Jeppa’s Juniors – Round 6



Melbourne. The home of football and my stomping ground last weekend. I love the city and could easily live there especially with so much footy on but the cold weather is a big turn off for a Sandgroper like myself. During my stay I was lucky enough to see an unstoppable Swanny in the flesh on Anzac Day but will need to quickly forget my Eagles’ disastrous last quarter against the Blues. A good trip nonetheless.

On to the rookies or lack there of. Only 8 two-gamers and 5 one-gamers suited up in Round 6 which is not ideal as the bye rounds near. Fortunately, there are a handful of youngsters showing form in the reserves so hopefully a couple of debutants are named to play on Thursday night. To cater for the lack of rookie options, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss my own trade strategy this week for both Fantasy and Dreamteam. Here we go…


Three-Or-More Gamers


What a game by James Aish (Mid. $341,365, 33 be AF. $315,600, 24 be DT)! This week’s NAB Rising Star had a day out against the Saints racking up 25 possessions (76% efficiency), 8 marks, 4 tackles, 1 goal and 108 Fantasy points. He’s all class and there’s no doubt that he’ll be a future star of the AFL. Aish has a few price rises left in him, which is perfect timing for a rook with the Round 10 bye. Keep!!!

Other prominent ‘juniors’ from Round 6 include Tom Langdon, 76 (Def/Mid. $293,610, 42 be AF. $259,200, 26 be DT), Jack Billings, 80 (Fwd/Mid. $257,755, 18 be AF. $228,600, -28 be DT), Kade Kolodjashnij, 83 (Def. $328,798, 38 be AF. $297,400, 20 be DT) and Matty Crouch, 73 (Mid. $318,385, 14 be AF. $264,200, -22 be DT). All four youngsters were named in the bests for their respective sides and all will continue to make an impact on the field in the short term. Special mention for Kolodjashnij whose skills are just sublime. He looks super confident on the field and I doubt he’ll slow down any time soon.

I thought Jared Polec (Mid. $357,266, 27 be AF. $362,800, 34 be DT) would find the going tough against a physical and skillful Geelong outfit but true to form he took it all in his stride. 24 touches and 77 Fantasy points was another solid game from this season’s greatest cashcow. Look to upgrade Polec in Round 9 when Port has their bye!

Less popular options in Nathan Gordon (Mid. $217,899, -13 be AF. $198,100, -38 be DT) and Jed Lamb (Fwd. $284,120, 12 be AF. $279,600, -1 be DT) had scores of 94 and 87 respectively in Round 6. Both players have performed very well in two consecutive games and thus will incur some healthy earnings over the next few weeks.


I doubt Hardwick will drop Sam Lloyd (Fwd. $233,544, 9 be AF. $179,300, -3 be DT). Pushup King is injured and there are no other current standout small forwards at Richmond (Lennon has been used at half back in the reserves). Lloyd had little impact against the Hawks last weekend hence why he was red vested. A score of 42 caught many off guard but I expect him to bounce back against the Cats this week. Start him on your bench to be safe.

Nick Robertson (Mid. $217,950, 8 be AF. $163,000, -33 be DT) would have gone a hell of a lot better if he didn’t give away 4 free kicks! He scored 61 from 7 kicks, 11 handballs, 3 marks and 5 tackles but is in no danger of losing his spot and will continue the battle against a hardened Sydney midfield this week. There’s plenty of value left in Robertson as well as Martin Gleeson (Mid. $287,249, 18 be AF. $289,000, 25 be DT). Gleeson is still scoring at a great rate and doing his job at the Bombers. He also has the Round 10 bye.

Even though Luke Dunstan (Mid. $367,679, 69 be AF. $320,500, 60 be DT) scored just 69 last weekend, he was still good enough to be named in the bests for the Saints. Dunstan has breakevens in the 60’s for both Fantasy and Dreamteam however he’ll be a handy starting midfielder during Rounds 8 (vs Carlton) and 9 (vs Gold Coast) while others have the week off. Don’t be foolish.


