Jeppa’s Juniors – Round 9


Two down, one to go. We all hate the bye rounds but thankfully they are almost over. Swanny, Zorko and Rockliff were the big disappointments of Round 9 along with green vests to Crouch, Robinson and Kennedy-Harris. If you were one to have a bad week, spare a thought for a mate of mine who put the VC on Swanny and made Rockliff captain. No matter how bad it is, remember it could always be worse!

Looking ahead, a new wave of rookies have put their hand up in a time of need. Earnings and team depth should always be a priority thus the youngsters that we bring in at this point must be decent scorers that are playing a significant role on the field.

Three-Or-More Gamers


It was another epic performance from Tom Langdon (Def/Mid. $347,898, 20 be AF. $339,500, 0 be DT) last Thursday night and it could have been so much better. He was on a whopping 105 Fantasy points at three quarter time but unfortunately couldn’t add to his tally in the last. Langdon was still named in the bests for the Pies and it was justified given the amount of intercept marks he had as well as his countless pressure acts and run from defensive 50. I’m pretty confident that Langdon will come close to another ton against West Coast this weekend so expect more rapid earnings.

Dom Tyson (Mid. $411,910, 29 be AF. $414,700, 20 be DT) played the best game of his short career in the Dees big win over the Tigers. Not only was he wining the footy, linking up with teammates and delivering the ball lace out into forward 50, he was also laying tackles and kicking goals. In my opinion, Tyson was best on ground after his 15 kicks, 8 handballs, 9 marks, 3 tackles, 2 crucial goals and 112 Fantasy points. Those that showed faith in Tyson a few weeks back after he was subbed off for 46…well done!

Jake Lloyd (Mid. $226,080, 21 be AF. $245,900 DT, 37 be DT) is growing in confidence with every week that passes. He played his hard running midfield role to perfection against the Bombers and finished with 20 possessions, 7 marks, 6 tackles and 92 Fantasy points. Lloyd benefits greatly from having dominant teammates around him and with his current breakevens it makes sense to hold him but note that he’ll always be susceptible to the green vest especially with Tom Mitchell due to come in post bye. Lloyd’s teammate Tom Derickx (Ruc. $253,609, 15 be AF. $262,100, 22 be DT) has stood up in the absence of Swans No. 1 ruckman Mike Pyke. He had to deal with both Ryder and Bellchambers in Round 9 but competed very well to finish with a sound 70 Fantasy points. As good as he’s been, Derickx will likely be dropped in Round 11 when Pyke returns but I’d still hold him as backup because there are no other ruck rooks coming through.

Young Zac Merrett (Fwd. $269,027, -8 be AF. $254,900, 4 be DT) looked determined to perform from the first bounce last Friday night. He was in the thick of the action for most of the match and upstaged his older brother scoring 86 Fantasy points. If only he was playing this well in Rounds 1 and 2 when a few of us owned him. Conversely, Merrett’s teammate Patrick Ambrose (Fwd. $214,326, 10 be AF. $194,100, 3 be DT) started slow but was able to work his way into the contest. His 7 Fantasy points to quarter time had me worried but he rallied, presented strongly up the ground, got his hands on the footy and finished with a score of 72. His low breakevens in both Fantasy and Dreamteam means he’s a keeper but for not much longer.

Even when his team is being comprehensively beaten, Jack Billings, 76 (Fwd/Mid. $332,734, 51 be AF. $332,800, 47 be DT) still manages to produce a decent score. The skillful half forward leads up very well and is able to turn his opponents inside out. It is preferable to hold Billings given that he’s a reliable scorer but if a good upgrade option presents itself then don’t lose sleep trading him out. Lewis Taylor (Fwd/Mid. $279,560, 13 be AF. $272,200, 1 be DT) isn’t as reliable as Billings but he backed up his Round 8 score of 75 with an 87 in Round 9. Taylor’s efforts saw him rewarded with this week’s NAB Rising Star nomination and given his excellent job security, low breakevens and DPP status, his owners must hold him for a few weeks yet.


