My Team 2014: Round 7

myteamv30articleNo matter which games you’re playing, you’ve only got two trades to use per week from now on. In AFL Fantasy Classic, you have two each week with no cap… whereas in Real Dream Team and SuperCoach, you have a limit of 30 for the season.

Discuss your team, strategy, different players, etc in this post. Please offer constructive criticism and if you’re wanting advice, make sure you’re joining in the conversation with others.

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  • Thoughts on adam Schneider or should I get billings or lamb for fasolo?

    • Lamb

      • Schneider could be hit and miss mate – i’d probably stay away.

        If you’re happy to take a bad score once and a while go for it. But play safer IMO. Go for Zorko or Dahl if u have thecoin

  • HELP!!!
    should i get rid of grffiths for shaw and downgrade dunstan to hallahan
    cotchin to hallahan and dunstan to shaw via dpp, as i think langdon should have a good game tonight

  • Option 1.. Can u plz help me above

  • Griffiths > R. Shaw (D6) + Fasolo > Parker


    Fasolo > Parker + X. Ellis > Hallahan (M9… but to play for Dunstan)

    Which one???

  • HELP!!!
    Fasolo to lamb and dunstan to hallahan 350k left


    Dunstan to hallahan and fasolo to dangerfield 103 k left

    Which one

  • Griffiths > Shaw and Dunstan > Hallahan
    Swallow > Shaw and Dunstan > Hallahan
    Cotchin > Shaw via DPP and Dunstan > Hallahan

  • Dangerfield or dalhaus

    HELP!!! PLEASE!!

  • 577K to get a DEF and a FWD. Griffiths and Fasolo have to go?

    Currently going R.Shaw and JKH, although not at all sold on JHK scoring output

    • Why would you get JKH when you have so much money? Surely enough for Parker/Dahl/Chappy?

  • Will hallahan avoid the vest over Hartung?

  • Which trade option should i do in fantasy?
    1. Trade in Rhyce Shaw for Griffiths but this would mean Lloyd would be starting on my field
    2. trade in Jed Lamb for Rohan so Lloyd goes to my bench, but this would mean kolojaaznij and langdon are both starting in my backline.

    • Number 1, Lloyd still has some dosh left to make, and KK and Langdon are in alright form

  • Def: McVeigh, Birchall, Jaensch, Swallow, Suckling, Langdon (Griffiths, Langford
    Mid: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Swan, Watson, Macrae, Polec, Hallahan, (Dunstan, Robertson)
    Ruc: Sandi, Jacobs (Derickx, Currie)
    Fwd: Nroo, Martin, Gunston, Merret, Higgins, Fasolo (Lloyd, Rohan)
    First trade was Tyson to Hallahan.
    Sould I go Fasolo or Rohan to Parker?
    Please help. Any other options?

  • Trades this week
    Darling to wingard
    Scooter to Griffin
    No more eagles players in my team :) :) :)