If I haven’t categorised a player from Round 6 under ‘Keepers’ or ‘Don’t Panic’ then trade them out as soon as you can but when appropriate!

Rookies with the Round 8 bye, like Ben Griffiths (Def. $284,018, 49 be AF. $270,100, 39 be DT) and Luke McDonald (Def/Mid. $336,441, 56 be AF. $313,700, 60 be DT) should be offloaded this week or next. Obviously it depends on your set up but don’t trade out a Round 8 premium ahead of rookie! Against Geelong, Griffiths will do very little opposed to Taylor and/or Lonergan so get rid of him first. McDonald could score well against the Suns this weekend but he’s coming close to topping out in price so plan ahead.


Two Gamers

The best downgrade option this week is Mitch Hallahan (Mid. $143,112, -20 be AF. $119,200, -43 be DT). He was used as a high half forward/extra midfielder against the Tigers and finished the game with 12 kicks, 8 handballs, 6 marks, 4 tackles and 85 Fantasy points. Amongst a high possession team like the Hawks, Hallahan should score 70+ each week but he’s not immune to the green vest. Additionally, Brad Sewell is close to returning and may force him out. I wouldn’t trust Hallahan as a first reserve so if you bring him in then make sure it’s as your M10. Let’s hope he continues to play well and hold his spot.

Even though I would never consider him, Robin Nahas (Fwd. $205,845, 14 be AF. $203,900, 1 be DT) played a hard brand of footy against the Dockers on Anzac Day. The dynamic small forward could only manage 9 possessions, 1 mark, 3 tackles, 1 goal and 44 Fantasy points before being subbed off in the last quarter after suffering what appeared to be severe cramp. Nahas wont score well enough to justify his $200,000+ price tag. Pass.

After a relatively quiet game against the Dees, Jake Lloyd (Mid. $123,517, 4 be AF. $119,200 DT, -1 be DT) appears to be on the outer. Tom Mitchell had a day out in the VFL in his first game back from an ankle injury and looks likely to replace him. O’Keefe is desperate to return to AFL ranks also! Scores of 25 and 49 from Lloyd are nothing to get excited about anyway.

Darcy Gardiner (Def. $191,790, 39 be AF. $112,800 DT, -3 be DT) backed up his debut score of 33 with a 39 against the Saints in Wellington. I’m afraid this trend will continue so look elsewhere. The return of Matthew McDonough (Fwd. $162,398, 29 be AF. $183,500, 44 be DT) only saw him cop a green vest. He came on half way through the third quarter and finished with just 29 Fantasy points. A costly dropped mark and a couple of skill errors will see him back in the VFL so stay away.

Ignore Neville Jetta, 21 (Mid. $176,145, 49 be AF. $237,100, 96 be DT), Tom Campbell, 52 (Fwd. $174,134, 40 be AF. $155,700, 70 be DT) and the injured Tom Boyd, 13 (Fwd. $214,206, 77 be AF. $212,800, 96 be DT). All three are big underperformers and far too expensive to consider.


One Gamers

After playing just a quarter and a bit of footy, Christian Salem (Mid. $225,029, 49 be AF. $172,800 DT) proved that he belongs in the AFL. His skills were notably better than most of his senior Melbourne teammates and he didn’t look out of place at any point. Salem had 25 Fantasy points in the last quarter alone thus there’s potential for him to ton up. He’s a likely downgrade option in Dreamteam prior to Round 8 but with a Fantasy breakeven of 49, I’d hold fire to see what he can do from a full game before trading him in.

Jonathan O’Rourke (Mid. $136,802, 12 be AF. $135,500 DT) is another one gamer with a bit of currency. Like many youngsters, the issue is job security and it must be said that O’Rourke didn’t ‘stop traffic’ with his game against the Suns. 5 kicks, 9 handballs, 1 mark, 2 tackles and 45 Fantasy points were his numbers and with Dylan Shiel and Josh Kelly pressing for senior selection, I see O’Rourke as a future liability.

