AFL Teams 2014: Round 10




Friday, May 23 | Simonds Stadium | 7.50pm


B: Jared Rivers, Tom Lonergan, Corey Enright
HB: Andrew Mackie, Harry Taylor, Cameron Guthrie
C: Mark Blicavs, Joel Selwood, Mitch Duncan
HF: Travis Varcoe, Hamish McIntosh, Mathew Stokes
F: Jordan Murdoch, Tom Hawkins, Jimmy Bartel
R: Dawson Simpson, James Kelly, George Horlin-Smith
I/C: Jed Bews, Steven Motlop, Jackson Sheringham, Jesse Stringer
EMG: Taylor Hunt, Jarrad Jansen, Josh Walker

IN: Mathew Stokes, Jesse Stringer
OUT: Taylor Hunt (Omitted), Steve Johnson (Suspension)

North Melbourne: 

B: Luke McDonald, Joel Tippett, Lachlan Hansen
HB: Nick Dal Santo, Scott D. Thompson, Levi Greenwood
C: Sam Gibson, Andrew Swallow, Robin Nahas
HF: Lindsay Thomas, Aaron Black, Leigh Adams
F: Majak Daw, Drew Petrie, Brent Harvey
R: Todd Goldstein, Jack Ziebell, Ben Cunnington
I/C: Ryan Bastinac, Michael Firrito, Shaun Atley, Sam Wright
EMG: Liam Anthony, Mason Wood, Scott McMahon

IN: Michael Firrito
OUT: Scott McMahon (Omitted)


Saturday, May 24 | Spotless Stadium | 1.40pm AEST


B: Jeremy Cameron, Stephen Gilham, Curtly Hampton
HB: Adam Kennedy, Aidan Corr, Heath Shaw
C: Tom Scully, Jacob Townsend, Adam Tomlinson
HF: Will Hoskin-Elliott, Jonathon Patton, Lachlan Whitfield
F: Dylan Addison, Jonathan Giles, Devon Smith
R: Shane Mumford, Rhys Palmer, Callan Ward
I/C: Dylan Shiel, Stephen Coniglio, Joshua Kelly, Adam Treloar
EMG: Zac Williams, Kristian Jaksch, Josh Hunt

IN: Jeremy Cameron, Stephen Gilham, Curtly Hampton, Jacob Townsend, Dylan Addison, Shane Mumford, Adam Treloar
OUT: Toby Greene (Club Suspension), Andrew Phillips (Omitted), Sam Frost (Omitted), Josh Hunt (Omitted), Jed Lamb (Omitted), Nick Haynes (Ankle), Matt Buntine (Omitted)


B: Troy Chaplin, Dylan Grimes, Steven Morris
HB: Bachar Houli, Alex Rance, Matt McDonough
C: Shaun Grigg, Nathan Foley, Reece Conca
HF: Dustin Martin, Ben Griffiths, Brett Deledio
F: Matt Thomas, Jack Riewoldt, Ty Vickery
R: Shaun Hampson, Brandon Ellis, Trent Cotchin
I/C: Matt Dea, Shane Edwards, Daniel Jackson, Ben Lennon
EMG: Ricky Petterd, Anthony Miles, Sam Lloyd

IN: Dylan Grimes, Matt Thomas, Matt Dea
OUT: Nick Vlastuin (Finger), David Astbury (Knee), Sam Lloyd (Omitted)


Saturday, May 24 | MCG| 4.40pm AEST


B: Nick Maxwell, Jack Frost, Alan Toovey
HB: Heritier Lumumba, Nathan Brown, Tom Langdon
C: Clinton Young, Brent Macaffer, Steele Sidebottom
HF: Jarryd Blair, Jesse White, Luke Ball
F: Jamie Elliott, Travis Cloke, Dane Swan
R: Brodie Grundy, Dayne Beams, Scott Pendlebury
I/C: Alex Fasolo, Tyson Goldsack, Jarrod Witts, Marley Williams
EMG: Sam Dwyer, Lachlan Keeffe, Josh Thomas

IN:Nathan Brown, Alex Fasolo
OUT: Sam Dwyer (Omitted), Lachlan Keeffe (Omitted)

West Coast:

B: Eric Mackenzie, Darren Glass, Jamie Bennell
HB: Elliot Yeo, Mitchell Brown, Xavier Ellis
C: Shannon Hurn, Matt Priddis, Chris Masten
HF: Jamie Cripps, Jack Darling, Sharrod Wellingham
F: Josh Hill, Josh Kennedy, Nic Naitanui
R: Dean Cox, Scott Selwood, Luke Shuey
I/C: Andrew Gaff, Mark Hutchings, Matt Rosa, Brad Sheppard
EMG: Sam Butler, Patrick McGinnity, Will Schofield

