Buy wine online at


We’ve just purchased some wine from our friends at and it was a smooth and easy experience. They have the biggest range in the country with over 4,200 wines to choose from and best of all there is a wide range of styles, varieties and price points offering something for every taste and budget.

With some products discounted by as much as 70% you will enjoy the super sharp prices just as much as us. Plus, there is lots of helpful information and expert reviews to help you decide what to buy.

A great feature of the site is Cracka’s Falling Price Auctions where wine price drops until everything is sold. You can also create your own mixed cases via the DIY Mixed Dozen feature.

With Easter and Anzac Day approaching, it’s a great time stock up on some bottles. Delivery takes between 2-3 days in metro areas


Head on over to and enter the voucher code of DREAMTALK25 to receive $25 off your purchase (for terms and terms and conditions, visit

When you buy from Cracka, you’re supporting the wine makers, not the greedy supermarkets.


  • Advertising alcohol and gambling, no Thursday live show, the season tab still reads “season 2013”, this website is degenerating.

    • Understand your concerns, Andy. Alcohol and gambling have been part of keeping this site ticking since day dot. As for no Thursday live show, we unfortunately have no time to do this with our new AFL gig as we do a live chat on Thursday evening for the teams and then film a video that goes up on afterwards (this was to be a live show, but unfortunately it won’t be for the time being). And thanks – updated that tab at the top to say 2014.

      • The advertising for alcohol and gambling has never been at this level. Trying to get a beer sponsor for your show and an article about wine are two different things. Do you really think it’s such a good idea with so many kids likely on this site?

        BTW the Thursday show was the highlight here and it was likely driving most of your new traffic through here. It was a bit of fun and informative. Most of all you guys genuinely enjoyed doing it. Now you guys just appear to be spokesmen for AFL Fantasy. I’m not buying that you don’t have the time, most likely an agreement/strategy with the AFL. You’ve been called on it a number of times and your answers have been ‘safe’ yet unsatisfactory.

        I understand that you need to show your allegiance to the game that you are promoting but I can assure you that you are losing much of your loyal followers taking this path. It’s these loyal followers that you will need if/when the AFL finally pulls the pin on your agreement.

        Anyway that’s my take on it…

        • If we wanted to, we could do a live show… there is nothing in the agreement that says we can’t for the record. As I said, that was the original plan for the AFL gig. But they have their own thurs show no

          Time is the factor – if we’re doing a live chat from 6:00-6:45 on a Thursday night, planning, shooting, editing and uploading a video between 7:00-9:00pm, then there isn’t enough time for us to do our own. Believe it or not, we’re not getting life changing money from the AFL… so we still have day jobs, wives, girlfriends, kids and a life to lead.

          Not going to win with the gambling and alcohol argument…