My Team 2014: Round 8 – Byes I

myteamv30articleNo matter which games you’re playing, you’ve only got two trades to use per week from now on. In AFL Fantasy Classic, you have two each week with no cap… whereas in Real Dream Team and SuperCoach, you have a limit of 30 for the season.

Two trades continue in AFL Fantasy Classic, while we get three in Real Dream Team and SuperCoach – however, they come from the pool of 30.

Discuss your team, strategy, different players, etc in this post. Please offer constructive criticism and if you’re wanting advice, make sure you’re joining in the conversation with others.

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  • My team after – my two trades ……for now
    have traded out Nroo for billings via chapman and Georgiou for LLoyd via langdon DPP
    DEF: Mcveigh , hibberd , suckling, simpson , langford (non playing , langdon, swallow, griffith )

    Mid :Billings , Watson , hallahan, Jones , polec, LLoyd ( non playing Beams ,crouch ablett, cotchin)

    Ruck : Sandi( non playing Jacobs, currie, thurlow )

    FWD : J. merrett ,Chapman, Darling , Dahlhaus, Ambrose, Zorko, (frost( bench) (NP martin)

    any thoughts would be helpfull if its a good trade bad trade etc , will be looking to go Merret -> swan Via billings next week

    thanks in advance !

  • Looking at the sydney and melbourne benches, lloyd and salem massive chances for a green vest?

    • think tippett will be vested… been out for ages and makes more sense to vest him to ease him back in to afl level.

    • not that big of a deal TBH just in for the cash !

      • True. And I’ve got 20 playing so a Lloyd vest not the end of the world

  • whats peoples thoughts on dons deput – Kurt Aylett

  • My team: Lloydy’s All Stars (AFL Fantasy)

    DEF: J.McVeigh, S.Mitchell (INJ), M.Jaensch, M.Suckling, W.Langford, D.Swallow (L.McDonald, T.Langdon)

    MIDS: G.Ablett, J.Watson, S.Selwood, D.Beams, N.Robertson, H.Cunningham, D.Swan, J.Polec (T.Cotchin, M.Crouch)

    RUCKS: A.Sandilands, B.McEvoy (D.Currie, F.Thurlow)

    FWDS: D.Zorko, J.Gunston, D.Martin, P.Dangerfield, J.Merrett, J.Kennedy-Harris (G.Rohan, S.Lloyd)

    $222,613 in the Salary Cap

    Byes (Number of players who have the bye that round):

    Rd 8: 13
    Rd 9: 7
    Rd 10: 10

    Thoughts on my team? 13 Players in my team have the bye this week. 14 Players are on my field that is named to play. Thoughts on trades? Thoughts who to bring in for Sam Mitchell?

  • My team: Lloydy’s All Stars (Real Dreamteam)

    DEFS: J.Bartel, M.Hibberd, D.Swallow, N.Vlastuin, M.Suckling, T.Cutler (T.Langdon, L.McDonald)

    MIDS: G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, S.Selwood, H.Cunningham, D.Thomas, D.Tyson, J.Polec (D.Beams, M.Crouch)

    RUCKS: A.Sandilands, B.McEvoy (D.Currie, F.Thurlow)

    FWDS: D.Martin, J.Roughead, M.Pavlich, R.Gray, J.Kennedy-Harris, P.Ambrose (S.Lloyd, P.Dangerfield)

    $201,400 in the Salary Cap.

    Trades Left: 23

    Byes (Nmuber of players who have the bye that round):

    Rd 8: 13
    Rd 9: 8
    Rd 10: 9

    Thoughts on my team?? 13 players have the bye this week. 16 players are on my field that are named to play. Thoughts on if I should make trades this week? If so, what could they be? I do have 3 but don’t expect to use them all if any. Maybe I should trade nxt week instead. Anyway thoughts would be great. Last week I scored 2,208 with 209 round ranking and overall I went from 7,667 to now sitting at 4,977 so im pretty pleased with how im going, haven’t fallin out of the top 10,000 and im also still in my eliminator, which now wont be played til after byes.

    • Since you are ranked so well, maybe trading Selwood to Montagna will save you losing money/ give you a great captain option this week. This will at least give you 17 players, and he might score better than 2 bench duds

      • i donno ay :/ i actually lose alot of money.. haha i will only have $1,700 left in the salary cap…

        • Your lack of bank is directly attributable to ignoring the no brainer rookies (Robertson, Hallhan etc).