Sam Lloyd (Fwd. $286,531, 32 be AF. $246,600, -5 be DT) was pretty average against the Dees but still managed to score 71. After last week’s effort, one would assume Richmond is going to put in a more spirited performance against the Giants this upcoming round and I expect big things from Lloyd as a result.

Tom Cutler, 61 (Def. $223,027, 19 be AF. $200,700, -2 be DT) and Christian Salem, 33 (Mid. $199,925, 39 be AF & $171,600, 31 be DT) aren’t scoring well but I’d give them one more chance before hitting the trade button. They’ve had a relatively slow introduction to the AFL so hopefully vast improvement is forthcoming after their week off.

Those that own the injured Kade Kolodjashnij (Def. $349,197, 46 be AF. $328,800, 27 be DT), he’s listed as ‘test’ on the AFL’s current injury list thus I’d hold him for now because there is a little value left in him. We don’t yet know the extent of Blake Acres’ (Mid. $206,998, 49 be AF. $139,400, 24 be DT) ankle injury so avoid any knee jerk trades because he’s barely hard the chance to show us what he can do. The Saints timely bye means it’s likely he will be fresh for Round 11.


If I haven’t categorised a player from Round 9 under ‘Keepers’ or ‘Don’t Panic’ then trade them out as soon as you can but when appropriate!

Depending on your bye structure, it appears to be a good time to offload Luke Dunstan, 72 (Mid. $361,229, 71 be AF. $330,100, 59 be DT) and James Aish, 78 (Mid. $372,526, 74 be AF. $361,100, 71 be DT). Both have the Round 10 bye and after average performances last weekend they have little more to gain. Jay Kennedy-Harris, 30 (Fwd. $263,277, 67 be AF. $270,600, 78 be DT), Nick Robertson, 26 (Mid. $244,856, 73 be AF. $225,400, 99 be DT) and Matty Crouch, 20 (Mid. $331,360, 86 be AF. $297,300, 88 be DT) are also on thin ice after all copped the green vest in Round 9. With their earnings hitting a wall, it’s time to cash in.

Just quickly, son of a gun Luke McDonald (Fwd/Mid. $316,095, 67 be AF. $295,800, 73 be DT) is back in form after scoring 84 against a young Lions outfit. Even after such a great score, I’d still get rid of McDonald when you can. There is more to lose than to gain.

Bye Round Sleepers

Popular rooks that return from the week off include Jared Polec (Mid. $407,346, 68 be AF. $406,400, 65 be DT), Will Langford (Def/Mid. $276,757, 10 be AF. Def. $267,700, -14 be DT) and Mitch Hallahan (Mid. $216,273, -12 be AF. $221,300, -7 be DT). Langford and Hallahan will earn their owners a fair chunk of coin this round but Polec is close to topping out. Remember that after this week’s clash with the Hawks, Port face Melbourne and St Kilda so Polec could get a second wind like Dom Tyson!

Billy Hartung (Mid. $231,343, 25 be AF. $112,800, -63 be DT) will be a popular downgrade option for Dreamteam this week and rightly so. The Hawks have a host of injuries at the minute and fringe players like Hartung will need to step up. The Giants, West Coast and Carlton are Hawthorn’s opponents in the weeks proceeding Port Adelaide so Hartung should get a good run over the next month of footy. Fingers crossed he avoids the green vest!

Two Gamers

Cameron Shenton (Fwd/Mid. $159,167, -15 be AF. $147,500, -28 be DT) improved significantly last weekend. The hard-nosed defender stood up under pressure against the Suns, accumulated a respectable 22 possessions and was named in the Saints best players for the match. His score of 79 is hard to ignore especially with his dual position status. The way I see it, you can bring in Shenton as your M10 or F8 and switch him between both benches as required. He’s not the most skillful player going around but he should get plenty of opportunities this year with the Saints playing their youth. St Kilda has the bye this upcoming round so wait till next week before bringing him in.