Tall youngsters Jeremy McGovern, 50 (Fwd. $121,312, 3 be AF. $119,200 DT), Josh Walker, 46 (Fwd. $218,002, 40 be AF. $242,500 DT) and Joel Tippet, 26 (Def. $111,053, 18 be AF. $119,200 DT) all filled a role for their respective sides last weekend and all are likely to replaced by senior players Darren Glass, Dawson Simpson and Scott Thompson ahead of Round 7.


Keep Your Eye On

Darcy Lang (Mid. $222,200, 41 be AF & $137,800 DT) was best-afield in the VFL last weekend after racking up 18 possessions, 4 marks and 3 tackles against North Ballarat. Traditionally, Lang is not a big possession winner but is very effective when he has the ball in hand. Add speed, poise and a high work rate to his attributes and there is a lot to like. It’s a crying shame Lang is listed as a midfielder this season because he plays as a running defender. Keep an eye on him.

After a shocking run of injuries, Nathan Bock (Fwd. $135,900, 25 be AF & $180,300 DT) is ready to return. He’s played 3 VFL games and was named in the bests last weekend. The Suns vice captain is an important player amongst such a young team and would be handy third tall up forward. A worthy downgrade!

Previously mentioned Ben Lennon (Fwd. $233,100, 43 be AF & $157,800 DT) and Mitch Honeychurch (Fwd/Mid. $135,500, 25 be AF & $112,800 DT) just missed selection in Round 6 but given their respective sides poor form, you’d expect they’d be given an opportunity this weekend. As a Fwd/Mid, Honeychurch looms as a very handy pick up.


Jeppa’s Trade Strategy


Round 6 Score – 2050

Remaining Salary – $48,391

Juniors R6 - 2

Planned Trades – It’s pretty obvious that my forward line needs a bit of love this week. A quick fix would be to trade Rohan to Hallahan, DPP Wright back to the forward line and bench Lloyd. That will leave me $82,816 to sideways Cotchin who is my most expendable Round 8 midfielder out of the five that I own. I’m a big fan of Dyson Heppell as Cotchin’s replacement. Heppell is in career best form, can go big with his scores and has the Round 10 bye.

Pro’s – Forward line is healthier and I have an active emergency in Lloyd. I also have one less Round 8 player to worry about.

Con’s – I have to keep Ellis and I’m relying on Hallahan to suit up this week and next.



Round 6 Score – 2121

Remaining Salary – $13,400

Trades Left – 22

Juniors R6

Planned Trades – Griffiths to Hallahan and DPP Langdon back to the backline seems logical. Griffiths will do little against Geelong thus I maximise my return. Unfortunately, this trade gives me a total bank balance of only $164,300 which is not enough for a suitable upgrade elsewhere. Grundy to Mumford next week would be ideal. Fingers crossed Mummy plays.

Pro’s – One less Round 8 player and an in form, Tom Langdon starts on my field. Making only one change means I can burn other trades during the bye rounds without guilt.

Con’s – I miss out on a traditional ‘downgrade, upgrade’ and consequently still have to field 4 rookies.


What trades would you make?


Got a question? Ask me on Twitter @JeppaDT.


  • Hi Jeppa. Great article as usual.

    I want to bring in Hallahan this week, but who for? My mids are Ablett, Beams, Rocky, Watson, Zorko, Gaff, Tyson, Polec, (Dunstan & Langdon). I have virtually nothing in the bank. Before I trade my bye structure is 12/6/12, so trading out Langdon is best for the structure but he appears to have more mooing to do whereas Tyson doesn’t.

    With my other trade I hope to at last get rid of Rohan for one of Bock, Honeychurch or Ambrose if they play or else Billings. What do you think?

  • Ross Lyon mentioned Anthony Morabito playing as the sub this week. (I think unlikely but it does mean he is not far away)

    He has played 3-4 WAFL games, and would be a great forward\mid inclusion to most peoples sides next week.

