Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 9


With all our stars returning this week, scores will be better and there will be less pressure when selecting your captain. Click here to read full captains article on

Either way it’s still going to be a tricky week with some of our stars being targetted with tags. So make sure you check out the full artcile written on the AFL web site! It’s a cracker. (HERE)


This week we do have a LOOP HOLE option due to the partial lock-out in Thursday night’s game.

Simply place your VC on someone in the game and if you like their score, you can put your ‘C’ on a non-playing player before lockout on Friday night. This will mean that the VC replaces your C and doubles the score.

Make sure this player in starting on your field and make sure you have an emergency selected to replace this zero as well if you can.

If you DON’T like the score then go ahead and select a captain as you normal would.

Players who are in the BYE for this week can be selected as a non-playing player. They will score zero making them the perfect option to carry the ‘C’ if you do end up liking the VC score. This is true for all forms of Fantasy football from RDT, SC and AF.

NOTE: The original term ‘Loop Hole’ was created by DT Talk many years ago and now copied by many. Just another way we are shaping the future of Fantasy :)


Personally, If my VC scores 120pts, I keep it. Points in the bank are worth an extra 20 I believe. You can’t predict injuries so remember, it’s a free hit. Let us know your thoughts with the poll below.

AFL Fantasy: Trade or Hold Zorko?

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Got nothing better to do then check our my favourite pirate song right here


  • Should i trade this week-
    Polec- sam gibson, stevie j, swanny (have pendles and beams) or any other recommendations
    Jed lamb- bock, charlie cameron then get tex in next week for jackson merret to see how his return goes?

    • I had the same scenario (already have Pendles & Beams) except I was trading out Dunstan. I went for Gibson (POD) plus if Collingwood have a bad game(s) the potential is if you trade in Swan all 3 could potentially score badly.

      I also think J Merrett has run his race – I had him in since rd 1 and traded him out last week to J Lloyd via DPP. Teams aren’t letting him free anymore like he was the first six weeks.

      • I was thinking Gibson, however I’m curious to see if Swallows inclusion back in the team will effect his current AF scores??? so I went Pendle’s instead (already have Swan and Beams)and Collingwood have a great upcoming run.

  • Got this weeks matchup in the bag, with quite a strong team for this week.
    do these sound like good downgrades top make some money?

    JMerret to T.walker
    Polec to Charlie Cameron (with putting Parker into the middle)

    I am actually extremely happy with my team, with the only player i really want to get in being ablett which i will be able to easily do next week!

    • Cameron wont score very highly imo and has a high chance of being the sub.

  • thanks for reminding me of that wonderful song, captain. had heard it a while ago & forgotten about. I’d never seen the film clip. Absolutely magical package. Definitely the defining moment & highpoint in the “gay/pirate/romance/musical” genre. This, is going straight to the ipod

  • Has the pirate had a bit too much rum this week? Brandon Ellis is the top 5? Wats going on Pirate?

  • Beams with the vc cox as captain and derixx emergency also bringing in jamie elliott has a ripping run hope and should be a top 5 fwd at seasons end.

  • Pendlebury VC for me. The problem is there’s no other options if he doesn’t score well. All my other guns playing in the same match! (Swan, Beams, Danger)
    I’d have to leave the C on Stevie J or Jelwood, either of which could get r@ped by Crowley.
    Or I’d have to take a punt on someone like McVeigh or Watson.

    Fingers crossed Pendles gets a good score and it wont be an issue..

  • I thought during the byes that your scoring players must be on the field and emergencies were not counted? Am I wrong please help me my fellow DT addicts. I wanted to VC Swan or Beams tonight with Ablett to back up. I’ll check the rules page meantime. Thanks :-)

    • Emergencies do count but you don’t need to use an emergency anyway unless you have 22 players.

  • who should i put the vc on pendles or beams and who should i upgrade merret for

    Thoughts would be appreciated

  • Gee that robert griffen tweets alot #get a life. Is that how you use a hash tag, I’m not sure cause it was my first time. It felt good

  • Who to leave the C on now Beams didn’t really deliver. Have SJ, Ablett, Jobe, BJ and JPK to consider.