Bad Timing – Ep. 10, round ten

It seems that we’re all copping some bad luck throughout the byes… the timing couldn’t have been any worse. Roy, Calvin and Warnie discuss the round just gone and they look ahead to the last of the challenging bye rounds.

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  • Why has tex’s price dropped in fantasy when he went over his BE ?

    • no idea

    • His breakeven was actually higher, but wasn’t updated on site to reflect that. FanHub are working on making sure there are much more accurate in the future however no matter what game you’re playing, breakevens are a guide only.

      • Yes, spot on.

        In addition, you might ask why his BE was that high? – certainly higher than 79 (probably around 85-95 for his price to have dropped 6K.

        This is due to the truncated score he got in his previous game due to injury. If you look much closer at Tex’s stats, FanHub says his 3-round average is low, around the 50 mark. It seems quite obvious a chunk his recent scores (3-round ave, 5-round ave) were factored into establishing his current BE – including games played more than 12 months ago.

        The good thing now is that he is expected to rise in price next week, if he scores another 79.

      • Is there anything on the internet that fully explains the pricing and breakeven formulas? I’m still baffled by lots of it.

      • Jelwood or Dangerfield Warnie??

  • Hey guys what are your thoughts on
    Rohan to Cameron
    Robertson to Jelwood

  • who should i trade out matthew wright or zorko i know zorko has the bye but can i afford another drop in price from wright?

    • wright for sure zorko had gastro

      • have you thought of bringing in jamie elliott should kill it over the run home collingwood have a pretty good run home

  • I too traded Tyson when had a couple of poor scores Roy. But I also did it to Langdon! It’s so hard watching them ton up each week.

  • Great work lads!
    Not really relevant atm but would love to hear your thoughts: what about not having fantasy over rnd 1? It is usually a hassle with partial lockouts and the free hit didnt seem to be popular. Also allows everyone the chance to enjoy watching a weekend of footy without checking fantasy scores every 2min. Nab cup form can be a bit deceiving and i found this year having that one week to look at rookies and what not was invaluable (ignoring the free hit). My squad at the start of the season was much better compared to RDT where you are still guessing to a degree at the start.
    What do you (and anyone else) think?

    • Good thing about next year is that it’s likely to be a normal one weekend round one! Phew! Free hit wasn’t ideal at all.

    • I Like the free hit, there may be a bit of luck involved in it but for those that put in the time and research over the pre season it pays off.

      • i didn’t mind it either… it was just the numerous partial lockouts over 2 weekends which made it a pain

  • thanks for a great pod cast once again guys, who was hammering in the background?, it was really off putting.

  • what do you guys think of going zorko to Harvey, and then getting zorko back in a couple of weeks for walker after hes topped out

  • my first trade is hickey (injured,bye) to jacobs leaving me with 13k
    What should my second trade be:

    Rioli (injured) to walker leaving me with 141k
    robertsen (bye) to bews via bartel DPP leaving me with 123k

    which ever trade i don’t do this week i will do next week


  • Great work boys!
    Warnie, what is your overall rank in fantasy?

  • Great listen boys!
    Will be fielding 19 this week.
    Two trades If K.Kolodasnij plays are:
    Tyson < J.Selwood
    J.Merret < Dangerfield

  • Cunningham > Jelwood (locked in)

    Roo or Zorko > Danger?

  • Gordon > Bews Via Langford DPP
    JKH > Cameron
    346k left


    Gordon > Bews Via Langdon DPP
    Langdon > Ebert
    3k left

    My midfielders are
    Beams, Pendles, Swan, Watson, Cotchin, Jelwood, Goddard

  • Hey Calvin – Don’t think Patrick Dangerfield plays footy
    In reference to your ins and outs

  • Polec > Ablett
    Watson > Jelwood or ollie wines to Jelwood?

    mids are: Stevie j, pendles, beams, swan, watson, cotchin, polec, ollie

    i have 486k to spare.. Polec to ablett is definitely happening. not sure about the other one though. thanks.

    • Watson is best if you need bye scores
      The Polec Wines quiz – Id keep Wines
      Still watch Crotchin – injury niggle? Ankle?

  • Any thoughts Dunstan > Ward & JMerrett > Tex
    Other mids Tyson/Wines/Martin/Hallahan/Polec/Rocky/Watson/Swan/DBeams
    310k to pounce next week on the Polecat and DPP Martin fwd

    • id do merrett to tex.. seems like an obvious trade there i reckon.. a riskier one could be charlie cameron which could pay off.

      dont know about ward though. how about selwood?

      • Cheers you guys. Allergy to Selwood cause I mistimed it and traded him just prior to bye. Will look at Goddard for next round for sure. Trouble being I still one of few without Gaz or SJ… Too much POD.

    • i’ve been liking ward for a while now, since before that 160. but with selwood and goddard for simliar/less cash, i’d be going one of those two.

  • D: McVeigh, Simpson, Swallow, Suckling, Langdon, Hibberd (Langford, R Shaw)
    M: Ablett, Beams, Pendles, Watson, Murphy, Polec, Tyson, Rockliff (Crouch, Hallahan)
    R: Jacobs, Sandi (Currie, Derickx)
    F: Danger, Parker, Zorko, Dahlhaus, S Lloyd, Gray (Bock, Cameron)

    Overall rank: 250

    any expert trade advice?

    first thoughts are:
    1) Zorko > Tex
    2) Crouch > Jelwood

    leaving $62k in the bank
    any better options than these 2???

    will leave me with 19 players this week possibly 20

  • I’m gonna take advantage of having some decent rookie options up forward and back.

