Oink – Ep. 6, round six

Roy, Calvin and Warnie discuss the highs and lows of the Easter weekend. They look ahead to the Anzac Day round and strategy for the upcoming bye rounds. They also answer your questions via Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Great podcast as always guys!
    Just wondering, Rocky or Ebert?

    • Also, do you know if we get 3 trades in the bye rounds? I’ve head rumours but I’m not sure.

    • In AFL Fantasy, we get two trades per week over the bye rounds. In Real Dream Team there are three per week.

      Also, I would choose Rocky over Ebert.

  • great podcast boys love your work

  • Hey Guys if you had the option of Bartel or McVeigh who would you pick?

    • McVeigh is probably a safer pick and the round 10 bye is a lot more preferable unless you’re going to tank it

  • Will Macaffer tag Jobe Watson?

    • Unfortunately it’s pretty likely, however, he played on Heppell last time and Stanton is also a valid option who’s been in great form. Apart from that though, it’s impossible to know unless you have inside information but you’d have to assume that would most likely be the case

  • Thoughts on bringing in Matthew Crouch in the midfield and Fasolo in forward fellas?

    • Maybe a little late for both but Fasolo is still a decent downgrade option if you have a problem child in the forward line.

    • I think both options are still very valid as they will still increase in price and will averagely 80+ for the year so I like it. I brought in Crouch and Fasolo myself this week

    • matt crouch was subbed at 3qt with hamstring tightness, would hold off on him for now mate

  • Great stuff fellas. Some of these succulent cash cows are just about ripe for the cull!

    Who would you (or anyone else) suggest is a better option as a downgrade this week, Cutler or Robertson? Purely for cash generation. Swaying towards Cutler as it allows me to move Langdon to the MID bench so that McVeigh can play in the mids during the round 8 bye, although not too sure what his job security is like?

    Not too sure about Griffin though Warne-dawg, hasn’t done enough to convince me yet.

  • Can Warnie or anyone tell me how to see breakevens for my team on the actual Fantasy site? I know there are other things like Footy Wire, but a lot easier if I can just see them all on one page like we could last year in the ‘Analyser’ tab.

  • Mitchell or McVeigh for Tyson via DPP?

  • Need to choose between downgrading langdon (back) or ellis (bench). Who would you recommend switching langdon too for same price or lesss in the backline

  • Thanks boys, do you reckon Ellis and Tyson to Griffens and Robertson/Gray. (gray suiting bye struc)
    Or trade swan and gray in and tank round 8 bye.

  • Who should be a priority to trade? Cyril Rioli (Nick Riewoldt IN) or Dom Tyson (Tom Rockliff IN)

  • What’s wrong with Attack Dogs boys? He had 32d on the weekend! I’m grabbing him this week. 427k for someone who can avg 105 = BARGAIN!

  • What’s the go with the bye rounds?.

    DO you get like the best 18 or yeah.
    SOmeone please clear this up for me thanks.

  • Hey guys, great listen as usual,only have one small complaint. Roy, as much as i like ya mate, i’ll never listen to your advice again. In last weeks “roy’s trade talk” you said Hep D was a pod sneaking under the radar. Well being the idiot i am i took your advice and traded him in and put the ‘C” on him, hope your team catches something nasty from that hooker:)

    • Your team, your choice.

    • Ah, so it’s YOUR fault Reg!
      There’s a little DT rule that you never make a debutant for your team captain! I learnt that the hard way once after trading in Watson for captaincy against GWS only to watch him score 40!… Swan or Gaz could possibly be an exception (maybe it’s only an Essendon curse?) but will be interesting to see how many try it this weekend with Swan.

  • Who would be my best option to down grade to from tyson?

    • mitch honeychurch expected to get his first game coming of a ripper in the seconds and that will give you good salary

  • C’mon reg picking hepple last week sounded like a good idea but to put him captain is pretty stupid and u deserve that crap score

  • Anyone else had trouble downloading to iPhone? Downloaded all previous fine, and other podcasts still downloading. This episode keeps throwing me an error.

    • same for me it keeps saying error cant download podcast. I tried this morning and yesterday. help appreciated

    • Dead download for iPhone, won’t do it my end either

    • I think the amount of downloads smashed our server. Can you guys try again? I’ve tried something different temporarily.

  • Thanks Warnie, tried but still no good.

    • Hmm… very frustrating. Sorry about this. I guess, just keep trying – as annoying as that can be.

      • If it helps to diagnose, deleted episode 5 and get same error.
        Tried turning off phone, cancelling downloads and subscription etc.

      • Also, cannot download old DT Talk episodes either.
        Can download from other people, e.g. Superfooty podcast

      • Geez – this really had me beat. I can do it on my iPhone, iPad and via iTunes on computer… will keep investigating.

  • If it helps I can play it streaming using the same podcast app, but cannot download it.

  • Just a quick question?
    with the bye rounds where they take your best 18 players can that be from your bench or do they have to be on your field to count towards your total score?


  • what do people think of upgrading Tyson for whoever or trading Watson since he’s gonna get the tag from macaffer

  • thoughts on whether to go tyson to swan or dangerfield this week? keeping in mind they both have byes in round 8

  • Who would you recommend out of Swanny, Jobe or Brad Ebert?