Like many of his teammates, Kurt Aylett (Def. $140,340, 8 be AF. $119,200 -7 be DT) was pretty average against the Swans. He avoided the green vest but could only manage 9 touches, 5 marks, 4 tackles and an uninspiring 51 Fantasy points. It’s not panic stations for those that own him but given that Chappy and Winderlich are likely to return after Essendon’s bye, Aylett’s job security looks shaky.

One Gamers

In a time of need, youngster Jed Bews (Def. $134,742, -20 be AF. $119,200 DT) took his opportunities on debut. In the cauldron of Patterson Stadium and in Pav’s 300th game, he was incredibly composed for a first gamer. I was a big fan of Bews’ pressure acts, speed and efficient ball use. He finished the game with 15 possessions, 8 marks, 5 tackles and 84 Fantasy points, which is a big improvement from his VFL averages this year (6.8 k, 2.6h, 2.4m, 2.8t & 47fp). It’s Bews third year in the AFL system so he’s physically ready to make an impression. After seeing him in action, I’d feel comfortable picking him up in Fantasy this week but obviously wait another round before downgrading to him in Dreamteam.

Livewire Charlie Cameron (Fwd. $125,430, -5 be AF. $118,500 DT) is your typical small forward. A high turn of speed, constant forward 50 pressure and an excellent goal sense are his biggest weapons and he became a cult hero for the Crows after just one game. Against very good opposition in the Pies, Cameron finished with 13 possessions, 1 mark, 5 tackles, 1 goal and 62 Fantasy points. His efforts will see him hold his spot this week but I see him as a player prone to the green vest therefore his scores are likely to mimic a rollercoaster ride.

Ben Lennon (Fwd. $219,211, 42 be AF. $157,800 DT) started in the green vest but it’s easy to see why he was picked up early in last year’s draft. On debut against the Dees, his skills stood out and he reads the play like a 10-year veteran. Lennon came on early in the third quarter and joined the exclusive club of kicking a goal with his first kick in the AFL. He finished the game with 44 Fantasy points from 46% time on ground, which is pretty decent. I suspect he’ll avoid the green vest this week against GWS and score 70 plus.

In his first home and away match in over a year, Claye Beams (Mid. $187,560, 28 be AF. $198,800 DT) made a reasonable return to AFL ranks. The Lions were absolutely spanked by the Roos and as a result, it was pretty hard for Beams to make an impression. He tried hard but could only manage 12 possessions, 2 marks, 5 tackles, 1 goal and 62 Fantasy points which is less than I’d like for a player of this price. On the plus side, job security is no issue for Beams, as long as he stays injury free. With cheaper options in Bews and Cameron available and Lennon looking more dominant for around the same price, I’d stay clear of the more expensive Beams at this stage.

Aiden Riley, 44 (Mid. $135,251, 22 be AF. $152,300 DT) and Alex Sexton, 28 (Mid. $151,483, 31 be AF. $199,400 DT) didn’t do much to excite potential owners. Riley looks unfit to me hence maybe why he was red vested and Sexton had limited game time after starting the day in green. With other juicier options available, I’d stay away from these two.

Keep Your Eye On

Brisbane, Melbourne and St Kilda are three teams that have looked to their youth this season. Unfortunately, these teams all have the bye this week and as a result there is not much excitement by way of new comers.

Mason Wood (Fwd. $135,900, 45 be AF & $119,200 DT) is unstoppable in the VFL. He’s been named in Werribee’s bests for three consecutive weeks after averaging 11.7 kicks, 4.7 handballs, 9 marks, 3.3 tackles, 3.7 goals and 108 Fantasy points. For a key forward he does it all, problem is who do you drop from the Kangaroos lineup? He may play but I can’t see him holding his spot in the long term.

After two knee reconstructions in two years, Alex Woodward (Mid. $115,200, 38 be AF & $119,200 DT) could make his long awaited debut this weekend against the Power. He’s strongly built, loves the contested ball and is good overhead. Again, job security is a concern especially since fellow Hawk youngsters in Hallahan and Hartung were named ahead of him in previous rounds.

