My Team 2014: Round 4

myteamv30articleNo matter which games you’re playing, you’ve only got two trades to use per week from now on. In AFL Fantasy Classic, you have two each week with no cap… whereas in Real Dream Team and SuperCoach, you have a limit of 30 for the season.

Discuss your team, strategy, different players, etc in this post. Please offer constructive criticism and if you’re wanting advice, make sure you’re joining in the conversation with others.

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  • Crouch, Polec or Ellis on field?

  • Current forward line:

    D. Martin, M. LeCras, J. Gunston, L. Dahlhaus, J. Merrett, J. Caddy / P. Ambrose, G. Rohan

    Looking to trade out LeCras & Dahlhaus

    Trying to decided between:

    P. Chapman & L. Parker
    L. Breust & L. Parker
    L. Breust & B. Harvey


  • georgiou -> s.mitchell
    Rohan/Ambrose -> fasolo?

    • if you can afford to trade Georgiou to S. Mitchell
      then go ambrose to premium?!

      • ambrose is on my bench and caddy is f6

        • yeah but if you have enough $$ to go Georgiou- S. Mitchell then go caddy to premium and use the cash you have left over to get fasolo next week

  • Caddy 2 Merrett or Rohan to L.Taylor?

    • Merrett.
      But I’m sorta biased. I HAD to go LeCras to Merrett, and am keeping Caddy for another week, otherwise I would have done the same

  • DEF: hibberd, enright, suckling, birchal, swallow, griffiths (landford, georgui)
    MIDS: pendals, watson, gaz, cotchin, beams, shiels, tyson, polec (ellis, langdon)
    RUCKS: sandi, mummy (currie, thurlow)
    FWDS: martin, caddy, parker, dahlhaus, zorko, gunston (ambrose, taylor)

    Cos mcevoy & dahlhaus not named had to swap my trades.

    trades i did:
    mcevoy – mummy
    rohan – taylor


  • Def : Mcveigh , Bartel , Suckling , D. Swallow , Laidler , Simpson ( T.Mcdonald A. Georgious

    Mids : Ablett (c) Pendlebury , Polec , Beams , Rockliff , Ellis , Cotchin , Shiels ( Langdon and Tyson

    Rucks Sandlilands , Hickey (thurlow , currie)

    Forwards : Dangerfield , Martin , Parker , Wright , Caddy , Rohan (Ambrose and Kennedy Harris
    trades i completed: Parker for Lecras

    Thoughts and comments? thanks

  • Field – Polec or Ellis in the midfield?

    Stuck on that one.

  • FWD: Riewoldt, Martin, Mitchell, Wright, Merrett, Caddy (Wingard, Rohan)

    Trades were: Ambrose > Merrett (putting Wingard on the bench)
    Also downgraded Callum Sinclair > D. Currie (ruck bench)

    Next week: Caddy > Fasolo (bench) …. And Wingard back on the ground

    Is this too risky?

  • Hickey is out…will it ever end??

    • so with Lecras and Dahlahus to deal with and now Hickey…do I want Rohan or Currie/Derrickx on the field?? If Rohan even plays?

  • Def: Hanley, Suckling, McVeigh, Hibberd, Swallow, Griffiths (Langdon, Langford)

    Mid: J.Selwood, Cotchin, Beams, Watson, Macrae, Shiells, Tyson, Dunstan (Ellis, Polec)

    Ruc: Cox, Sandilands (Currie, Derickx)

    Fwd: Lecras, Zorko, Titchell, Martin, Caddy, Wright (Ambrose, Rohan)

    Only got 3k cash.

    Have done Lecras to Merrett and Rohan to Fasolo, leaves 38k, thoughts? Or are there better trades?

  • Hickey out my team is cooked!!

  • DEF: McVeigh, Hibberd, Swallow, suckling, Jaensch, Langdon (Langford, Griffiths)
    MID: Ablett, pendlebury, Watson, Cotchin, Beams, Shiels, Tyson, Polec (Cunnignham, Ellis)
    RUCK: Sandilands, Hickey (Derickx, Currie)
    FWD: Martin, Wingard, Mitchell, lecras, Dahlhaus, Caddy (Rohan, Ambrose)

    Cash: $90,879

    Thoughts on trades i’m really stuck now with Hickey out

    • Same boat. I’m def going lecras to merrett. Considering rohan might not even play I’m looking at dahlhaus out and having to take a currie score.