IN: Josh Hill
OUT: Mark LeCras (Suspension)


Saturday, May 24 | Adelaide Oval | 7.10 ACST

Port Adelaide: 

B Jack Hombsch, Alipate Carlile, Jarman Impey
HB Matthew Broadbent, Jackson Trengove, Jasper Pittard
C Jared Polec, Travis Boak, Kane Cornes
HF Aaron Young, Justin Westhoff, Angus Monfries
F Robbie Gray, Jay Schulz, Chad Wingard
R: Matthew Lobbe, Ollie Wines, Brad Ebert
I/C Matt White, Hamish Hartlett, Dom Cassisi, Kane Mitchell
EMG: Paul Stewart, Jake Neade, Benjamin Newton

IN: Matthew Lobbe
OUT: Brent Renouf (Omitted)


B: Matthew Suckling, Ryan Schoenmakers, Taylor Duryea
HB: Will Langford, Ben Stratton, Grant Birchall
C: Jordan Lewis, Luke Hodge, Liam Shiels
HF: Isaac Smith, Jack Gunston, Bradley Hill
F: Paul Puopolo, David Hale, Luke Breust
R: Ben McEvoy, Brad Sewell, Shaun Burgoyne
I/C: Mitch Hallahan, Jonathon Ceglar, Billy Hartung, Jonathan Simpkin
EMG: Kyle Cheney, Alex Woodward, Tim O’Brien

IN: Luke Hodge, Liam Shiels, Brad Sewell, Jonathon Ceglar
OUT: Kyle Cheney (Omitted), Cyril Rioli (Hamstring), Jarryd Roughead (Suspension), Josh Gibson (Shoulder)


Sunday, May 25 | Metricon Stadium | 3.20pm AEST

Gold Coast

B: Kade Kolodjashnij, Steven May, Greg Broughton
HB: Sean Lemmens, Rory Thompson, Trent McKenzie
C: Jarrod Harbrow, Gary Ablett, Michael Rischitelli
HF: Aaron Hall, Tom Lynch, Danny Stanley
F: Charlie Dixon, Sam Day, Brandon Matera
R: Zac Smith, Jaeger O’Meara, Dion Prestia
I/C from: Alex Sexton, Luke Russell, Harley Bennell, Matt Shaw, Jeremy Taylor, David Swallow, Jack Hutchins

IN: Kade Kolodjashnij, Jeremy Taylor, Jack Hutchins
OUT: –

Western Bulldogs:

B: Liam Picken, Jordan Roughead, Easton Wood
HB: Shaun Higgins, Dale Morris, Robert Murphy
C: Adam Cooney, Ryan Griffen, Jack Macrae
HF: Daniel Giansiracusa, Jake Stringer, Jason Tutt
F: Luke Dahlhaus, Stewart Crameri, Fletcher Roberts
R: Will Minson, Matthew Boyd, Tom Liberatore
I/C from: Mitch Wallis, Marcus Bontempelli, Clay Smith, Nathan Hrovat, Koby Stevens, Lachie Hunter, Brett Goodes

IN: Jordan Roughead, Mitch Wallis, Marcus Bontempelli, Clay Smith, Nathan Hrovat, Koby Stevens, Brett Goodes
OUT: Tom Williams (Calf), Tory Dickson (Pectoral), Jason Johannisen (Omitted), Liam Jones (Suspension)


Sunday, May 25 | MCG | 4.40pm AEST


B: Andrejs Everitt, Michael Jamison, Sam Rowe
HB: Zach Tuohy, Andrew Walker, Dylan Buckley
C: Kade Simpson, Bryce Gibbs, Jeff Garlett
HF: Levi Casboult, Marc Murphy, Chris Yarran
F: Lachie Henderson, Dennis Armfield, Troy Menzel
R: Robert Warnock, Brock McLean, Dale Thomas
I/C from: Jaryd Cachia, Andrew Carrazzo, Sam Docherty, David Ellard, Blaine Johnson, Jarrad Waite, Simon White

IN: Jaryd Cachia, Andrew Carrazzo, Blaine Johnson, Jarrad Waite
OUT: Mitch Robinson (Suspension)


B: Kyle Hartigan, Ben Rutten, Luke Brown
HB: Brodie Smith, Daniel Talia, Matthew Jaensch
C: Rory Sloane, Scott Thompson, David Mackay
HF: Sam Kerridge, Josh Jenkins, Charlie Cameron
F: James Podsiadly, Taylor Walker, Eddie Betts
R: Sam Jacobs, Patrick Dangerfield, Richard Douglas
I/C from: Matthew Wright, Andy Otten, Rory Laird, Jarryd Lyons, Brodie Martin, Mitch Grigg, Matt Crouch

IN: Andy Otten, Jarryd Lyons, Mitch Grigg
OUT: –


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  • What are the chances of Crouch keeping his spot?

