My Team 2014: Round 9 – Byes II

myteamv30articleNo matter which games you’re playing, you’ve only got two trades to use per week from now on. In AFL Fantasy Classic, you have two each week with no cap… whereas in Real Dream Team and SuperCoach, you have a limit of 30 for the season.

Two trades continue in AFL Fantasy Classic, while we get three in Real Dream Team and SuperCoach – however, they come from the pool of 30.

Discuss your team, strategy, different players, etc in this post. Please offer constructive criticism and if you’re wanting advice, make sure you’re joining in the conversation with others.

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  • With Swan on the interchange is he still worth bringing in this week?

  • i am thinking of upgrading merrett to parker.
    then i have higgins or polec to trade.

    So my options are kind of:

    1: downgrade merrett and upgrade polec?
    2: upgrade merrett and downgrade higgins?

    which is better do you think and who are the best downgrade options?

  • tex, charlie cam or sam lloyd?
    lloyds be only 15?

  • Turns out Roy’s Rumour mill was correct….

    No Kolo, Robertson….shit.

  • Team after trades and setup for bye:

    BACK: Bartel, Jaesnch, Simpson, Swallow, Laidler, Georgiuo, (Suckling, Langford)
    MID: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Cotchin, Watson, Cunningham, Fyfe, Michie, (Polec, Hallahan)
    RUC: McIntosh, Sandi, (Thurlow, Currie)
    FWD: N. Riewoldt, Rohan, Dangerfield, Billings, TEX, Martin, (Gunston, Honeychurch)

    Bank $193,263

    Tippett (or should I trade Gunston) > TEX
    Spare change

    Mitchell > Bartel

  • anyone know the long term job security of bews and chance of next week

  • Thoughts on clay beams and tex walker

    My trades this week

    Polec to c beams
    J merret to parker

    Thoughts would be handy


  • After Last weeks performance Kade Simpson will have the honour of wearing the C if Beams goes big

  • Cunningham -> C.Beams
    Kennedy-Harris -> T.Walker

  • people trading out robertson?

  • Keep it up Langdon.

  • Bloody pig!

  • Rockliff or Ablett captain

  • Damn you Pendlebury, you just had to handball it 24 times out of your 33 disposals.

    Can’t believe Langdon and Wright didn’t touch it in the last qtr (I know Wright got subbed out but he still had about 15 minutes to touch the yellow oval shaped object). Wright –> Dahlhaus is looking the goods next week.

    Very happy with Tex was only expecting 50-60 score but 79, you can’t complain. Maybe could complain that he got 0.4, bit of accuracy could of got him 90+, but oh well.

    BTW why did Matty Crouch start as sub why not Charlie Cameron?

    • Sando wanted Charlie’s tackling and forward pressure over Crouch’s ball-magnetism

  • oh man i was torn…. do i pick walker or cameron? walker has obviously come out on top points wise but i am every happy with camerons 64 for 160K less! hello massive price rise :P lets hope he doesn’t cop the vest next week!!!

  • ablett, watson or goddard for captain after i had beams as VC? his 107 is nice but i want more :P

  • Sorry everyone, I got Swan this week

    • Good. I will blame you rather than myself for trading him in this week. Thank you

  • DEF: Mcveigh, hibberd, swallow, jaensch, langdon, griffiths (suckling, langford)

    MID: ablett, beams, swan, cotchin, watson, dunstan, salem, macrae (hallahan, polec)

    RUCK: Sandilands, derickx (mcevoy, currie)

    FWD: dangerfield, riewoldt, martin, wright, billings, lloyd (daulhaus, ambrose)

    344k in the bank…no trades so far any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Got to get Macrae out of there, how about Dan Jackson as a POD r8 bye player with two very easy games coming his way?

  • FML.. I brought in J.Elliot because his bye was out of the way and he was averaging 103 over his last 5.. nek minnit, 55 f*cking points.. Against Adelaide, who he should’ve carved up..

    And this is after getting in and captaining Boyd last week, for his lowest score of the year.. (against Melbourne)

    Combine sh*t like that with all the injuries I get, and I’d have to be one of the unluckiest coaches around.

  • Not happy with Pendles VC score in RDT.
    Who to captain out of:

  • Jelwood or fyfe this week it doesn’t bother me fifes bye is next week. I just want to no who I should get this week and in the next few weeks I will be picking the one I don’t get now up anyway.