    • You gonna have to take currie and trade to of your injured forwards and hope rohan plays

    • Derickx or Currie on field for Hickey, Lecras-Danger and Ambrose-Fasolo. Hold WIngard and Dahlhaus who both should return next week. Your in a very unlucky position this week, just think ahead, cop this wk on the chin and don’t make decisions that will only be quick fixes for this week.

      • i’m thinking of downgrading ambrose to sam lloyd next week if he goes well should i wait on getting rid of ambrose to next week because i’m thinking of going lecras to danger and dahlhaus to merrett

  • Ranked 1000 overall.

    Someone needs to give me some advice maybe. I have Hickey and I really want Crouch the only way to get him to mumford and getting crouch is to trade Tyson out even tho he’s a good player I’ll still have Polec and Ellis on the bench and playing Crouch sound like a good idea?

    • Def: Mcveigh, Bartel, Swallow, Bugg, Suckling, Langdon. (Georgiou, Langford)

      Mid: Ablett, Watson, Cotchin, Kornes, Beams, Shiels, Tyson, (Polec, Ellis)

      Ruck: Hickey, Sandy.

      Fwd: Chappy, Roo, Boomer, Caddy, Mitchell, Zorko, (Rohan, Ambrose)

      What trades should I do? I really wanna get in Crouch and Mummy this round who to trade out?

      $60,000 bank.

      • This is left field – If in Fantasy – How bout trading Cotchin out for a week and getting in someone cheaper like Dunstan…?
        Cotch will cop the tag from McCaffer.

  • Any ideas who to trade for Dahlhaus?? 536,055 I can use to spend on the trade. I’m thinking either Parker or Dangerfield?? Any other suggestions? My FWD line is: zorko, Gunston, Merret, dahlhaus, Martin, caddy (JKH, G.Rohan)

  • I am one lucky man as I have no Hickey, Titch, Lecras, Daulhaus, Wingard. If you have more than 3 of them I’d suggest possibly fielding your R3, whether that be Derickx or Currie. I mean the forward line is carnage and surely the rucks can wait a week. Thoughts?

  • Need Help:

    Def: McVeigh,Bartel,Hibberd,Enright,Suckling,Langdon(Langford,Georgiou)
    Mid: Ablett,Pendles,Beams,Cotchin,Watson,Macrae,Tyson,Polec(Ellis,Gleeson)
    Ruck: Hickey,Sandi (Currie,Derickx)
    Fwd: Martin,T.Mitchell,Zorko,Gunston,Caddy,Higgins(AMbrose,Rohan)

    Confident enright won’t play. Do i go him to either Jaensch or B.Griffiths
    and Caddy > Merret or Danger.
    Or get rid of hickey for Mummy.

    Please help.

  • Is it too late to get on Merrett as a ‘stepping stone’?

    • -2 BE this week so this is your last chance.

      • @Modern Marvel

        What do you think of this?

        FWD: Riewoldt, Martin, Mitchell, Wright, Merrett, Caddy (Wingard, Rohan)

        Trades Were: Ambrose > Merrett (putting Wingard on the bench)
        C. Sincair > D. Currie (bench rucks)

        Next week: Caddy > Fasolo (bench) … And Wingard back on the ground

        Is this too risky?

        • Na I don’t see any real risk in that. Caddy-Fasolo should net you 120k next week and getting on Merrett now will allow you to sideways him to a premium in a fortnight. Seems like a solid plan mate, stick with it.

  • Dalhaus > Merrett
    Hickey > Jacobs


    Dalhaus > Fasolo
    Hickey > mumford

    tom hickey has ruined all my plans :(

    • depends on where dahlhaus is for you. if hes is f5 or f6 go option 2 if hes f4 or above go option 1

    • first option…

      think jacobs is a underrated ruck. has been scoring well and with the draw the crows having coming he will dominate

  • since wingard is out i am putting him on my bench and trading frost to someone to play F6 for me for one week who should i get
    (C) Sam Lloyd

  • nroo pendles or jobe as captain?