    • I think his chances would be good. Adelaide had their best win of the year, generally sides aren’t changed after really good wins.

  • Gotta get rid of Lamb now, don’t know who to go to with limited options in the forward line- got 250k in the bank but still gotta upgrade Hickey next week. Should I go to Fasolo? Dunno. Cheers

    • Charlie Cameron or Tex Walker?

      • Already got tex, but I am not sure Charlie Cameron’s potential is high enough. I think I’ll go with Fas based on the fact he’s scored a ton and a few 70’s

      • Or Bews?

      • The fact that he got 79, despite kicking 0.4 and looking a bit rusty at times, makes him a great pick in my opinion. I can see him averaging between 80-90 for the rest of the year, he could potentially be a keeper as your 6th forward

        Worst case scenario he should at least make you 100 grand cash

    • Josh Jenkins if you do not have him…

  • Fasolo or Walker to replace Lloyd?

  • Rhys palmer, thoughts?

  • Stay away from palmer he is to inconsistent.

  • Dave Swallow out?

    • surely is just named on the bench

    • No he’ll play don’t worry. They had Prestia listed the same way last week

    • AFL Fantasy is confusing. It often gives a red light to Sunday players on the bench. No way known, short of injury, that Swallow won’t play.

      • They need to have a colour for extended bench, as opposed to emergency. Currently I have two players on the extended bench, plus Lloyd dropped.

        The site thinks that all three are out… lol

      • My team looks decimated because of these red lights, all I can do is hope for the best.

    • I doubt it.. but with my luck it would not surprise.

  • cunningham & lloyd to go now, dunstan lives

  • Sam Lloyd dropped is a slight kick in the guts.
    I’d be looking very strong this week if it wasn’t for Stevie J’s suspension.. sigh.

  • Premos are often named on bench. No biggy. Swallow will play. Stevie J ,Sam Lloyd, rough head , lecras, vlastiun big outs

  • That’s why I won’t ride the Stevie J wagon mate. Gets tagged out of games and usually rubbed out couple times a year. People can say what they want. But over the byes when points matter Stevie J owners will bank 28 points average from him for 2 weeks. And most teams are going
    to start tagging him over Selwood .

    • Not to mention he is bloody expensive :) I might get him in later in the year

    • But when it comes down to a 1v1 and you have 1 player left. He’d almost always be your first pic.

      Assuming no Crowley and Gazza isn’t unique.

      I see what you’re saying but his potential is just too great for me.

  • Shiels is back. Worth considering at 420k with a 97 avg? I had selwood coming in, but maybe the 80k could be spent elsewhere, on Simpson instead of jaensch maybe?

    So….shiels/Simpson or jelwood/jaensch?

  • Why wont it let me trade out robertson and bring in sam mitchell to my mid bench via dpp and bring in bews into defense?

  • Which one should I trade out of Suckling or Langdon to Bartel?. Thoughts appreciated. Thanks

    • Id be mindful of Langdons output when Fasolo has been in the team. Langdons avg drops to 64 with scores of 72, 52 56, 76. In saying that though, I wouldn’t be trading out Langdon yet with his Low BE.

    • Suckling IMO

  • I would go suckling, landon has been more consistent in recent weeks and he still has a low be.

  • Thanks guys

  • Yer I can’t DDP trade either on fantasy app. I’ll have to wait till tomoz arvo. I’m away working and only have phone. So hope its fixed in time. I’m trading cunningham for charlie Cameron (DDP Martin to mids) then Dunstan to jelwood. So hoped fixed in time.

  • Otherwise will be forced to trade out either Dempsey/ zorko or Nroo to make way for jelwood. But hopefully fixed in time. As I don’t wanna trade out any of them 3. Think zorko and Nroo will come good. The bye round popped up at good time for them.

  • My team

    Def: Swallow, Bartel, Hibberd, Suckling, Simpson, Shaw (Langdon, Langford)
    Mid: Ablett, Pendles, Macrae, Beams, Watson, Rockliff, Wright, Polec (Hallahan, Lloyd)
    R: Sandilands, Cox (Currie, Derickx)
    Fwd: Dangerfield, Martin, Zorko, Dahlhaus, Higgins, Cameron (Ambrose, Lloyd)

    Thoughts on Lloyd to Tex and Wright To bews? Easy opponent this week and a tough one next

    Leaves me with 560k for a double upgrade next week

  • Ive had to fix up other issues… Sam mitchell wasnt priority as he wasnt losing cash

  • should i get taylor walker or nathan bock