Round 9 Lockout Chat

lockoutDiscuss the round as it progresses in the comments. Post your scores at the completion of games but be sure to indicate how many players have played, including your captain. Follow the live scores all weekend via Chad’s DT Live website.

luxbetpuntAFL Fantasy Punt is back!

Very much like Match Day, but with prizes based on a competition pool – ie. betting like on lotto. – you can pick a side, enter it with a $10 entry fee and if you’re in the top few, you take home cash prizes… and for the high rollers, get involved in the $50 entry game!

The round game locks out before the first game of the round, but for the single match day games it just needs to before they start. This week we have Cats v Roos (FRIDAY FREE ENTRY!), Pies v Eagles and Power v Hawks.

Sign up to a Luxbet account by clicking here and then head over to the AFL Fantasy Punt website to log in and pick your sides.

18+ and gamble responsibly.


  • 1223 from 13
    Still got ablett C, swallow, jaensch, dangerfield and Jacobs to come.
    What will I be looking at?

  • 1112 from 12 with 6 including ablett as captain to come. Stoked so far as was only able to field 18 this week. Looking to go 1800+

  • 1159/12 with Ablett (C), Swallow, Macrae, Simpson, Tex Walker and Cameron to come.
    Hoping for 1800 plus.

  • Just watching Footy Flashbacks. Peter Landy just said “Cox… slips into a little hole”.

  • Lol, my accidental C on Polec and not Gaz seems to be a win so far.

  • Geez Tutt is a great kick for goal

  • Wright to Danger this week looking better by the minute


  • On fanfooty I read next to Ablett’s name “An elbow off the ball on Picken in Q2 will be looked at”

    Any news on chances of a report?

  • Griffen is back y’all!

  • 1753 with Simpson and Danger remaining.

    Great weekend this :)

  • This is exactly why I had avoided Danger up until now, as I know he’s prone to pulling this crap.

    So what do I do? Get him in this week :/

    • There is always someone ready to say a big I TOLD YOU SO based on one bad score

      A score of 74 playing injured, after getting a massive hundred is hardly a reason to complain….It’s a marathon not a sprint.

      Sure if he gets 74 2 or 3 weeks in a row, consider trading him out….

  • Why is Dangerfield such an inconsistent prick? Only got him in this week, but still.