  • Any news on if Chappy will play or not?

  • will enright play this week?

  • mcevoy – mummy
    dahlhaus – merrett

  • what peoples thoughts on Jacobs?

    he has been scoring well and has a nice draw coming up

    thinking of going mcevoy – jacobs as i feel everyone is getting mummy and jacobs could be a good POD.

    • yeah im in the same boat
      i dont mind Jacobs as POD

      mumford is a great ruck option but he hasnt come up against a quality good ruckman as yet

      Round 1: Sydney and was up against mike pyke (who he basically took under his wing and taught him most things) and also up against his old side, where he would have always wanted to perform well

      Round 2: St Kilda and was up against Hickey who is only young and still learning even though hickey done well mumford still had a dominant game

      Round 3: Melbourne and was up against Spencer another inexperienced ruckman

      so given he is an experienced ruckman he should of torn those ruckman apart in which he did, but the real question is seeing how he goes this week against minson and next week against jacobs.


  • Looking to trade out LeCras & Dahlhaus

    Trying to decided between:

    P. Chapman & L. Parker
    L. Breust & L. Parker
    L. Breust & B. Harvey


  • Jacobs over Mumford considering crows play Saints, Gws, Bulldogs, Melbourne?

    • +1. im thinking the same

      • Yeah but I’m scared because Mumford is smashing it but Jacobs could smash the next 4 game.. #Scared.

    • saints – noone
      gws – mumford, he will be lucky to get a hitout
      dogs – minson, same as above
      melb – noone

      probably the 2 highest tapout ruckmen in the next 4 weeks, he doesnt get many as it is.

      2 easy games and 2 hard

      comapred to mummy

      dogs – good history on minson
      crows – will most likely monster jacobs
      gc – will monster
      port – lobbe has been very average
      wc – tough game

      im going mummy cuz he reliable wiht his hitouts and doesnt rely on possession to get big scores, but when he does gets touches he goes huge

  • Mumford and Rohan or Fasolo and Currie

  • Is rohan just out for one week?

  • should i trade dahlhaus – merrett?


    caddy – merrett
    which means i have to field Rohan.

  • Option 1. Dangerfield in this week then upgrade mids next week or
    Option 2. Merret in this week, Dangerfield next week (only 4 Premo mids next week)

    Forward line before trades: (Nroo, Martin, Harvey, Zorko, Caddy, Rohan, Ambrose, Kersten)

  • love this

  • Does anyone know how long Ambrose is going to be out for and why is Hickey out?

  • which one should i do?

    option 1: Cunningham –> Dylan Buckley
    then Hickey –> Jacobs
    $25,000 left over


    option 2: Caddy –> Fasolo
    then Hickey –> Mumford
    $50,000 left over

    (fasolo will be f6 and buckley would be on the bench)

  • Should I get in Parker, Chapman or Danger?

  • I have to say this supercoach is a better by far a game to play if you have any players get hurt 30 4 mins prior to the game you can swap them over ith a guy on the bench what a joke fantasy is they say they have improved it where its crap how unfair is it to all players who have mummy and no back up ruck man what a joke

    • yeah, it’s a joke that you can’t build a full squad to cover for late outs

  • and one more thing all those people who have been given a hard time by that idiot Icome7thlastyear he has the worst team in history my gf would make a better team then his he has caddy as cap what a idiot and he says everyone has a bad team sorry but caddy and he has no gaz what a idiot and he also has m walters in his team the guys out for the year so if he every gives anyone a hard time tell him to fuck off as the guy knows nothing about picking a team I can pick more holes in his team then swiss cheese

  • got 1518 with 6 huge scorers left hope they score huge have McVeigh Watson dunston sanderlands roo and j merret hopeing for 2300 t 2400 these guys I have left I hope score over 145 to 150 each hope please let them score that much y fwd libe was terrible this round and with mummy pullig out not happy

  • that’s my