Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 11

Ablett at #4 and Rocky not even in the top 5 this week? Maybe Calvin has been drinking too much sea water (or rum) this week. But… he must know something…

Stats don’t lie my friends so make sure you have considered all the options and possibilties heading into this round.

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This week we do have a LOOP HOLE option due to the partial lock-out in Thursday night’s game (Geelong/Sydney).

Simply place your VC on someone in the game and if you like their score, you can put your ‘C’ on a non-playing player before lockout on Friday night. This will mean that the VC replaces your C and doubles the score.

Make sure this player in starting on your field and make sure you have an emergency selected to replace this zero as well if you can.

If you DON’T like the score then go ahead and select a captain as you normal would.

Who will you be locking in with your VC this week during the Loop Hole?

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  • Beamsy for me

  • It looks like I won’t have any non-playing players to complete the deal.

  • Hey guys I just need some help i was wondering who to trade in for macrae, should i choose heppell or goddard?

    • goddard

      • Speaking of which, Goddard has to be a sneaky captain option this week. Average of 112 for the year (excluding the injury effected 14) with just 1 score below 100 (95); 116 in his last 3; and 119 in his last 3 against Richmond.

  • Thoughts on which one to loop hole?
    Josh Kennedy
    Luke Parker
    Joel Selwood
    Jarryd Mcveigh

    • Joel
      Geelong are pretty restrictive, so I’d avoid any Sydney players (despite the obvious form of JPK)

  • going beamsy

  • Gooday everyone. Got enough money for any premo forward, who should i get???????????

    • Riley its hard to answer ur question without knowing who’s in ur forward line. But these are the guys u want to have in ur forward line in particular order:
      Dangerfield, harvey, martin, parker, dalhaus, chapman and gray.

      • parker, gunston, tex,fas, danger, cameron, ambrose…… lloyd out for premo

  • SJ would be my loophole option, but going with Jelwood because I don’t have him

    I wonder if I’ll see the return of the curry this week

    • also a risky move with Ablett at 4, I reckon Kerridge (and a pretty miserly Adelaide side) will see another low one from the bald-man

  • Hey Calvin, love the article each week.

    Would be great to see Goddard included in the list next week if you’ve got time/space. Average of 112 for the year (excluding the injury effected 14) and 116 in his last 3 with just 1 full game below 100 (95).

  • I know if I put Beamsy or Watson as captain, ablett will go massive. Also gunston might also be a very sneaky option as C but you have to be brave to do that

  • Did the AFL buy the right to Calvins Captains?

  • option 1
    polec > goddard
    llyod/langford > shenton/beams leaving me with $179-$159

    option 2
    llyod/langford > shenton/beams
    langdon > martin leaving me with $424-$405 to upgrade polec and rioli to harvey

    Thoughts would be appreciated! Really need help?

  • Im holding polec and Langford 1 more week. I found the correct BE’s and there still 1 more week of cash to grab. Im now trading Robertson to Riley and Cloke to chappy or dalhause. Next week upgrade polec using Langford. As polec / Langford should grab bout $20,000 between them this week. And Barlow bottoms out next week. I’ve got Selwood, Bartel, Kelly, parker,mcviegh tomoz nite, who should I wack the V on. I’m thinking Selwood. Goes big v swans. But parker is in cappo material form

  • Langdon has only 45 BE. So should go up. Langford’s BE is 33 and polec 71. So should be a hold on all 3 for 1 more week.

  • Is it a partial lock out in RDT this weekend too? Or just fantasy?

  • instead of doing enright to hibberd an langford out for brodie martin or aylett ive decided to do enright to hibberd and ollie wines out for Kane mitchell. about 80k to be made easily with mitchell in the next 3 weeks right?

  • No point holding polec, Langdon etc if your target upgrade is just going to increase by the same amount. Goddard has a be in the 70s, so should rise in price about 10-20k this week. And who knows who might get injured and then you’ll be stuck in to forced trades. Nope, the time is right for me. Double upgrade love.

  • Elite question;

    Who should I captain?

    VC: Gee v Syd
    Jimmy Bartel (VC)

    Choice between (C):
    Jordan Lewis
    Nathan Jones
    Dane Swan/Steele Sidey
    Paul Chapman

  • anyone know about how much polec and goodard will go up after this week

  • Do I take Selwoods score
    or Captain

  • Voldt kicked 12 and got 156 last week agains GWS. Surely Gunston will ton it up and could go huge, he got 94 vs port last week kicking 3 goals 1. I’m backing him in after my loophole fail.

  • 1. Pendlebury
    2. Johnson
    3. Beams
    4. Ablett
    5. Watson
    6. ….
    7. ….
    306. Rockliff