The Numbers: Round 2

TheNumbersAfter what was quite possibly the longest off-season of AFL football ever (with an extended trade period of free-agency speculation, more draft coverage than ever before, an NAB practice-match-round-robin-eighteen-day Challenge, and the terribly designed split opening-round), it was good to finally have 9 games in 5 days in the 2nd round of football.

If you are new to The Numbers, welcome. Fronted  by McRath last year, this is where we look at the stats which matter, the figures that effected your round, and the numbers that really shouldn’t, but often do, either make or break our weekend.

Without further ado, I bring you The Numbers!

1 – The number of people who were upset by the retirement of Dr Dream Team into AFL obscurity. That one person? Dr Dream Team himself. Thankfully for the rest of us, he has been replaced by Dream Team Talk’s own ‘The Traders’. Well done Warnie, Roy & Calvin; it’s about time you hard work paid off.

2 – The number of players to score 150+ this round. Both Scott Pendlebury & Steve Johnson smashed out mammoth scores in a round where so many failed. It you made them captain, you’d have scored over 300 points from the one player. That’s massive when other captain options like Ablett & Swan failed to manage anything respectable.

3 – The number of platforms most coaches are running with this year. In a shake-up that saw Virtual Sports become a stand-alone platform with Real Dream Team, the AFL brought in a new player to run their AFL Fantasy competition, Fan Hub. Combined with Super Coach, it now takes more time than ever to manage teams, double check captains, find the right trades and check your rankings.

4 – The number of teams that could be undefeated after the first three rounds. Port Adelaide, Geelong, and two of either Hawthorn or Fremantle and West Coast and St Kilda will be hoping to have the dream start to 2014.

5 – The number of teams that could be winless after the first three rounds. Carlton, Brisbane, Melbourne, the Western Bulldogs and one of Sydney or Adelaide are all staring down the barrel of a horror start. For Sydney (vs. Adelaide) & Carlton (vs. Essendon) especially, the phrase “must win game” is an understatement given their pre-season expectations.

14 – The number of disposals Jack Zeibell has had in his pat two matches. If you picked him as a point of difference, I’d look at trading. He’s going to drop in price soon in Super Coach or Real Dream Team, and the match review panel favourite is looking a long way from his best.

16 – The number of players priced above $500,000 in AFL Fantasy who couldn’t crack 100+ last week.

28 – The number of players priced above $500,000 in Real Dream Team who couldn’t crack 100+ last week. What happened to our premiums?

 48 – Tbetta’s boy Scooter Selwood was supposed to go sky high against the Demons on Sunday, with some expecting a captains knock of astronomical proportions. But five free kicks against and a bit of attention (and lack of interest) saw him manage one of his lowest scores in the past few seasons. That’s a miserable 96 points if you made him your captain.

58 – Hit-outs achieved by Aaron Sandilands in the wet against the Suns. The big man was just one of a few under-priced ruckmen to go big this week, with Shane Mumford (132) and Tom Hickey (119) also proving their worth. Between Hickey & Sandilands (104) alone, you would have been looking at beautiful 225 points from your ruckmen.

93 – The margin that Melbourne lost by to the Eagles on Sunday afternoon. In a match that was nothing short of painful to watch, possibly even for West Coast supporters, Melbourne just couldn’t get going. Will they be able to turn it around this week against an improved GWS side?

223 – The combined total of the leading Defender in AFL Fantasy & Real DT; Cale Hooker. Yup. Cale Hooker is the leading points getter in the backline. Ugh. Our defenders are doing horrible. I mean, Shaun Burgoyne (211), Matthew Jaensch (208), David Swallow (203) & James Frawley (201) round out the top five. Why do we even bother picking backmen!?

276 – The combined total of the leading AFL Fantasy & Real DT player; Nathan Jones. Wow. Really? Despite getting smashed on the scoreboard, the Demons appear to be sticking to their game plan of maintaining possession as much as possible before they turn it over for the other team to score. That is the plan right Roos? Either way, this has Nathan Jones, Bernie Vince & Dom Tyson racking up the points through the midfield. Can it last?

4,496 – The combined total of the leading coach in Real Dream Team after two rounds. WINNERS & LOSERS scored a massive 2,276 last week to take the lead. Wait. 2,276 last week? Oh come on. He probably has Cale Hooker & Nathan Jones as first picked. No wonder he uses that team name! But seriously, good work.

4,592 – The combined total score of the leader, Bradiculous, in AFL Fantasy after two rounds. How? 4,592!? I can’t even right now. That’s like an average of, well, a lot, each week. Who’s your captain Brad, Clint Jones (averaging 116.5)? I need a drink.

83,220 – The price rise that Dom Tyson saw last round in AFL Fantasy. Averaging a crisp 113.5pts from two games, if you don’t have Dom in your team AND on your field, trade him in right now. This article can wait. This is not a drill; the kid has superstar written all over him.

99,999 – The estimated number of customer complaint emails forwarded by the AFL to Fan Hub HQ these past two weeks. Poor buggers. I almost feel sorry for them. Almost. But I don’t. So if you want to make yourself heard, you can find them at @FanHubAFL on twitter or the ‘Contact Us’ link on the site. By all means let them know what you think. Just don’t take it out on The Traders, the only bugs those hard working boys have are, well… never mind.

And that’s it.

Did I miss some numbers? Do you think I’m too harsh on Cale Hooker? Why does my cat bite my face whilst I’m sleeping? Tell me in the comments section below, or send me a tweet @RLGriffin85 if you find something of interest. Until next week, don’t forget; it’s just a game of numbers!


