My Team 2014: Round 5

myteamv30articleNo matter which games you’re playing, you’ve only got two trades to use per week from now on. In AFL Fantasy Classic, you have two each week with no cap… whereas in Real Dream Team and SuperCoach, you have a limit of 30 for the season.

Discuss your team, strategy, different players, etc in this post. Please offer constructive criticism and if you’re wanting advice, make sure you’re joining in the conversation with others.

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AFL Fantasy price changes tables thanks to

AFL Fantasy price changes tables thanks to


  • that’s abblett

  • my team is as follows

    BACKS swoller kk Enright bartel Langdon McVeigh

    MIDS abblett pendelbury joel selwood j ash j polec Watson d beams dom Tyson bench x ellis l dunston

    rucks McIntosh sandi currie
    Fwds chappy dusty j merett roo s frost luke brust impey ambrose

    so what you think of my team in a few weeks I will get it back to how I had it with mummy etc

  • Looking to trade Mumford > Jacobs

    Wondering who to trade Caddy for???

    Will have $421k

    Help please :)

  • Forwards are: D.Martin, P.Dangerfield, L.Parker, J.Gunston, J.Merrett, A.Fasolo (S.Lloyd [E] , P. Ambrose)
    Worth using Lloyd’s score and bench Fasolo??

    • I’m in the same boat and am taking Lloyd’s score mate. Bit disappointing as he looked on track for 80+ before copping a knock.

  • Hopefully Langdon can go close to Griffiths’ 80. At least Griff is still making cash, even if he is on my bench!

  • DEF: McVeigh, Malceski, Mitchell, Suckling, McDonald, Langdon ( Langford, Brown )

    MID: Gaz, Watson, Beams, Wines, Macrae, S.Selwood, Tyson, Dunstan ( Polac, Ellis )

    RUCK Jacobs, Sandy ( Thurlow, Currie )

    FWD: Martin, Darling, Dangerfield, Chapman, Adams, LLoyd ( Taylor, Kennedy-Harris )

    This weeks trades
    Rohan to LLoyd (LOCKED)
    Mitchell to Chapman maybe?? Have 493,000

  • Ok ive got llyod as my emergency (70)in fastasy,do I field Ambrose who isn’t playing and bench Fasolo,and take the 70…or just take a punt on Fasolo to score well?

  • Should I go
    Grundy to Jacobs and play polec on the ground
    Shiels to ebert

  • “The Doc says: The Cats are unlikely to risk Mackie. He could miss 2-3 weeks in total. – 16/4”

    Great so I have Titchell, Mackie and Shiels all out this week.
    I suppose I’ll bench Shiels as Polec is reliable enough to field, and trade the other two.. (I must trade Titchell as my forward bench is Rohan and Ambrose)

    I’m thinking Mackie -> Sitchell and Titchell to Wright.
    Or Shiels -> Crouch and Titchell -> Wright. Thoughts?

    Last week I had Wingard, Dahlhaus & Hickey out.. Don’t see how I’m supposed to ever make planned trades with so many injury woes.. I’ve already missed out on Lloyd and maybe Crouch now too.

    • Also, WHY are the Cats naming someone who is NOT going to play? It shits me SO much when clubs do that.

      • Because the Cat’s are cool like that

      • Mackie is a ok they would not risk him or name him if he was not so he be good to go for Monday so they can kick some arse against the hawks

        • Hey nick, haven’t heard too much over you over the past few weeks. The Cats are famous for naming people who won’t play, for example, Enright no less than a fortnight ago. How are your team(s) travelling so far?

          • hay brucie yeah I been working flat out and going to the footy etc yeah teams up and down had the French man in my team at the start then he gets a broken arm again roo doing great scores for me so is pendles and swoller out of sight just lost my first game on the weekend also caddy what can I say fooled us all bi sores in nab cup and yeah and also I had Enright he got hurt stuffed my score up so you cant really help when your main players get hurt that’s the thing of fantasy I have only had one poor score so far at 1717 when all my players got hurt at once it happens at the moment ranked 40 000 urgh all becoase of that one round oh well hopefully I start getting some big scores

        • and yeah I know that about the cats always name players when there hurt and then pull them last min its the worst

  • Should I grab Higgins for Caddy and bank 240k or get Chappy or Roo and bank 130k for Chappy and about 20k for Roo? or Should i get Parker or Gunston?

    Can only chose 1.

    • I would wait for gunston after the cats game as gunston really has not had top def on him and against the cats cat really see him going big could be wrong but hawks before had buddy rough and gunston and top def went to buddy and rough with hi gone the def will go to gun and rough could be wrong but either way those trades look good

  • Who too field? M.crouch or Ellis, will m.crouch get the green vest or not. Should I play it safe with Ellis? thoughts?

    • I’m pondering this also. Crouch is named last on the interchange and Mitch Grigg has returned (which is who Crouch originally replaced I believe).
      I’m considering playing it safe and fielding Polec.

  • Dahlhaus or Higgins for caddy

  • Trade 1: Titchell to Wright
    Trade 2: Mackie to Sitchell -OR- Shiels to Crouch

    If Shiels to Crouch, I will bench Crouch due to green vest fears and field Polec. Langford will cover Mackie (if he’s a late out).
    If Mackie to Sitchell.. I bench Shiels and field Polec. Slight risk that Mackie might still play.

  • Tyson to Cunningham. .only becaue of rd 8 bye..have SJohnson ablett, cotch, watson, beams, wines, dunstan, polec (tyson, xellis)..I know crouch is the better option but need a rd 9 or rd 10 player for tyson…, please

  • trade 1: hanley to kolo and caddy to chapman or dahlhaus
    trqde 2 : hanley to m. johnson and caddy to fasolo