Counter Attack – Ep. 5, round five

In episode five of The Traders’ NAB AFL Fantasy Podcast, the boys discuss the horror round for a lot of coaches… especially those with Mumford, Hickey, Currie, etc in the ruck and they look ahead to the Easter round of footy.

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  • Thanks lads. Great as always.

  • Cheers lads, always a good listen. Considering Scott Thompson (crows) in this week due to his big score on the weekend and his good draw coming up.

  • Hey Fellas,
    Is there a Rolling Lockout This week due to the Thursday Night game?

  • hey lads where did you find sam Lloyds Breakeven?

  • Cheers lads love your work

  • A twitter conversation I had with Calvin on the 27th of January 2014.

    Hi Calvin, What do you think of Gunston as a POD he does average more than 90 when Buddy didn’t play last season.

    Calvin: yeah interesting. Not bad… Not for me though but he’ll be good you’d think

    Me: Worth taking a gamble on?

    Calvin: 50/50 call. I think there’s better personally. Go for it though if you really want.

    Me: I’ll watch him the Nab and see how he goes, if he really sluts it up I will select him.

    Calvin: good call

    So he did watch him and picked. I thought he might, I did feel sorry for him after last years bad performance.

  • Great as always boys! Thoughts on holding Mumford and rolling dice with Currie as it frees up important trades.

  • Bit of advice guys!!

    I have Mumford but am considering throwing currie if named on my field this weekend and copping whatever score he produces.

    Reason for this is to use my trades to go Scooter —> Rockliff
    Caddy —> Lloyd.

    Am I mad for considering to cop curries score???

    • Toughie, caddy and scooter don’t deserve a place but I don’t think currie does either. Maybe trade mummy and caddy and hopefully scooter can produce something half decent?

    • Luke I’m thinking very similarly.
      I’m going Caddy > Lloyd & Cunningham to Rocky, while holding Mummy.
      He may not play, and I’ll miss out 60 odd points there, but he’ll be one of the highest averaging ruck by the end of the year, and he should only be out for 1 more game. I’m holding.

    • Im considering the same thing, but remember you’ll be holding curries score for at least one week, most likely 2, possibly even 3. The average difference is probably 70 points a game (assuming jacobs is the replacement), and then the fact he might be a late out could cost you up to 300-350+ points over 3 weeks.

      If you don’t trade mummy now, you’re basically saying that you hold him until he returns, and I’m not sure I can trust currie enough for that, despite getting a solid score with a donut this week.

      • Actually Zac Clarke had a decent game… that gives you a second option, but it is only a one off…

  • Thanks guys great listen again.
    Thoughts on doing a couple of sideways trades in the future to fix bye structures?
    Also losing merret just before the bye rounds when his price his max?

    • In the next 2-3 weeks I reckon. Sideways is what a lot of trades will be about this season. Next week on the podcast we’ll discuss bye round trading.

  • Warnie, great work as usual to you and the guys.

    Are you guys coming up to sydney, would be awesome to meet with the guys

    • I was in early May… but then Kanye cancelled (was taking my girlfriend… not really the fan of the Yeezus). Boyfriend of the year some would say… because he cancelled, we decided to continue up to Brisbane to see some of her friends – coincidently the Bombers play at the Gabba that weekend. No Kanye West, now get to see the Bombers. Haha. Win! ;)

      Another time though for sure!

  • Good stuff warnie… Whats ur thoughts on trading tom mitchell to either chappy or parker? Its a gard choice… I know everyone says chappy will be rested throughout the year but he scores very well and has a low break even…. On other hand parker will play every game but doesnt score as high as chappy. Whats your thoughts?

    • I think Chappy will be right up until the Bye round now. This was his rest. Can get through the next 5 games I think.

  • Bloody Caddy!!!!!, he’s gone this week for Fasolo.
    Other trade maybe get rid of Libba for Rocky, but I wouldn’t mind putting in Jaensch but is it too late to get him in now?
    Also who to start this weekend, Dunstan, Polec, or Ellis, whoever seems to be one my bench is guaranteed a 100 I had Polec on the bench on the weekend and Dunstan the week before.

  • Good stuff. I think its too late for crouch in fantasy but who would your drop for him in RDT? Tyson, Dunstan, Polec or Ellis? Atm im leaning towards tyson or ellis because tyson is worth the most and ellis will likely score the least out of the 4.

    On the non luxury side of things, I happen to own both Hanley & Mumford. Am I forced to trade for injuries or can I hold mummy for a week assuming currie gets named?

    Currently ranked 4th overall in RDT not sure whether to trade for points or cash.

    • I’ve gone Ellis to Crouch, has made decent cash and is the least likely to go big.

      Grats on 4th place!

      • all luck (and a week off uni pre round 1). I really want to get crouch, but if i swap ellis out crouch sits at m10, and I lose points due to mumford or hanley injuries. If i swap tyson out then i play crouch and lose 15 points (but get a whole heap more cash for byes…) and have the same problem.

        I guess it boils down to: is crouch worth picking up next week? How much will he rise by compared to ellis/tyson is really all the cash it costs (30-40k max probably). I think I’m going to trade for injuries atm. Unless mumford or hanley get a really good report…

        • Get rid of Cotchin, he’s not a premium, keep the other mids til they fatten fully and pocket 380 grand to upgrade them to Selwood and Pendlebury in round 9.

          I’d get rid of Mummy too if you want to keep that 4th spot, you’ve got no viable cover and not only is he missing at least one match he is a bit hotblooded and has a tendency to get rubbed out.

          • Ohh didn’t think of that. Yeah atm i’m defs going Mummy–> Jacobs, probs hanley –> mitchell / hibberd.

            Cotchin–> Crouch is a good plan it keeps my bye structure (which is decent in mids at least) and cotchin should go big this week so even If i delay it for a week it shouldn’t cost too much.

            Im kicking myself for not starting Jelwood & Pendles, but you could build a whole midfield with a rnd 8 bye and with beams a must i decided against. upgrade targets definitely in sights though.

  • Nice stuff lads – time to jump on Danger or what?

  • Anyone looking for break evens on players under 3 games google ‘too serious’ dreamteam break evens

  • Thoughts on bringing in Josh Jenkins for Caddy? My other forwards are Chapman, Merrett, Zorko, Martin, Lloyd, Ambrose, Fasolo.

  • I might be bias but ill back my boy Crowley as the best tagger in the league. Great listen guys keep up the good work.

  • On the chopping block:
    Kennedy Harris
    Mitchell (Tom)

    Should I bring in dangerfield at the price of 460? Is nick reiwoldt an option even though he can go missing? Should Lloyd come in directly?

  • Hey guys, I’ve gone and made a rookie mistake in my back line and was wondering which of KK, Griffiths, Langdon, Langford and L.McDonald i should get rid of? have 217k too spend. Rest of back line is Mitchell, McVeigh and Enright. Cheers!

  • Caddy and Shiels my two outs at this stage, which duo should I pick to replace them?

    Fasolo & Macrae


    Kennedy-Harris & Rockliff

  • Thoughts on Swallow vs Jaensch?

  • is patrick ambrose going to play again anytime soon?

  • R.Shaw or langdon. who should i play round 5