  • Great work Griff, spot on about FanHub calamity but not taking it out on the Traders.
    Really unsure what to do this week (AF). Trades I am contemplating as per below. What order would you prioritise them? Help much appreciated.
    1) Suckling to Jaensch
    2) LeCras to Zorko
    3) Caddy to Dalhaus
    4) Higgins to Dalhaus
    5) Rohan to L Taylor (he can find the ball and wow Aish is going to be a star).

    Don’t have enough cash for preferred options 1) and 4) so leaning towards 1) and 2), although LeCras hasn’t done anything wrong.

    • They are a bit panicky dont ya think? there is virtually no difference, yet, between zorko and Lekka. Suckling has been a little quiet, but for the price paid he is still doing alright and will only improve. Caddy or Higgins could be options to offload, and I would trade out rohan. he’s a good F7/8 as he has great job security.

      Chill bro!

    • Pretty rash for me. I wouldn’t ditch Suckling, even though i’ve got Jaensch. LeCras scared me with a poor first half, and 81 against melbourne is like 50 against a good team. I’d go him to Zorko and Higgins to Dahlhaus if you can afford it

    • Can we get Serenity Now writing the new Knee Jerk article please?

      • Yes they seem jerky but I can’t really think of anything else to incrementally improve my team. Do I just not use the trades this week?
        I realise there is a team thread for this but what else could be done?
        Ranked 99th at present.
        B: McVeigh, Hibberd, Swallow, Simpson, Suckling, Langdon (Langford, Griffiths)
        M: Ablett, Watson, Beams, Cotchin, Shiels, McRae, Tyson, Polec (Dunstan, Ellis)
        R: Sandi, Mummy (Currie, Derickx)
        F: Riewoldt, Martin, LeCras, T Mitch, Caddy, Higgins (Rohan, Ambrose)
        Cash: $20K

        Happy to help with any q’s you guys have.

        Serenity now……..insanity later.

        • You’ll probably use a trade on Rohan this round. Nice team, very similar to mine. You’d want to look at getting the likes of Pendles, Jaensch or Zorko in although you may miss the boat.

          Should of called yourself Lloyd Braun (for all the Seinfeld lovers)

        • I really like Dahlhaus over Higgins, not sure if you can afford it though.

  • Does anyone know why Cole Hooker has these numbers? A role change?

    Great article Griff

    • He’s taken 26 marks already this year. the style of footy bomber thompson wants them chipping the ball around as long as he keeps taking marks he’ll keep scoring well.

  • My Backline reads
    Hibberd, Enright, Simpson
    Suckling, Langford, Langdon
    Emergency’s Griffiths Georgiou

    I am thinking of Tradeing out Enright and Langdon for Jeanch and Swallow as I have enough money, the problem I have is that Enright scores are ok against Collingwood.

    Backline is the weakest in my team, so what I am asking is am I doing the right thing.

    • If Enright is a doubt for this week, by not doing this, you risk playing 3 rookies on ground.

      • Its a wait and see on Enright. If he plays i’ll be keeping him. If not he’ll be out the door.

  • Great article Griff (y)

    Speaking of numbers; if anybody wants another AFL Fantasy Classic league to join: XTWKLYXF.

  • Speaking of numbers….has anyone worked out the formula used in AFL Fantasy to calculate a player’s weekly price ?

    ps Good work Griff

    • no shit! Shouldn’t be charging us $20 for a broken product! Value Predictor = Coming Soon! That option should be there shouldn’t it, not after we’ve started a season, scores are coming through and we’re not sure on rookie prices rises! Consistency = Coming Soon. Coaches Form = Coming Soon Form = Coming Soon. What good is B/E if we don’t know the value for the price rise?

    • I’ve found this: and this:

      Ignore the “dream_team” in the URL because it seems to be for Fantasy. Not sure how they worked it out or how accurate it is, but it does have the price rises that we’ve already had and (correct me if I’m wrong because I don’t have assistant coach) it does have the right BEs.

      Seems to also have a feature for adding your own watchlist (which could just be your entire team). Seems a much better deal than paying $20 for sweet FA.

  • Think I’ll read your stuff all year. Not bad.

    I feel that the main thing , this week, is to make sure the emergencies are all good money spinners.
    Get rid of non-players immediately. But first, check out the rookies who were vested in R1 & 2 who
    should get games in R3 eg Lewis Taylor.

    Please, contradictory advice welcome.

  • I guess this applies more to RDT than AFLFantasy – yes?

  • Little early to look ahead to 2015, but missing the right rookies from now on in AFL Fantasy is going to mean you just can’t win. Impossible to make correction trades and catch up.

    Take two rookies at the $135K mark. You pick the one who gets 50, the other gets 100.
    In RDT or Supercoach you realise the mistake and fix. In AFL Fantasy the players are now $20K diff in price and fixing your team with the early corrections becomes a nightmare.

    Lots of people saying that AFL Fantasy is the easy game etc. Perhaps it will actually become the hardest or luckiest because you must start with the perfect rookies, then jump ship to the new rookies in their first week throughout season at correct times to keep cash generation going. Otherwise you will just fall further and further behind someone else.

    If there is a free hit next yr this will mitigate somewhat, but if not….

  • Great article Griff. Just what a needed to perk me up on a Wednesday arvo.

  • Nice article. Think I’m going to have to keep Scooter as I have Barlow and Enright. Hopefully last week was just an off week and he can redeem himself. Lesson learned keep calm lock Swan. That’s not right it’s now keep calm lock Pendles.

  • how do you reverse trades in fantasy?