My Team 2014: Round 11


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  • Hallahan or Dunstan on field this week?

    • Hallahan would be the obvious choice after last week and playing GWS but Dunstan’s week off will do him good and he’s got a more important role than Hallahan so I’d choose him

      • its a tough call.

        • I’d go Hallahan. I think there Hawthorn will gather far more possessions than St Kilda, therefore more opportunity for Hallahan to score

  • Who should I captain out of Cotchin, Simpson and Beams?

  • My team: Lloydy’s All Stars (Real Dreamteam)

    DEFS: J.Bartel, M.Suckling , D.Swallow, M.Hibberd, T.Langdon, L.McDonald (N.Vlastuin, T.Cutler)

    MIDS: G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, L.Montagna, D.Tyson, D.Beams, J.Polec, J.Selwood, X.Ellis (H.Cunningham, B.Hartung)

    RUCKS: A.Sandilands, B.McEvoy, (D.Currie, F.Thurlow)

    FWDS: D.Martin, J.Roughead, R.Gray, P.Dangerfield, J.Kennedy-Harris, M.Pavlich (S.Lloyd, P.Ambrose)

    $83,000 in the Salary Cap.

    Trades Left: 20

    Thoughts on my team and trades I could make. Considering i only have $83,000 in my salary I need to probably look at a downgrade/upgrade or downgrade/downgrade this round., but I’m not sure which way to go and who could downgrade to. Cameron Shenton could be one. Any others? I have McEvoy, vlastiun and Sam Lloyd who are injured atm out of those three I have to trade McEvoy. Im thinking maybe trade in lobbe cause if I trade Jacobs in im not getting a lot of cash in salary. Than Id probably downgrade one of my FWDS? Or are there better options? Thoughts would be great.

    • Get trading mate!
      Lloyd to Shenton and Mcevoy to Lobbe this week. Next week Vlastuin to Jaensch and downgrade Cunningham

  • D: McVeigh, Suckling, Kelly, Swallow, Simpson, Hibberd (Langdon, Langford)
    M: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Watson, Murphy, Rocky, Tyson, Selwood (Hallahan, Polec)
    R: Jacobs, Sandi (Currie, Derickx)
    F: Danger, Dahlhaus, Parker, Gray, Tex, Lloyd (Bock, Cameron)

    already traded Shaw > Kelly (hopefully it will pay off in the long run)
    need to fix my fwd line and trade out Lloyd but i’ll have to wait until next week once I free up some cash, which means i’ll have to cop Camerons score

    Do I trade out Murphy or Polec this week (BE 124 v 71) and who to trade in – C Beams or Shenton – why??


    • How about Lloyd to Shenton then next week upgrade Polec to Dustin Martin using Shenton’s DPP

      • well played General, thanks.

        Is the DPP the only reason to go Shenton over Beams?

        • He’s cheaper, less injury prone and seemed to have a good DT role at half back in rd 9. Also the Lions are a shambles at the moment and one bad game could see Beams on the outer. Shenton’s DPP is a bonus

          • good enough reason plus a negative BE helps too, hopefully he has job security cause i’m not sure Cameron will survive long term. Cheers

  • Worth getting Goddard instead of Rockliff and saving $110,000?

  • Josh Kennedy scored 123 as my vice captain last night. Should I play the loophole and take 246 as captain or risk playing Pendles, Beams, Gaz or Watson as captain?
    I will post the results later on.

  • Toughts on Chappy ahead of say LeCras Gray and Riewoldt?
    Fresh off a rest and Richmond GWS Melbourne Crows next 4

  • who is more prone to vest…

    ambrose _ named on extended bench
    cameron _ named on field

  • RDT Question: Goddard been a consistent question from the posts i’ve read here. ill add to the list.

    Bring in Goddard at 489k or Pendles at 542k. Both legit DT superstars, should have similar outputs for the rest of the year. No tag risk with Goddard. Pendles probably has a larger ceiling.


  • Tough one. I think Pendles is he better player; had him all year. I got in Goddard ahead of Heppel and Rocky this week. Jury is still out of Steve J as well.

    • Goddard at that price is def ahead of Rocky and Heppell. For me this trade is to fill the M7 spot…. Stevie J at a reduced price in a week or 2 is probably M8 to round out the midfield… Pendles, Goddard and Barlow are the choices and they are doing my head in….

      • Very good question falcons. With RDT u only have 30 trades so the question u need to ask urself is goddard a top 8-10 midfielder. Pendles we know will be top 5 midfielder come years end. All depends on cash if ur short go goddard but pendles is my pick he’s got me into the top 100 rankings wise with his amazing consistency.

        • Thanks for the response Kevin. Purely on averages goddard is a top 8 Midfielder right now… same average as pendles (110), less risk to be tagged and 50k cheaper. both players rarely go under 90. Was actually surprised (take Goddard for granted) but Goddard finished in top 5 DT scorers last season (pendles was number 2).

          • No probs mate, yeah finished 6th overall did goddard. Cant go wrong with either so its win-win.

  • Talk of Danger being out this week, plus he has Crowley next week.

    Worth making a trade and if so who to?

    • If its fantasy, trade him to harvey, dalhaus, chapman or gray if u have no other immediate concerns as everyone will be in the same position. RDT it’s a hold.

    • if you have that luxury then worth a think, but depending on circumstances you might not be able to bring him back in when you want…

      • I’m not too fussed about getting him back in anyway, seems to be broken at the moment

  • I have one more trade to do this week.
    I really want to bring in Shenton so I can upgrade next week but my only available rooks to trade for him are:

    1. Nahas
    2. Ambrose
    3. Billings
    4. Polec
    5. Tyson

    What do you think is the best option – keeping in mind Tyson and Polec are on my field? I am leaning towards Billings but he still has $ to be made..

    Thanks in advance…

    • who are in your mid and fwd bench.. Nahas and Ambrose on the fwd bench?? Billings mid bench?

      • Yep thats correct…

        MID: Ablett, Swan, Cotchin, Watson, Beams, Polec, Tyson – Subs: Lloyd + Billings

        FWD: Martin, Franklin, Chapman, Danger, Wingard, Nahas – Subs: Ambrose + C Cameron

        • thats tough.. I’d leave Polec and Tyson this week as you need their scores. I’d only trade them out if it was an upgrade. Nahas, Ambrose and Billings still have $$ to make.. though Billing’s 42 BE would mean his rise wont be as much. I would look to offload Billings (coz his good scores wont count towards your score anyway) plus too much $$ sitting on your bench.. ideally Shenton should be your in mids bench.

          but if your are looking to keep Billings to be M9 then perhaps trade Nahas out via DPP Billings and Shenton to forward.

  • billings

  • when will final teams be announced?