Round 9 Lockout Chat

lockoutDiscuss the round as it progresses in the comments. Post your scores at the completion of games but be sure to indicate how many players have played, including your captain. Follow the live scores all weekend via Chad’s DT Live website.

luxbetpuntAFL Fantasy Punt is back!

Very much like Match Day, but with prizes based on a competition pool – ie. betting like on lotto. – you can pick a side, enter it with a $10 entry fee and if you’re in the top few, you take home cash prizes.

The round game locks out before the first game of the round, but for the single match day games it just needs to before they start. This week we have Crows v MagpiesBombers v Swans (FRIDAY FREE ENTRY!) and Dockers v Cats.

Sign up to a Luxbet account by clicking here and then head over to the AFL Fantasy Punt website to log in and pick your sides.

18+ and gamble responsibly.


  • 1489/16
    With Ablett, Swallow and Riewoldt to come. Should lose Zorko’s 14.

  • 1513 with Ablett (not C), montagna and swallow to come. Dropped out merretts 44 and zorkos 14! Aiming for 1800

  • I was sitting nicely with 21 on field in SC and RDT this week, should’ve won all head-to-heads comfortably.. Enter Crouch, Zorko and Stevie J.. I may as well have only had 18.

    I’ve brought in Zorko, Reiwoldt and J.Merret when they were all doing very well, and all of them suddenly started scoring 30-40’s.
    I have zero luck, and I absolutely jynx players (not superstitious.. it’s clearly true)

    F*cking SICK of it.

    • Omfg Acres subbed on very late and then injured for 2 points.. See what I mean? F*ck this f*cking bullsh*t!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anyone know if Mumford is likely to be back next week?

  • Crouch, Zorko, Robertson, Swan over here. Just waiting for Captain Joey to spud it up now.

    • I see your Crouch/Zorko/Robbo and raise you Crouch, Zorko, Robbo, JKH and Stevie J.

      • I raise you Robertson, Crouch, Zorko, Cunningham, Stevie J (and probably Riewoldt).

  • Can anyone explain why Nathan Bock is still playing reserves? He has been playing reserves for about a month, was B.O.G. last game, and in the best players in the few weeks before that as well, apparently.

    I can’t find any information as to why he hasn’t come in. I know he is coming back from an injury but surely 4 games and a B.O.G. proves his fitness…

    He would be a very handy downgrade option!

    • probably cause they’re winning and hard to drop anyone. I’ve had him since Round 1 and kept patience. hopefully back very soon!

  • A small aside, I have been focusing on RDT/HS Supercoach & have been asked a (suppress mocking laugh) Fanhub question: Is there an eliminator competition this year?

  • Fyfe, Gibson or Kennedy?
    Fyfe is a consistent 110 player yet Gibson may get an occasional 120/130 and kennedys last two weeks have been 140.
    I am looking for a consistent 110-120 player who will get that score very week.
    Thoughts or other players?

    • I like Gibson. Kennedy’s good too. Freo players frustrate me. They look good but seem to under-score.

    • Fyfe can be quite volatile. Still learning to deal with a strong tag and can go missing for chunks of the game. Prone to the occasional 70. I’ve been tempted by him (and picked him) over the last couple of years but feel he is more of a SC player.
      Don’t really know enough about Gibson but seems to be getting it done each week and a handy POD
      Favourite of them is Kennedy in great form. It may be a little late to jump on though as he has already jumped in price quite a bit. And he hasn’t had his bye yet so be wary

      • Fyfe has played in 7 games this season for 5 x100+ sores 95 and a subbed off 60 odd at 3q time
        Last season in 22 games scored in 70s only 3 times without going below
        So only 3 “occasional” scores in 70s in past 29 including only 1 time under 70
        Would hardly say volatile
        No massive ceiling but very consistent
        A great pick for fantasy IMO only getting better

    • they will all be prone to the occasional tag but i reckon the better long term fantasy player is JPK.

  • I hate to be a complete tool amongst all the whinging but I’m on 1950 with three still to play….#lovingbyeround2

    • yeah that’s an alright score i guess…

    • remember it’s best 18 xoxo

      • I’ve only got 20 playing, with cunningham (45) and Cutler (61) plus Dunstan to come…in good hands i thinks

    • Nice work. I’m guessing you didn’t have Rocky as the your captain…. FM….Fantasy?

      • Nah forgot to change Watson out from last week….wasn’t exactly a hit to the kidneys i can tell you

    • Whoa!!!! One of the better bye scores. Congrats.

    • how the farrrrrk do you have such a high score this week?!?!

      overall rank?

      • Don’t even start. but i got lucky. forward line is Harvey, Martin, Dangerfield, Parker, Ambrose and LLoyd

  • I’m looking to pick up either Jelwood or Ryan Griffen next week. Both are fallen premiums with signs of returning to greatness. Griffen is 80k cheaper but a bigger risk. Thoughts?

  • Yeah so this week my rage is directed at Brenton Sanderson and Justin Leppistch….

