (N.Vlastuin, T.Cutler)

    MIDS: G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, L.Montagna, D.Tyson, D.Beams, J.Polec, J.Selwood, X.Ellis (H.Cunningham, B.Hartung)

    RUCKS: A.Sandilands, M.Lobbe (D.Currie, F.Thurlow)

    FWDS: D.Martin, J.Roughead, R.Gray, P.Dangerfield, M.Pavlich, C.Shenton (J.Kennedy-Harris, P.Ambrose)

    $171,200 in the Salary Cap.

    Trades Left: 18

    Thoughts on my team and trades I could make?? Players I should probably trade this week are Polec and Langdon or Cunningham. Not sure who to bring in like to do a double upgrade but I don’t think I can with the cash I have, the first trade id make is Polec to Barlow which leaves me with $41,900 in the salary. Unsure what to do for my second trade..maybe trade in Obrien for Cunningham or are there better options???

    • The trades youve selected mate are spot on. You could even try going with libba or priddis or even sj instead of barlow for a POD but barlow is probably the better pick

  • Guys I need help. Fantasy has given me four trades this week!!!

    I made two trades. Then it said you have no trades to reverse. I then made two more?

    I contacted FanHub and got no reply. I have no idea what to do?

    • Have you tried to rollback your team?

      • Yeah. All it does is rolls back my 3rd and 4th trade. :D

        Bit of an unfair advantage I must say.

  • if i am playing an easy opponent this week do i double downgrade polec and joel tippet to obrien and shenton via langdon and stash 380k for double upgrade next week
    Upgrade polec to barlow and tippet to o’brien with only 40k left

    i will also help as many people as i can within the next 20 mins :)

  • Def: Bartel, McVeigh, Hibberd, Birchall, Suckling, Swallow (Bews, Langford)
    Mid: Gaz, Pendles, Beams, Watson, Goddard, Swan, Polec, Langdon (Hallahan, Shenton)
    Ruc: Jacobs, Sandi (Derickx, Currie)
    Fwd: Danger, Parker, Martin, Nroo, Gunston, Higgins (Billings, Bock)
    $236k left
    First trade will be Polec to Barlow I think. Should I downgrade Hallahan, Langford or Billings to O’Brien for the second?
    Thoughts? cheers

    • Langford IMO as hallahan still has heaps of cash to make and should break back in the side in a couple of weeks and billings is playing and SHOULD get you a 70+ score