Tex-in – Ep. 9, round nine

The first of the bye rounds is behind us and we get a host of stars back this week. The boys chat about trading strategy over this week and next and answer your questions via Twitter and Facebook.

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  • #1 great stuff guys love your work.

    on another note was wondering if any one has had their scores not add up in afl fantasy. my score has not had my captain jobe watsons double score added. my on field view shows his score as 298 but when i add the scores up they have only added 149 to my overall score and in doin so i have dropped to 2000 on the rankings. HELP PLZ
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  • Great Works Lads
    Would you Go
    Macrae -> SJ
    Macrae -> Swan
    Polec -> Jelwood

    Thanks in Advance

    • polec to swan imo magpies have a pretty easy run in the next couple months

  • great podcast boys
    should i go
    Cunningham to Pendlebury/J.Selwood
    Rohan to Bock


  • who should i trade merret to upgrade to parker maybe or downgrade to walker. iv got $289 in the bank.
    Fwd:Danger, martin, zorko, dahlhuas, merret, rioli (llyod, Ambrose)

    Thoughts would be appreciated!

  • Merrett has really f***ed me too boys. Even if I get the cheap Jelwood im still 10k short of Daulhaus. Cursing him right now.

  • Great stuff boys. Be wary of Pendles though, will get tagged by Kerridge who has held Jones to 63, Griffen to 60, Montagna to 65 and Boak to 67.

    Will be going Merrett-Tex and Polec-Goddard. Getting Goddard only costs 70k from Polec and does no damage to my bye structure at all.

  • Gotta love that mid-podcast advertising…lol

  • Dunstan & Suckling–> Ablett & Bartel
    Robertson & LLoyd–> Bartel & Tex (via Parker DPP) or Johnson & Bock


  • need help fellas or some thoughts

    def: bartel simpson mcveigh swallow birchall suckling (georgiou griffiths)
    Mid: ablett beams murphy watson jellwood polec crouch langdon (robertson lloyd)
    Ruck: jacobs sandi (currie thurlow)
    fwd: Parker chapman martin higgins merrett lloyd (ambrose rohan)

    this is just the best in order of price. what trades would be suggested?

    • Chappy and Merrett should be first priority.

      Look to Dangerfield or Harvey if wanting to trade up
      Look to Bock, Cameron or Tex if wanting to trade down

    • Higgins is the definition of inconsistent, chapman has a one week suspension plus a bye.

  • Fantasy, 15k

    DEF: Bartel, McVeigh, Simpson, Swallow, Suckling, Langdon (Griffiths, Langford)
    MID: Ablett, Rockliff, Beams, Pendlebury, Watson, Macrae, Polec, Dunstan (Robertson, Hallahan)
    RUC: Jacobs, Sandilands (Currie, Thurlow)
    FWD: Parker, Chapman, Gunston, Martin, Zorko, Billings (Lloyd, Ambrose)

    Few options,

    Suckling > Kolo, Gunston > Boomer
    Gunston > Tex, Polec > Swan
    Gunston > Tex, Suckling > Kolo

    I’m going to keep Chappy, so the only question is whether I do an up/downgrade or double downgrade. Thoughts appreciated cheers

    • Why Kolodjashnij? He is already at 350k and a 41 break-even?

      of the 3 options, I’d do Gunston & Polec>Tex & Swan

      • Kolo because he is the only decent downgrade option I could find (I look for consistency in my downgrades). I want to see what Tex has first, so I reckon I’m going option 1 and then upgrade Polec next week.

  • Afl fantasy Team

    DEF-mcveigh simpson* hibberd suckling* enright langford* (fuller*^ laidler)

    MID-Ablett beams swan pendlebury watson dunstan polec* hallahan* (cunningham robertson)

    RUCK-cox* sandilands (currie Derrickx)

    FWD-dangefield dahlhaus* chapman parker billings lloyd (anbrose mcdonough)

    *have round 9 bye
    ^probs won’t play due to form injury or suspension

    I have $148,919 left

    polec-bartel (then langford to mids and bartel to defenders due to dpp)
    thoughts on other trade appreciated

    • Don’t trade Polec. If everyone who doesn’t have bye plays, you will have 22 playing, yet you will only have 18 if everyone without the rd 10 bye plays. Trade out someone with a rd 10 bye to a rd8 bye. Maybe Chappy (suspended anyway)–> Tex and Dunstan–> Stevie J, and next week, trade Watson and Cunningham, giving you at most 22 that week

  • Thoughts on
    Polec->Jelwood or Cotchin or Sidebottom

    • Don’t trade in Bennell, he won’t average high enough for a spot in your midfield. At around that price, look to Zorko or Hanley and swing them into Fwd and Def when you can. These guys could be some of the top players in their lines.

      Jelwood is the only one of the 3 I would look at, however Sidebottom could be a genius pick

  • Trades:
    J. Merret –> Billings
    S. Frost/Lamb –> Tex

    Don’t know if I should trade out Lamb or Frost for Tex. Lamb is always the sub if GWS has a full team, so his JS isn’t that good, but since he’s the sub he scores around the 40s. Frost plays down back and gets scores of around 40s as well. But also if Lamb plays a full game he’s shown that he can actually score well. Who ever I trade out the other will be bench cover. Money isn’t an issue ($374,380) so upgrading Frost to Tex wouldn’t drain my money out.

    Thoughts appreciated

  • Whats everyones thoughts on Ben Cunningham and Sam Gibson? Reckon there time in the midfield may change with Andrew Swallows return?

  • Salem Anyone??? Surely he wont get the vest for a fourth time in a row??

    • Classy player. Would be very unlucky to get it again. May be better to wait until after his bye though

  • RDT

    DEF: McVeigh, Hibberd, Enright, Mackie, Langdon, Langford (Simpson, Suckling)
    MID: Pendles, Beams, Swan, Watson, Cotchin, Daisy, Lloyd, Robertson (Polec, Hallahan)
    RUC: Sandi, Jacobs (Currie, Thurlow)
    FWD: Zorko, Danger, Dusty, Lloyd, JKH, Taylor (Gunston, Wingard)


    1st trade: MUST be Dale Thomas OUT. ??? IN
    2nd trade: Either Langford or Taylor OUT
    3rd trade: not using.

    After 2 trades I have 22 on field, barring any selection carnage. 18 next week before trades.
    Perhaps I could get away with just trading Daisy and having 21 on field? Keeps an extra trade up my sleeve, maybe to use next week so I can get 19-20 on field.

  • Hello guys, I am confused with my trades. Who should I trade ????????????????????

    J.Macrae>>>> Steve Johnson, Leigh Montagna
    S.Mitchell>>>> J. Bartel, J. Mcveigh, K. Simpson

  • Macrae >>> Swan
    Merret >>> Tex

  • hey warnie, you guys should make these videos like you do your last trade advice on afl.com.au

  • Thoughts please, Merrett to Martin, Higgins to Walker and Dunstan to Harvey……not really sure if this the way to go… or do I change Laidler to Kolodjashji and Merrett to Martin and save a trade…..

  • Please please please take griff of the twitter feed on the front page.

  • was thinking merrett to walker

  • Minson or Cox?