Breaking Even – Ep. 4, round four

After our first head-to-head matches, Roy, Calvin and Warnie discuss the ups and downs of the round just gone, analyse the break evens, answer some Twitter questions and look ahead to round four.

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  • Great Stuff boys. You have confirmed my trade from LeCras to Merrett.

    Cheers guys

  • What is a better combination??

    Zorko and Merrett


    Roo and fasolo

    Thoughts would be appreciated

  • I’ve got the dilemna of having Lecras in the team. Also had ambrose as F6 and as now hes injured, im going to put him on my bench and trade out gary rohan who was on my bench. So the trades are:

    Lecras > ? I have enough salary cap to get anyone. After listening to the podcast Zorko might be the option. What do you guys reckon?
    Rohan > Fasolo?

  • I had Jackson Merrett in my side from my first draft. Showed lots of potential at end of last season and scored very well in the pre-season.

  • Who’s the best option for lecras?
    Chapman is apparently not going to make he trip over to freo and I already have merret

  • Caddy – Hold or Trade??

    • I’ve had enough of him but got rid of Titchell instead. Giving him one more week hopefully Selwood will cop his brother as a tag and Caddy can get stuck in. Don’t know why he isn’t performing was looking good in the first 1/4 at the weekend.

  • caddy and lecras
    chappy and zorko sound good??

    • Chappy apparently not flying west so keep an eye on that.

      • I’d go Caddy & LeCras to Zorko & Parker. Or even consider taking a risk with Danger, looking at his fixtures for the next 4 games.

  • Great podcast as usual boys :)

  • need to replace lecras and chapman… got 84k if needed… who should i get??

  • Great podcast fellas, and i’m going a bit off topic here but can anyone explain why in afl fantasy when you go to the rankings page, the players points total for the round is totally different to their points total for the round if you view their team.

  • bucket cup fantasy , join now 234K46JK

  • My midfield is Stevie J, Pendles, Beams, Watson, Cotchin, Ollie wines, D.tyson and luke dunstan. (with Polec and Ellis on the bench)

    How much of a priority is it to get ablett in? should i be patient?

    If i dont find a way to get him in, then my 2 trades will be Enright or Birchall to Jaensch and Caddy to Merrett. good trades?

    • @Hoff, I would not pick Ablett until at least the start of round 9. You already have 4 guns missing due to their round 8 bye, surely you don’t want another. I can’t say your proposed trades are good without knowing your team line up, although Caddy to Merrett will make you some cash short term.

      • Thanks Dulficy. heres my line up.

        Swallow, Birchall, Guthrie, Enright, Suckling, Langdon (Griffiths, Langford)

        Stevie J, Pendles, Watson, Beams, Cothchin, Ollie wines, D.tyson, Dunstan (Polec, Ellis)

        Mumford, Sandi (currie, Thurlow)

        Martin, Titchell, Wingard, Dahlhaus, Gray, Caddy (rohan, Ambrose)

        thinking bout leaving caddy in and trading titchell for merrett instead.

        • @Hoff, really like your backline, Guthrie will be a very decent player, I like the way he goes about it. Mids, very strong, Wines reminds me of Greg Williams with a lot more pace, potentially a star in the making. Rucks very solid. Tough decisions needed for the forward line, there isn’t much to bring in, Merrett will generate good cash in the short term, N Roo still an excellent pick and with your team, I would be trying to get him in. Very strong team, good luck.

      • sorry Dulcify**

  • Langdon, swallow, Hibberd, Suckling, Jaensch, Birchall (Langford, georgiou)

    Macrae, Dunstan, Tyson, Shiels, Beams, Cotchin, Watson, Ablett (Cunningham, Polec)

    Mummy, Sandi (Derrickx, Currie)

    Wingard, Titchell, Parker, Caddy, Nroo, Chappy (Hunter, Rohan)

    scored 2299 last week, no injuries, so really luxury trades this week.
    Curious to see what suggestions people have.

    drop caddy for ?? bring hunter off the bench and upgrade a mid?

    • thinking caddy for ambrose
      sheil for rocky

    • my bad, wrong thread.

    • Wingard, Chappy and Titchell all may miss this week so might force trades there (possibly to Dangerfield or Zorko??)
      Otherwise some suggestions:
      Cunningham > Crouch
      Langford > Kolodjashnij
      Cotchin > Rockliff/J.Selwood
      Hunter on the bench seems a waste so could downgrade him or Caddy to someone like Lewis Taylor to free cash

      They’re my best suggestions

  • Warnie, Calvin & Roy talk about their overall ranking on AFL Fantasy. How do I find out my ranking? I can’t find it.