          At least 2 of Thomas, Tyson, Cunningham and even Scooter should have been culled long ago.

          Now you have no money in the bank to do any decent upgrades and may see your rankings tumble.

  • I am riding this round off.

    team is:
    hibberd, suckling, swallow, birchal, enright, langdon (langford, georgiou)
    swan, pendal, gaz, watson, cotchin, jwood, beams, polec (ellis, hallahan)
    sandi, hmac (currie, thurlow)
    gunston, martin, zorko, parker, merrett, lloyd (lamb, ambrose)

    trade im thinking:
    georhiou – lloyd (ellis DDP)
    merrett – billings
    (this will cash me up nicely for next week)

    georhiou – lloyd (ellis DDP)
    jwood/cotchin – billings (just for cash reasons) or
    jwood/cotchin – griffen 165k left, dahlhaus 107k, libba 80k left (that’s with jwood trading)
    (still get a bit of cash from this)

    • I would trade out Jelwood for dalhaus, but get him back in again when he bottoms out (probably after his Crowley tag)

  • With only 16 players taking to the field for my side this week, is it better to trade J.Merret to Dalhaus before he leaks cash? Or trade Griffiths to Dalhaus and have Merret playing for the week? The former will leave me about 100K, while the Griffiths trade will leave me about $700. If I trade out Merret I can go cotchin -> Stevie J next week.

    • if you are writing off this week then its all about Generating cash

      • Yeah, I think you’re right. And if im lucky I might be playing others who are writing off the week, but fielding less players than me!! Thanks for the help

    • it really depends if you are chasing for a win or wants to increase your rankings… if you want to increase your rankings then keep Merrett this week and get Dahlhaus in.. if you are in a better position in R9 or 10 then get rid of Merrett.

    • Are you planning on keeping Merrett all season?

      If not, up him to Dahl before he leaks more cash, his BE is 115 and won’t get near that this weekend.

  • Who should i trade to Rocky out of Pendles Ablett Swan or Beams? Thinking Pendles, he has the highest be

    • I would probably agree with Pendles. How long for?

      • hope this is AF. Out of those 4, Pendles. But if this is AF, I’d consider throwing the round and look to trade elsewhere. Seems like this year loads of people are throwing this round to double upgrade next week

  • Everyones thoughts on captains this week? Reading Calvins article I realized I dont have any of them, who are everyone else for? At the moment Ive got C on Dalhaus and VC on Macrae

    • I reckon Macrae is best bet. I’m tossing up between Dahlhaus, or Chapman who should dominate my Lions :( I think Watson is gonna hit cruise control so avoiding him. I have Macrae in RDT and likely to go C on him there.

  • Rookie to get this week, Hartung, Lloyd or Billings?

  • Is it a bad move having J. Lloyd and Cunningham as my MID bench?

    • need to know the rest of your team to comment

      • DEF: Simpson, McVeigh, Swallow, Suckling, Shaw, Langdon (X. Ellis, Langford)
        MID: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Cotchin, Macrae, Polec, Crouch, Dunstan (J. Lloyd, Cunningham)
        RUCK: Sandilands, Grundy (Currie, Derrickx)
        FWD: NRiewodlt, Parker, Martin, Merrett, Wright, Wingard (S. Lloyd, Ambrose)

        This week:
        Jaensch > J.Lloyd (DPP X. Ellis to DEF)
        Rohan > Ambrose

        Worried I have to many Sydney Swans.

        Also, does Ambrose have good job security?

        • No.

          • Albert – can you suggest anyone else as a bench FWD (and to play this week)?

          • well i wouldnt leave lloyd on the bench this week when cotch etc arnt even playing ??

            Ambrose job security is about as good as any rookie TBH , as long as winderlich is out he should be fine so good till after the byes but i like your trades – although Nroo will lose a bit of coin this week and could be a option to down grade this week and bring back after the byes

          • MD, consult Jeppa’s Juniors. You should be able to find your answer there.

        • @Tom … thanks for the feedback.

          Don’t worry, I will playing Lloyd + Cunningham this week.
          Just wanted to look at it from a post bye scenario.

          Ambrose is better to have than Rohan – and I feel JKH and Billings would be wasted money on the bench after the byes.

