Cloke Hold – Ep. 12, round 12

The boys are up and about after a big round of scoring. Warnie gloats as he thinks he’s a genius for holding Travis Cloke and the trio look ahead to round 12.

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  • Clokes a sh*t cu*t

  • Thanks for putting my question on the podcast.

    • The Sauce Jacobs question.

      • And yes I do have Derickx still on the bench.

      • It doesn’t look like Sauce’s injury is long term. I’m prepared to sit on him a week (or maybe 2) and fix up some of my other problems. At this stage I’m looking at out Billings & Polec; in Buddy & Shenton.

        • I will get rid of Kade K via a bit of DPP action (aka The Roy Maneuver) to get in Rockliff.

  • Thoughts on O’meara and Wines?

  • You serious? Ep should have been called TEX-IN for sure.

  • Got sidebottom and polec. Who do I get out this week. I’ve got 300k in the bank.

  • do i downgrade langdon or langford to obrien, do i upgrade polec to barlow/goddard this week and in a couple of weeks go hallahan to rocky or this week do i go poled to rocky and in a few weeks i find someone for halls.

    • I’d take Goddard for polec as priority, we’ll that was my trade last week happy with the result! Goddard won’t be this affordable for long and rockys price is top dollar (you would think… or hope!) so get him after hallahan goes up in price a little more?

      • With a BE of 85, another 150 from Rocky and you can kiss him goodbye. Glad i had him from the start.

  • Thoughts on Langdon/x.Ellis out for Shelton/jaensch (via a bunch of dpp)? Shenton goes on bench and tex comes on the field.

  • Any thoughts on POD? Seems most squads are quite similar. McGlynn, LeCras as forwards? Montagna, Cornes as mids? Kelly as a back?

  • I think the Traders are right. Go one of the Swannies – particularly Bird or McGlynn for POD & DPP.

  • bloody bootsma………………

  • Next podcast name should be Booooooooooted………..

  • Higgins to Parker or Fasolo to Zorko?

  • To jords 23 my POD would be Levi Greenwood has 3 round avg of around 123 his role had changed and he is only 492k for now be 38 so set to go up. On top of that he is v Tigers this week and should have field day check him out and at least with low be u are certain to make money but this is probably last chance

  • T. Allen go fasolo to zhorko I believe Higgins got more chance to score consistently nice 109 last week that said I don’t have figures like be etc

  • Good listen boys,
    Who would you trade in this week for polec?