  • I want to do the same trade that Warnie is doing in AFL Fantasy…. i.e Georgiou out for Matt Crouch via Langdon moving from midfield to backline. I have absolutely no idea how to do it! Last year was easy but this year is different….

    Warnie, could you please explain on behalf of AFL Fantasy how this is done!?

    • the dpp trades are easy. just make a trade like normal and it should ask you if you want to do a 3 player trade moving your player from one position to another – this will only use up ONE of your TWO trades. hope that helps…..

  • how is everyone approaching the Round 8-10 Byes, are you making trades now to cover for any gaps?

    my team is:

    McVeigh, Swallow, Suckling, Langdon, Griffiths, Hanley (Langford, R Shaw)

    Ablett, Watson, Pendles, Beams, Shiels, Tyson, Zorko, Murphy (Ellis, Polec)

    Jacobs, Sandi (Derrickx, Currie)

    Wingard, Dangerfield, Dahlhaus, Caddy, LeCras, Ambrose (Bock, Rohan)

    I have since used one trade to move Zorko into the fwds to replace Lecras and brought in Rockliff. Happy to give Caddy as I think he can improve and avg at least 70-80 and just trade him out for Rd 8, but my fwd line is a bit weak with Ambrose, Rohan + Bock! Any suggestions much appreciated….!?!?

    Will keep Danger and Jacobs until their Round 8 bye; $110k in the bank as well

  • Cheers Crisis it worked!!

  • Probably one of the few people with Caddy, Merrett and Wright in my team before this week.

    Stumped on caddy. Do I keep him, playing the eagles at Kardinia or move him on for someone else?


    • depends what the rest of your team looks like and how many other GEE players you have, catering for the byes?

      • My team is doing okay atm. Caddy is my only cats player.

        Def- McVeigh Hibberd Hanley Langdon Suckling Swallow. (Langford Georgiou)

        Mid- Ablett, Watson, Cotchin, Beams, Vince, Dunstan, Macrae, Tyson (Polec, Ellis)

        Ruck- Mumford Sandilands (Currie Thurlow)

        Fwd- Wingard, Martin, Mitchell, Wright, Caddy, Merrett (Rohan, Ambrose)

        135K to play with, thinking Zorko but can’t trust him against Port in SA.

  • My team is doing okay atm. Caddy is my only cats player.

    Def- McVeigh Hibberd Hanley Langdon Suckling Swallow. (Langford Georgiou)

    Mid- Ablett, Watson, Cotchin, Beams, Vince, Dunstan, Macrae, Tyson (Polec, Ellis)

    Ruck- Mumford Sandilands (Currie Thurlow)

    Fwd- Wingard, Martin, Mitchell, Wright, Caddy, Merrett (Rohan, Ambrose)

    135K to play with, thinking Zorko but can’t trust him against Port in SA.

    • I reckon Zorko will be good. Port play a very open, attacking playing style which means limited tagging and mids can get good scores against them. Also, no Rich means Zorko should definitely get more midfield time. I’m bringing him in this week.
      I personally am wary of Wright so would trade him to Zorko, but Mitchell may be injured and force you to trade him

  • Any suggestions on what my trades should be!! Got 860k I’m bank,

    I was thinking on going!

    Michie- rockliff and rohan- Nroo
    Help please

    Def: swallow, suckling, mcveigh, Griffiths, McDonald, Mitchell( Langford, Webster)

    Mid: Ablett, beams, liba, Dunstan, Tyson, Langdon, polec, aish( x Ellis, michie)

    Ruck: sandi, cox( currie, derickx)

    Forward: Parker, Martin, roughy, caddy, impey, rohan( Kennedy Harris, McDonough)

  • Backs : hibberd Mackie jaensch Langdon swallow Hanley emrgs georgiou and Langford

    Mids macrae, trelour, Dunstan,Tyson,polec,Watson and s, Johnson emrgs gleeson and Ellis

    Forwards N.riewolt , B.Harvey, J. Merrit, varcoe,Chapman, zorko emrgs Ambrose, rohan

    Rucks Mumford and sandilands emrgs Currie and dericx

    Any suggestions on possible moves guys pretty happy but always room for improvement

  • Was thinking fasolo in the forwards somehow with ambrose and chappy in doubt really want suckling or rockcliffe in somehow as well suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  • Thinking ambrose out fasolo in
    Hibberd out suckiling in mainly for guarantee of breaking even

    Or another option Stevie j out rockliffe in or beams for rockcliffe

    Thoughts suggestions?

  • Hi all is anyone having serious trouble with the app?? Tried to reverse my trades and now my team is stuck unable to trade and supposedly invalid? Tried to contact fan hub but have heard nothing back.

  • I just did my trades and reversed them aswell on my app so its just you