    Sanderson why did you give Crouch 10 mins on field? Give him a quarter at least please!!!
    Leppitsch…. What are you doing man?! Half your team is struck down by Gastro and you decide to let us know after Friday, and you still play Zorko?

    I had Ambrose’s 72 on the bench, but no, Zorko’s <25 was much preferable to you, you idiot….meanwhile you leave Zorko on for 3 quarters? He got like 3 touches.

    Crouch, Robertson, Stevie J, Rocky (C), Zorko, McVeigh…. ARGH!

  • Think it may be time for Fantasy and RDT to follow Supercoach and have full time partial lockout’s right up until the start of the game?

    • I disagree, it’s a part of the game and the same for everyone
      Also, it would disadvantage coaches who have better things to do than sit in front of the computer (or constantly check phone) all weekend. Personally, I prefer making changes during the week, then not have to worry about my DT on the weekend

    • Nah

    • They were initially last year… But everyone protested so it stayed the same

  • @Benjo
    Sam Gibson for me.
    JPK in great form but has never averaged more than 101 for a season (next best 91).
    Fyfe playing amazing footy but gets the tag every week.
    Gibson averaging 27 touches and 7 marks a game, he is the elite runner at north so finds plenty of space.

    • Gibson relies so much on outside ball that if it’s wet or he’s tagged he will be lucky to get 75.

  • Nice work Massimo!
    Good to see someone getting some joy this week!

  • Is Montel getting tagged?

  • So I come into the bye round fielding 20 players, meaning two scores will drop out. Who would have thought that my two highest averaging players (Rocky and SJ would drop out?) I understand Rocky didnt play, but honestly SJ like wtf? The most expensive player in the game and you scored my shittest and my team didnt even score that well in the first place.

    Looking at 1750-1800.

    Anyone else in the same boat? Having your best two players not count

  • Monty (c) has killed my week.

    Never going against GAJ again, ever.

  • Polec or Tyson to jelwood

    • Tyson has his second wind, so I’d say Polec.

      Imma do Polec to Jelwood too.

      Or possibly Crouch.

  • Perfect week to start a bowls league, you’ll have takers left, right and centre!
    You’d have to put the (C) on Robbie Parella.

  • Was looking awesome before the north Brisbane game, enter rocky and why the hell did zorks play, I’d prefer a zero honestly than a $30 to $40 thousand drop in price!

    My score was 1451/14 with rockliff zorko captain ablett and swallow to come, was looking pretty good for 1850 plus now will be lucky to get 1700!

    Grrrrrrrrrr, how hard is it to let people know there is a gastrointestinal breakout in the club???

    Only thing that maybe went my way was picking rockliff over stevie??

  • I’ve heard the old ablett never again to many times lol. I only not had him once this season as cappo and that’s cause cotchs loophole. U pay megabucks for ablett. So why have him if u don’t have as captain. Safe points better than risky

    • You’re spot on, but looking at Ablett’s history v the Saints plus the likelihood of a Curren tag I figured this was the week to roll the dice…I only hope the Son of God can forgive me.

  • @Lukey85 You called it mate, “just waiting for Montagna (c) to spud it up”. What a round hey!? Can’t wait to do some rage trading.

    • Yep, even had $5 on him for most touches. Ticket went straight to the chook coop halfway through the first quarter!

  • This comp is a debacle. Pre lockout I picked Stevie j as capt but didn’t save it and as the Friday game started it resorted back to ablett. At first I was annoyed but then remembered that he would be tagged by Crowley so thought it was a blessing in disguise.
    All weekend it has had the c on Ablett until after the freo cats when suddenly I get Johnson’s score
    Sort ur stuff out fantasy this is a joke. I never saved it

  • I Love Gary

  • Swallow is a gun. surprised he’s only 45% owned. With the lack of star defenders under $300k, if you have the cash i don’t understand why you wouldn’t get swallow.

    The amount of carnage this round is crazy, hopefully there’s nothing as major in store next round. Can’t wait for the byes to be over!!

    • He has dropped off a bit, I think he was averaging over 100 at one stage. Even so, agreed a very solid guy to have in your team. Also, even though his average dropped off his ‘bad’ games were still 70-80

  • cmon riewoldt have a last quarter like last week

  • Seriously Montagna… WTF?!?!!!

  • Stevie J, Zorko, Crouch, JKH, Robertson, Acres.. F-M-D-T!!

  • Well done Montagna, lost my most competitive league match by 3 points. You freaking muppet!

  • anybody looking at getting in jed bews this week? im also going zorko to boomer.. bring zorko in averaging 97, then averages 50 for me, what a joke

  • My side has way too many reverse rookies. Players who start at a premium price and hack their way to a rookie price!

  • Time to vent! Really annoyed i didn’t listen to my gut feeling and trade Zorko for Martin. Instead i went Ambrose to Cameron. Ambrose went up $30k and Cameron only $10k – how does that work?? Now Zorko loses $35k due to his gastro – FML

    Was ranked 77 but now down to 250 overall. good trades needed to keep in touch with Bye R10 coming up.