  • And what gives with trading with DPPs on Fantasy? I’ve done it before so I know how it works. I have just tried to bring in Hallahan by asking to trade out Langdon (from my Mids), intending to actually trade out Griffiths. But when I pressed the green trade button, instead of offering me the option of moving Langdon to the backs, it completed the trade with Langdon out. That’s not how it worked last time.

    • You have to select griffiths to trade out first, and then go to your player list at the side. Langdon should now have an arrow that points up and down. Click that, and then you should be able to pick hallahan.

      • Beauty Donstain. It works! Many thanks.

        But why did they change it from the method they had about 3 weeks ago? No wonder we get confused.

  • do we have 2 or 3 trades each week during bye rounds?

  • Once again an awesome article Jeppa. Is it worth trading out Fasolo? Given he is likely to miss two weeks (injury and bye) or trade out Hunter BE 93? I want to bring in Hallahn via DPP with Honeychurch sitting on the bench in my mids. I’m hoping Honeychurch will be a good replacement for Hunter.

  • Great article as always Jep and at least I didn’t have to leave Perth to watch my team play poorly on the weekend!
    Trades this week at the moment: tyson to hallahan & fasolo to dangerfield leaves me with $275k and a bye structure of 10,8,12.
    In a perfect world next week i would go Griffiths to SMitch/Simpson and lloyd to honeychurch leaving me 8,10,12

  • Great article Jeppa,
    Should I get tex walker (if named) in for Fasolo???
    Or should I downgrade and get Honeychurch or Bock if they’re named???

  • Hi Jeppa mate great write up as always!

    In RDT I have $542K sitting in the bank and want to bring in Hallahan, much like everyone else this week, but unsure who to drop. My only real choices are Dunstan, or Lloyd via DPP. The Lloyd trade leaves me with $429K, and the Dunstan trade leaves $570K. I am looking to trade up to Ablett and another premo come round 9 so could do with the extra cash, but should i keep Dunstan as better cover than Hallahan?

    Cheers Jepp keep up the good work!

    • I still don’t get people that leave money in the bank. Points on the bench in my point of view

      • It may not be convenient but when u need to cull players like Tyson and get in must have rookies then u need to make sacrifices and that may mean leaving a bit of cash in the kitty. P.S I’m someone who tries not leave cash in the kitty but sometimes it has to be done.

    • Yeah keep Dunstan mate…he’s a player! Wont break any records at Sydney this weekend but during the bye rounds he’ll be invaluable

  • Looking to downgrade Fasolo to a Rd 9 bye player. I have a DPP trade available so i could get hallahan, or is honeychurch worth a look if he gets named? Thoughts on who to bring in?

  • Hey Guys.

    Looking for the best value defender under $200K (to sit on the bench and make some money) to complete my trades this week.



  • Any one better than Cutler to downgrade as a defender?

  • Great article Jeppa.
    I’m downgrading Dunstan to Hallahan to free up enough cash to upgrade Griffiths to Sitchell (unfortunately Ellis wouldn’t give me enough cash). I know Dunstan would be handy during the byes but I think he’s ready for culling.
    Hopefully Ellis will return for the byes.

    I think they’re great trades but are reliant on Mackie returning this week.
    Usually whenever I make good planned trades, there’s carnage waiting on Thursday night to turn them into forced trades.
    I cant justify keeping Mackie if he doesn’t play this week, knowing he will also miss round 8.

    Picked up Honeychurch last week (for Rohan) not realising he was an emergency. Hopefully he gets a few games soon and I’ll be ahead of the pack who still have to trade him in.

  • Would you start Hallahan or Robertson this week?

  • Should I keep dunstan or upgrade him to stanton, swan, montagna or some one around those

  • Great article Jeppa!

    Hallahan in for me. On a side note was wondering if anyone could tell me who to get out of luke parker and michael hibberd. The decision is very hard for me to make.

    Thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  • Great article jeppa.
    Who would you field out of robertson, hallahan and cunningham?

  • Forgive me Jeppa but how do you trade Rohan to Hallahan when Hallahan is a mid?

  • Thoughts on Tom Cutler?

    • Think Tom Cutler has a tonne of potential- should lose the vest as he’s had it twice now and should probably be in the lions best 22, especially after his performance against Richmond (20 disposals and a goal). Was predicted to be a potential top ten draft pick a couple of years back (look in the prospectus) and his play style has been likened to Brendan Goddard. Think he has a bright future but is probably anywhere between 20-26 in the lions pecking order at the moment. Would lock him in if he was going to sit on your bench and ripen…. Wouldn’t rely on him if he was on your field though

      • Thanks klm
        He will only be on my Bench D8 for Sure
        Thinking of going Griffiths to him and building up my bank then Next week Flogging one of McDonald or Langdon to a Premo

    • 2 vests in 3 games is not ideal. I’d look to trade him when he maxes out

  • Hey Jeppa! What do you think of Cunningham? Thinking of keeping him over Dunstan as he has more to gain. Does he have good enough JS?

    • Not a bad plan. Im worried Cunningham will cop a vest soon though so consider that risk

  • Option 1; Higgins to dangerfield/Zorko, Watson to hallahan and field crouch and Polec for the time being or
    Option 2; Cunningham to Murphy and not sure on 2nd trade

  • I know Jeppa is aware of this, but the important rookies are the ones named out of the blue.

    • Murphys BE is low, if he maintains his form you are still getting him cheap. You are banking on him being a top 8 mid for rest of season however.

  • I don’t get on here & show my love often enough, but awesome work Jep! Best Fantasy article in the world every week!

    Many thanks!

    • Cheers mate

    • Very well said Nick! Im in the same boat… Thanks so much Jeppa, awesome article as always. keeps me coming back! so good in fact that if it wasnt for you, i doubt id visit dtt these days.

  • looking 2 dgrade dunstan to hallahan but as 2nd trade should i upgrade griffiths/langdon to hibberd/hanley or fasolo to boomer/dahl.

    thoughts would be appreciated!

  • you mention that we should punt Griffiths and LMac
    but to who?

    there’s no options out there, and apparently no rating of Cutler (who seems to be the only decent viable downgrade option)

    • I’ve had the same problem… only option is to downgrade somewhere else & upgrade Griffiths or LMac to a premo.

  • Can someone please tell me how to use the DPP

    • See Donstain’s post at 9.45am in this thread. I used his information to bring Hallahan into my mids by trading Griffiths out of my backs. I went to the trade window and clicked to trade out Griffiths. Then I scrolled down my team listing in the trade window until I got to Langdon and clicked the arrow next to Langdon’s name. Then I selected Hallahan in the trade in window. Done.

  • Watch out for Ben Newton to be named this week been killing the Ressies

  • Thanks for that jep , great read again.
    What are your thoughts on going Dunstan (as I already culled Tyson last week) to Hallahan and upgrade rohan to Dalhaus? If so who should join polec on the field out of Robertson Hallahan and Langdon?

    • Excellent tactics, Henry.

      I’d probably field Hallahan, he looked super active against Tigers last week.

  • Which of McDonald, Langdon or Langford on field this week?

  • Have to play 2 of: Griffiths, Langford, Dylan Buckley, Langdon this week to prepare for byes. Who should I play?

  • Great article as always Jeppa, I was planning on culling Tyson this week, but now I’ve seen that Dunstan’s out with a concussion. I’m not sure which one to trade out?

  • Love your work Jeppa. Been waiting all day to get home and read this with a Pale Ale in hand.

    Ranked in the top 20 just 2 weeks and have slipped a bit. I’ve been hit with Langford, Dunstan and Griffiths out this week so will need to trade 2 of them. Thinking Dunstan to Hallahan and Griffiths to Sam Mitchell. Sound fair enough?