Note that Nathan Bock (Fwd. $135,900, 45 be AF & $180,300 DT) missed last weekend’s reserves game due to a leg complaint so we’ll need to be a little more patient. With all the Suns’ talls flying at the minute, it will be interesting to see whom Bluey McKenna drops for his vice captain.

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  • Awesome as usual Jeppa. What do you know about Miles from Richmond? Heard he has been tearing up VFL?

    • +1 he was just elevated from the rookie list as well

      • Yep. Miles will play this Round but he’s too expensive. I wouldnt spend $279k Fantasy & $250 RDT for someone likely to get the green vest although there is potential for him to score 90+

        If he does well, I’ll cover him next week.

  • Love it Jep, great work.

  • Love it Jeppa, great as always!
    Option 1:
    Merrett to tex
    Montagna to jelwood

    Option 2:
    Merrett to boomer
    Shaw to bews

  • Nice work Jeppa, do you think Bock will be a better than 50% chance of playing this week? It seems he has been in the best players in the reserves for ever. I just read the “In The Mix’ article on and no mention of Bock returning. I know you mentioned a knee complaint, is it anything serious?

  • Great work jeppa, i want to get rid of tyson for jelwood, is it worth waiting another 2 weeks for his price rise or can i trade him now?

    • I traded out Dom Tyson. If it wasn’t bye rounds I probably would of kept him, but because he has a bye this week I traded him a bit earlier than I might of than if it was a normal round.

      I want to increase the amount of players playing whilst still upgrading/downgrading rookies, so I upgrade/downgrade bye rookies where possible, even if this means trading someone a week or two early

    • Its a win lose situation. Win cause you get an upgrade, lose because he’ll earn a few dollars with his current be’s. Long term he’s not a keeper so dont lose sleep getting rid of him.

  • Top effort again Jeppa.
    Which one of these do I trade out this week – Dunstan or Billings (Zorko to Jelwood is my other trade)? I’m leaning to Dunstan.

    • I’m leaning towards Dunstan too

    • Billings gives you more flexibility as a DPP

    • get rid of dunstan doubt he will score over 80 for rest of year he has topped out in value so trade trade trade and i will be keeping zorko kid is a jet and had gastro on the weekend give the guy a break all premos will burn you sometime i have learned rage trading always bites you in the ass later when they go bang.

  • Another informative article, Jeppa.

    What are your thought on Salem and Griffiths?

    I’ve locked in a Robertson -> J Selwood trade for my side, and the two above are the top options for me to trade out with the second trade. Griffiths has the benefit of playing this week, but he is a high risk of being dropped and is close to being maxed out. Whereas Salem has the bye, but has more upside going forwards – he wasn’t overly impressive last week though.

    My side after one trade:
    Swallow, Suckling, Enright, Langdon, Langford, Griffith (Hibberd [B], McVeigh [B])
    Ablett, Pendlebury, Beams, J Selwood, Swan, Polec, Hallahan (Watson [B], J Lloyd [B], Salem [B])
    Jacobs, Currie (Sandilands [B], Derickx [B])
    Dangerfield, Dahlhaus, Martin, Higgins, S Lloyd (Parker [B], Ambrose [B], Zorko [B])

    That’s 19 players for this week + Currie if he’s miraculously selected. Enough to consider trading out Griffiths for someone like Kelly if I choose to trade him out ahead of Salem.

  • Who to trade out to Bews Jeppa (Or anyone else if they want to add something)?

    Billings or Polec? I have 21 playing if I trade out Billings and 333k left, but 20 playing if I trade out Polec but 407k left (could do a double upgrade next week). However, Billings has more cash to make (might reach 380-400k if I’m lucky) and has the dpp link that could make him useful. I also feel that Billings is quite useful as a fwd option compared to polec as a midfield option. I’m thinking of trading Polec if I have enough players playing this week, thoughts? Or should I maybe trade Billings?