  • georgiou – lloyd (ellis DDP)
    merrett – billings
    leaves me with 286k in bank for next week.

    im holding jwood as i believe he will come good.

  • My team:
    Fwd:Martin,Schulz,Merrett,Wright,Gunston,S.Lloyd(J Kennedy-Harris,Kersten)

    thoughts on trades??
    207k in the bank

    • Upgrade McDonald/Jaensch to Hibberd. Not sure on 2nd trade, maybe look at Wright to Billings. Lloyd hopefully makes more cash next week against Dees.

    • Depends on your strategy…but I’d go-

      Merret-> Billings first off.

      Jaensch -> Hibberd (be wary he has a bye in RD10 though)

  • Considering holding Mitchell this round and getting bartel next round and trading cotchin to Ward (he would be my captain). Or should I trade Mitchell to Hodge/Simpson and hold cotchin. Ward has a low BE and I won’t be keeping Cotchin forever anyway. I have 17 playing this round my opponent has 18 not including trades.

  • anyone think Kurt Aylett would be a good pick up this week?

  • who to captain out of:
    Watson (might cop Raines tag)
    Jones (might cop Picken tag)
    Griffen (might cop a tag)
    Other options are Dahlhaus, McVeigh, Zorko, Sandi, Reiwoldt, Polec.

  • Rocky or Liberatore captain?

  • My team: Lloydy’s All Stars (Real Dreamteam)

    DEFS: J.Bartel, M.Hibberd, D.Swallow, N.Vlastuin, M.Suckling, T.Cutler (T.Langdon, L.McDonald)

    MIDS: G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, L.Montagana, H.Cunningham, B.Hartung, D.Tyson, J.Polec (D.Beams, M.Crouch)

    RUCKS: A.Sandilands, B.McEvoy (D.Currie, F.Thurlow)

    FWDS: D.Martin, J.Roughead, M.Pavlich, R.Gray, J.Kennedy-Harris, P.Ambrose (S.Lloyd, P.Dangerfield)

    $265,000 in the Salary Cap.

    Trades Left: 21

    Byes (Number of players who have the bye that round):

    Rd 8: 13
    Rd 9: 7
    Rd 10: 10

    Trades i’ve gone with atm are:

    Dale Thomas to B.Hartung

    Scott Selwood to L.Montagana

    Thoughts on these trades?? are there better options?

  • * denotes bye ^ denotes injury

    This is AFL FANTASY and I have 351k in the bank.

    McVeigh – Swallow* – Jaensch*^ – Suckling – KKolo* – Langford // Tippet* – Langdon*

    Ablett* – Cotchin* – N.Jones – Stevie J* – Beams* – Macrae* – Polec – Crouch* // Cunningham – Hallahan

    Derickx – Sandilands // Grundy* – Currie*

    Riewoldt – Chapman – D.Martin* – L.Parker – J.Merret – Dangerfield* // Rohan^^ – S.Lloyd




    RD 8

    14 STARTING (15 bye – 1 DNP)

    (Cotchin -> Montagna // Merret -> Billings)

    15 STARTING (14 BYE – 1 DNP)


    RD 9

    23 STARTING (5 bye, 2 DNP)

    (Macrae -> Swan // Langford ->??)
    391k (- 70k // -150ISH k) = 170k

    24 STARTING (4 BYE – 2 DNP)


    RD 10

    19 STARTING (9 BYE, 2DNP)

    (JONES -> PENDLEBURY // ??)

  • What defender do i bring in for Mitchell, it dosnt matter if they are on the bye as im tanking this week anyway .

  • what premo forward (except for Martin,merrett,chapman,Dangerfield,parker) should i get.

  • Damn
    Wanted O’Rourke to play so he could be the sub. Now no doubt Lamb will be the sub again even though the two full games he played he’s played well.

    Also my guess/prediction is that X. Ellis will be the sub. Eagles would surely want to ease him into the game cause of his history of calf injuries.

    So I just want other opions.
    What are the chances of Lamb and Ellis being the starting sub for their teams?

  • Is it worth trading out merret this week??

  • Is it worth trading merret this weeK??

  • Which rookie mid should I trade in? Had Lloyd but he’s got the vest

  • Any point getting Lloyd now he’s sub? Probably will only play like 2 more games I have templeton so I will just keep him and get in another rook later