    OUT: JKH, Ashby (master stoke right there…)
    IN: Cameron, Bews

    Got $300K in the bank, gonna upgrade Crouch and Lloyd (Rich) next week.

  • Well Rodney Dangerfield doesn’t play footy. He plays golf!

  • please please please remove griff from the twitter feed on the home page. no dream team, no relevancy, no funny

  • Good Afternoon,

    I am need of some quite serious assistance on a personal level and was hoping that someone with experience in this area might be able to help.

    I believe need to speak with a psychologist specializing in the field of “dream team related mental illnesses”, I come to this forum hoping that others who have had periods of Dreamteam angst might have in the past sought professional help and be able to make a recommendation.

    As a way of background, I went into last weekend’s game on 8 points and much needing a win in a very competitive league (top 100). Heading into the Sunday I simply needed Arces + Swallow + Montagna to outscore Ablett by 40 points, with the game clearly in the bag I had a celebratory wristy and thought I would spend some quality time with my family away from Dreamteam management duties.

    Fast forward to half time and realising the win was looking very precarious, I threw my child in the car seat and sped away from the park swings ASAP to provide that half time motivational talk and encourage the boys to get the job done.

    It was to no avail and I lost by 2 points.

    I didn’t sleep on Sunday night and after chatting about my situation with friends yesterday I was hopeful that I would be able to move forward but it is proving much more difficult than I first thought.

    I constantly consider the “could have should have” scenarios in my head and just can’t believe the useless pr$%ks couldn’t get the job done, I check the Dreamteam website on an hourly basis thinking that this is a mistake, I am in denial.

    It is time to seek professional help.

    I am based in Perth but am willing to fly anyway in the world for quality advice and guidance so would appreciate any feedback.

    Kind regards,


    • Haha quality Damo

    • I hear your pain. I thinks the wristys, a couple of stiff shots, maybe a hash pipe and talking with ya mates is all I can suggest. It doesn’t work for me but you never know. Just toughen up and trade out or bench those clowns that let u down… that helps a little.

    • Some very nice work Damo!
      Maybe there needs to be a new segment every week “Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory!”, and the winner each week gets the ‘Damo award’

  • Ok fellas, I need some help. Had some bad luck with a few players and need some advice for trades.
    My team as following:
    DEF: Burgoyne, Bartel, Swallow, Suckling, Langdon, Langford, Laidler and Aylett
    MID: Ablett, S.Johnsons, Pendleburry, Beams, Swan, Fyfe, Murphy, Cotchin, M.Crouch and Hallahan
    RUCK: Jacobs, Sandilands, Naismith and Currie
    FWD: N.Riewoldt, Dangerfield, Martin, Zorko, Lloyd, Billings, Kennedy-Harris and Honeychurch
    I have $74,359 remaining salary and looking at trading Riewoldt, Zorko or maybe Swan. Or possibly upgrading one of my defenders or forwards. Any advice?

    • Zorko > Tex and Swan > Luke Parker or Josh P Kennedy?
      I don’t care about the bye rounds either.

      • dont trade swan !!!!!!!

      • Centres look ok. Keep Swan. Keep an eye on Crotchin ankle injury.
        Not sure on Roo looks nackered More concerned on D6 & F6 than mids
        Roo > Tex
        1 defence hawk to Simpson (be 66) or Hodge (be 61)

        • Thanks for the advice guys. So far my trades will be Riewoldt > Tex and Langford > Simpson. I’ll wait on Cotchin’s injury update before locking in these trades.

  • Current team in AFL Fantasy:

    D: J Bartel, D Swallow, C Enright, T Langdon, B Griffiths, J McVeight (M Hibberd, A Georgiou)
    M: S Johnson, G Ablett, D Beams, S Pendlebury, S Gibson, T Cotchin, J Polec, B Hartung (M Hallahan, J Lloyd)
    R: S Jacobs, D Currie (A Sandilands, F Thurlow)
    F: P Dangerfield, D Martin, J Gunston, J Jenkins, S Lloyd, P Ambrose (L Parker, G Rohan)

    Last week did J Merrett -> P Dangerfield & M Suckling -> J Bartel (quite happy with the results)

    Not sure what to do this week. Got $160k in the bank

    Wondering if I should trade out S Johnson J & or Polec? Maybe bring in Swan maybe Heppell next week? Rohan -> Bock? Probably better to hold on to Johnson?

  • Another tough one, would you guys do Roo > Boomer/Dahlhaus or Georgiou > Bews? Already had the cash to go Crouch > Selwood with other trade. cheers

    • Although roo to Dahl/boomer would be luxury you’d probably get more points going georgiou to bews

    • Both satisfy the bye dilemma. Georgio is a crab but Bews may have JS issues too
      – maybe if you need the 40k+ and a better cow.
      I think Roo has a tough run coming and Boomer slightly easier than Dahl.
      Roo has niggles and their midfield will not dominate in rds 11-13 with Magpies, Port and Cats. Consider buy back in rd 14 then they have Eagles tigers and Blues.

  • Georgiou to Bews. Next!

  • Can you please please please get rid of griff on the twitter update on the right of this page? Why is he even on there, not funny and bordering weird tweets of nothing. I love checking them but all of a sudden there’s 3 or 4 in a row and i cringe every time!

  • Thoughts on getting Nahas in for one week for possible pricerise?

    His Breakeven this week is -11 ?

    Does anyone know charlie Camerons BE?

    Thoughts on any other forward that could get me a possible 15K this week?


  • 1st trade Hickey to jacobs
    2nd trade robertsan to bews via barrel dpp leaving me with 123k
    rioli to walker leaving me with141k

    whichever trade i don’t do this week i will do next week