    • Polec can get you a ton where Billings cant. In saying that I like that you can double upgrade next week if you get rid of Polec. Id trade Polec in this instance.

    • Thanks Jeppa. That was what I was thinking, just wanted verification from the rookie master :)

    • Also, something I might add, trading Billings means benching langdon, trading polec allows me to field Langdon for next week. Definitely trading Polec now depending on the teams

  • Great work Jeppa amazing read!
    Is it worth trading L.Taylor > Dahlhaus and having 19 or Crouch > Dahlhaus and having 18? Or possibly even trading Billings to give 19?

  • Love your work Jeppa, most important article every week without doubt
    Which rooks do you think are the most important to get in the next few rounds out of bews, Cameron, hartung and shenton?

  • Great work as usual Jep. Just one suggestion (to spoon feed us peasants a little more), can you do a “top 5 downgrade options” list each week? Kind of like what Calvin does with his captain choices. I know it’s probably making life too easy for us, but it would be great to know exactly which rookies you rate higher than others.

    • Really? Cmon, surely the time and effort Jeppa puts in for us is already more than enough.

      • In fairness to Grant it’s not a bad suggestion and he did start by complimenting Jeppa not criticising

    • Ive thought about it before but if i spell it out then many will trend accordingly.
      Id rather give you the stats, info and subtle hints and let you make the call.

  • Thinking this week

    Imp out for Cameron
    Merrit out for Tex
    Cutler out for Bews

    Then upgrading JKH, Mcdonald, Robertson, Dunstan the week after

  • Great stuff Jeppa.

    Wright > C.Cameron
    Crouch > Dangerfield or J. Selwood ???

    Was thinking I could move Danger to FWD’s and get rid of N.Riewoldt next week for another gun mid?

    Anyone know Dangerfield and J.Selwoods BE’s ?

  • Had the C on Rocky, and the VC on Montagna. I know what pain feels like!

    • Oh and great article as always BTW!

    • That’s just bad luck, rocky screwed a lot of people this week with swan/stevie j/ montagna vice captain
      I’m going to keep calm and lock Ablett from now on, only gone under 119 once

  • what is it with every one jumping off top premos they are premos for a reason thats why you selected them in the first place and tho they may have a few down games they will nearly always come good bar a select few so why burn trades getting rid of them you will only end up trading them back in or kickin your own ass for trading them when they go bang again and you have other priorities and cant get them back into your side.


    • Fark me that is a long sentence.

    • My first thought was punctuation.

      What is it with every one jumping off top premos? They are premos for a reason. That’s why you selected them in the first place and though they may have a few down games they will nearly always come good, bar a select few. So why burn trades getting rid of them? You will only end up trading them back in or kicking your own ass for trading them, when they go bang again and you have other priorities and can’t get them back into your side.

      Mind you, I do agree with you.

    • sorry guys did not realize every one got on here to correct other peoples punctuation. maybe some of us on here care more about footy related topics then we do bothering with our punctuation. instead of trying to correct every one why not try giving some footy related advice cos this is actually DT TALK not not ABC for adults.

  • Jep – I don’t want to blow smoke up your ass but this article is compulsive reading and has helped my DT efforts no end.
    Love your work and thanks for all of your help throughout the year.

  • Thoughts on getting Nahas in for one week for possible pricerise?

    His Breakeven this week is -11 ?

    Does anyone know charlie Camerons BE?

    Thoughts on any other forward that could get me a possible 15K this week?


    • Cameron’s BE is -5 and he should make that 15k, shenton might make the 15k as well. Don’t know what his BE is tho

    • That’s true, there’s no one else, really, Karnezis in in contention to play but the first price rise isn’t much and I’ll doubt he’ll rise 15k

      • Thanks for the suggestions, Nahas’ BE of -11 is hard to go by, only thing is whether Cameron gets the Vest or not

  • Hey jeppa, great read mate.

    Was thinking of getting rid of cotch and keeping polec this week… polec should score well in the next few weeks and I think cotch will not a keeper.

    also do you think bews will be safe? Geelong will look to stop their slide and will most probably field their best side in the upcoming weeks. How good is his JS?