  • My team: Lloydy’s All Stars (AFL Fantasy)

    DEF: J.McVeigh, J.Bartel, M.Jaensch, L.McDonald , T.Langdon, D.Swallow (M.Suckling, W.Langford)

    MIDS: G.Ablett, J.Watson, T.Cotchin, D.Beams, N.Robertson, H.Cunningham, D.Swan, M.Crouch (S.Selwood, J.Polec)

    RUCKS: A.Sandilands, (B.McEvoy, D.Currie, F.Thurlow)

    FWDS: D.Zorko, S.Lloyd, D.Martin, P.Dangerfield, J.Merrett, J.Kennedy-Harris (G.Rohan, J.Gunston)

    $202,445 in the Salary Cap

    Byes (Number of players who have the bye that round):

    Rd 9: 6
    Rd 10: 10


    Sam Mitchell to J.Bartel

    Thoughts on a second trade?? McEvoy and Robertson are the only players on my field that wont be playing. Not sure if to upgrade or downgrade for my second trade. Any suggestions on players that are dropping in price that I could bring the nxt few weeks?

    • Rohan to Ben Lennon IMO welcome

      • I could be wrong but I count 11 that have bye next week + Currie who probs won’t play
        Next week look at trading out Merrett Robbo Cunningham etc to maximise playing numbers for round 10
        Merrett to Wingard maybe and trade one of your non playing rooks out
        Of course anything can happen in a week of football

        • My mistake 10 bye players next week
          I counted big boy McEvoy as a saint!

        • thanks mate. yeah i thought i might of put the wrong number of players with the bye next round sorry about that aha. have a look at my real dreamteam below if you want. Really struggling how to go about trades this week. not sure what to do.

  • My team: Lloydy’s All Stars (Real Dreamteam)

    DEFS: J.Bartel, M.Hibberd, D.Swallow, N.Vlastuin, T.Langdon, L.McDonald (M.Suckling, T.Cutler)

    MIDS: G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, L.Montagna, H.Cunningham, D.Beams, D.Tyson, M.Crouch (X.Ellis, B.Hartung, J.Polec)

    RUCKS: A.Sandilands, (B.McEvoy, D.Currie, F.Thurlow)

    FWDS: D.Martin, S.Lloyd, M.Pavlich, P.Dangerfield, J.Kennedy-Harris, P.Ambrose (J.Roughead, R.Gray)

    $265,000 in the Salary Cap.

    Trades Left: 21

    Byes (Number of players who have the bye that round):

    Rd 9: 6
    Rd 10: 9

    Possible 3 trades I can make this week.

    My Overall ranking currently sitting on 7,337

    Thoughts on my team and trades I could make. Not sure whether to go upgrade, downgrade or upgrade, upgrade. Who should I really be looking at trading?? Could possibly bring in one or two of Joel selwood, rockliff, barlow or fyfe in the mids over the nxt few weeks.. anyway thoughts would be great?? Looking for a big score this week 2000+ with not many bye players in my side

    • Tough one would look at 1 up and 1 down with Cunningham and probs Ellis
      C Beams Hallahan Lennon(dpp) are my preferred downgrade options this week
      Rocky would look good in that midfield me thinks
      Unless you need the $ poss save 3rd trade and next week look for upgrade in defence – Simpson
      Good luck

  • jelwood, fyfe this week i am thinking jelwood because he has had his bye already.


    cheers ;)

    • Would wait on Jelwood, be is 138 and he’s unlikely to break 100 against Freo on current form. Price should drop by 20k next week

  • Montagna or Rocky as captain?

  • Best mid under $485k??

  • If Ambrose isn’t named sub do I put him on field or field Sam Lloyd instead? I’m thinking Ambrose if not sub….

    • Lloyd especially against Melbourne

      • Even with the Sub risk? Ambrose should get a full game tonight…

      • i would put lloyd on anyway but i dont think ambrose will get the green vest, it will most likely zac merrett

        • Carlisle is the sub, but I think you might be right, Lloyd the better option.

          • yeah i think he is more likey to get a 75-90 score where as ambrose will get a 55-75

  • Clay beams or Salem or Hallahan ?? Don’t care about bye

    • Beams has most potential but will be sub this week (most likely) and then has a bye.

  • DEF: McVeigh, Malceski, Langdon, Dempsey, McDonald, M.Brown* (Langford*, Suckling*)

    MID: Pendlebury, Ablett, Watson, Fyfe, Beams, Dunstan, L.Taylor, Macrae*
    (Griffin*, Ollie Wines*)

    RUCK: Jacobs, Sandilands
    (Thurlow*, Currie*)

    FWD: Martin, Dangerfield (C), Adams, Tom Lynch (GC), Lloyd, Ambrose
    (Wingard*, Kennedy-Harris*)
    Trades this week were
    Polac to Pendlebury
    Chapman to Tom Lynch (GC) In good form..Low B.E STK this week then W.B

    Currently on 1107 this week from 10 + captain danger via loophole