    Cheers in advance.

  • Hey jeppa, Charlie Cameron or Robin Nahas in for Gary Rohan? And Bews or someone else in for Laidler?

  • Great read Jeppa,

    Wondering if going from tyson to J.Selwood.



  • Want a premo forward coming off the bye look no further than Robbie Gray. $482,848 fwd/mid who in the past five weeks has got scores of 120, 115, 96, 113 and 99 with an average of 94.5 and a last 5 round average of 108.6.

    Must have in my oppinion.

  • opinion*

  • Great read Jeppa
    Is it worth keeping both polec and tyson

  • Any sign of Honeychurch?
    I got cheeky and jumped the gun and brought him in in a cash grab when there weren’t any cheap rooks…

  • 1st trade Hickey to jacobs
    2nd trade robertsan to bews via barrel dpp leaving me with 123k
    rioli to walker leaving me with141k

    whichever trade i don’t do this week i will do next week


    • Keep Bartel in the backline. Do you have Langdon or Langfield that you can switch instead? Otherwise, Rioli to Tex.

  • 72 & 78 average performances?

  • Tyson > Griff .. pretty much a straight swap. Thoughts?

    • i would keep tyson for a few more weeks

    • I’d like to see more from Griff. 15 tackles last week is insane and inflates his score and you’re not going to see that every week.

  • You’re a legend Jepp. Definitely the most important article each week as the season goes on. Kudos to you!

    Bews comes in for me this week if he avoids the green vest. His profile in the Prospectus doesn’t do him any favours so hopefully last week wasn’t just a flash-in-the-pan. Charlie Cameron comes in next week if he impresses again. Cheers mate.

  • Hi Guys, I have made 2 trades this week. Any suggestions:

    Paul Chapman>>> Brent Harvey
    Lachie Hunter>> Taylor Walker

    Are these good trades??????? Still have 215,000 in the bank. Any suggestions would be great.

  • No mention of Brodie Martin Jeppa? Think he almost has better JS than Bews, plus pumped a 76 or something on the weekend.

    • I dont rate him Elliott. Jaensch and Smith are killing it at half back and Crows mids rotate through half forward…no set position for him

  • Cheers Jeppa. I’m wondering should I downgrade Crouch to Bews, or N Riewoldt to Hartung? I’m reluctant to admit defeat with Reiwoldt, but I would have to trade him out ahead of Crouch to get enough cash for Hartung.

  • Can someone explain how to get a DPP midfielder into your forward line without having to use another DPP forward in Fantasy? I can’t work out a system for it seems to be random for me.

    • Trade a forward out. Click the S on the midfielder you want to move forward. Trade in another mid

  • whos a better pick up cameron or lennon ???? suggestions/ oppinions .

    • Cameron for price
      Lennon for scoring potential
      Both seem to have ok JS for the moment. Lennon should avoid vest this week with Miles playing and it being v GWS. Cameron is always a chance for vest. I went Lennon last week but majority of people are going Cameron for the extra cash

      • yeah cheers ive gone lennon worried bout cameron getting vested just hope lennon has a good game and avoids the vest from here on .

  • What are gws going to do with o’rourke?

    Number 2 Draft pick and looks nothing like afl standard?

  • Hey jeppa next week im going to have 181k to upgrade Langdon and my team will be complete and i’m going to downgrade Langford to beams so il have 281k but next week should i go Langdon to Goddard or J.Selwood or go rocky but if i trade for Goddard or J. Selwood i can upgrade next week for Higgans to simpson thoughts on what i should do thanks jeppa

  • Trading out Daniher and Georgiou this week. Who should I get out of Charlie Cameron, Bews, Nahas and B Martin? Cheers.

  • Thoughts on rhys palmer?

  • Hey jeppa what do you think of kane mitchell? 113 for his first game of the season and is named again?

  • Jake Lloyd or Cameron Shenton as a cash cow?