Round 2 Lockout Chat

lockoutDiscuss the round as it progresses in the comments. Post your scores at the completion of games but be sure to indicate how many players have played, including your captain. Follow the live scores all weekend via Chad’s DT Live website.

Round 2 Live Fantasy Scores


  • Just got home after a long one to find my team has absolutely killed it and cracked the top 100! Made my night.

    1941/18 with Bartel, Zorko, Caddy and Tyson to come. Big thanks to Riewoldt Senior, an inspired pick. What a unique to have at only 12% ownership. Barlow instead of Cotch, Pendles (C) instead of Ablett (C) and getting the big Mummy were all masterstrokes. Wouldn’t be happy with less than 2300 from here… stoked.

    The one stain to my name is Matty Write though, probably the 1 player who gives me no shot at the weekly now. I just wanted to ride your $$ matty you weren’t a long term thing anyway, although an 80 would have saved your spot in my team.

  • I’m in rdt with the swan dilemma so harder to trade him out than in fantasy. i’ve got to way up the fact that he played a dominant freo where he hobbled his way to 97 and played Sydney where he always struggles but was still very worrying as he was really hobbling. He then comes up against Geelong next who he has a bad record against with a low of 68 and a high of 116 in the last 3 years. With a massive b/e set to be around 200 and me having no Watson or Pendlebury is it worth sideways trading?

    • I would trade him mate, he really doesn’t look right. Pendles is a safe choice.

  • 1587 with 6 to go (Capt. already played)

  • 1558 with C.Enright, S.Selwood, D.Tyson, D.cox, J.Darling and Josh Caddy

    what shoukd i get? (looking for about 2050)

    • Enright, Caddy and Cox wouldn’t have helped your cause. What did you end up with?

  • What do we reckon my chances are of getting 350 out of Higgins, Caddy, Tyson and Boyd to get to 2000 in Fantasy?

    • maybe slightly less than even money?

    • I think you may fall about 30-50 points short

      • Yeah I think so, however I still remember Boyd smashing out big scores against us in the past- actually looking at it now his last few scores v us not including last year with his injuries have been 162, 115, 102, 108 and 145 – woweee!

  • 1686 with scooter, libba, enright, zorko, lecras & Tyson to go. Hoping for 2200+

  • 1816 with enrigh, macrae, tyson, lecras and caddy to go

  • Pendlebury Captain in SC, Fantasy and RealDT ;) Calvin who?

    This proves I was right when I locked in Pendles at the end of last year to have a better 2014 than Swan. Usually don’t too my own horn but I am a frickin genius.

  • Ranked 689. 1788 with Jelwood, Mackie, Tyson & Dahlhaus to come.

  • am i the only one who was screwed over by hodge?

    • I had him in one of my 5 teams on footytips but that’s all. Too injury prone for the serious teams.

  • What are folks doing with Dangerfield in RDT? He is my main problem child at the moment but trades are so valuable…

    • i say stick with him. He is a jet and should come around eventually. You’ll only be trading him back into your team later in the year.

    • To save 2 trades and for saving about $50-70k I would keep him in RDT. You will want him back later on in the season

    • Keeping him. Not worth a knee jerk trade. He should come good.

  • Don’t understand the rankings – are the up to date as it doesn’t make sense considering my ranking and score compared to others on here

    I have 1819 with Enright, Tyson, LeCras, Zorko and Caddy left. Says I have a projected score of 1921 (hardly likely – I think I could make 2200 at least) and have a round rank of 8542.

    Am I missing something?

    • they are strange rankings. I think it is up to date so it is continually changing during the round

  • is jaensch looking like a breakout player?

  • Usually I like to leave it a few weeks before i fuck up my entire DT for the year. Free Hit last week pretty respectable 2289. Come Friday night, Oh Mitchell is out … no worries lets get him out (even though iv’e got an emergency score of 71) … hmmm Birchall was good last week … maybe he’s goig to be back to his consistent best … hmmm he burnt you badly next year … you said ‘never again’ … yep, nah Birchall … lock him in … That is all

  • Pav BIrhcall Rohan Langford Suckling.

    Pav and Birchall need to go but dont know who for

  • Is there a price change this round already.

    • At the completion of this round, yes (in Fantasy).
      Except for players who played round 1 but not this round.

  • I have just realised somehow I don’t have a vice captain or captain. I am so annoyed as I am sure I picked a captain or vice captain

  • Really wishing I took zorko over caddy. Might make the swap this week

  • good to see that lecras has joined the burn party.

  • So I have Pav, Caddy, Rohan, Enright, Suckling and Cox on field…safe to say I’m not gonna make 2000.

  • Only on 2056 with Tyson to go and in top 100, Haven’t had the best of weekends Wright, Bartel, Enright, Cotchin and suckling but cox to mummy was a good move with zorko jeansch and watson helping out. Lots of 70s & 80s. Hope I wont slide too much over the next game

  • Is anyone at the WCE vs Melb game? Are Scooter and Coxy just chilling in the crowd or something?? They are killing me!!

    • Yeah I saw the score and was expecting Scooter, Cox and LeCras to be killing it but not the case.

      • Scooter appeared to be game watching the whole time. Cox just couldn’t catch.

  • Traded Mitchell out for Enright at the death in Friday night…d’oh.

  • Let the carnage begin! definite rage trading going on tonight

  • C on Scooter. Nuff said.

  • Traded in scooter for Swan and put the c on him. Good move, he must think it’s still preseason. Maybe him and Cox are sitting back smoking cigars

  • Selwood just gave away 2 frees…as if he wasn’t scoring badly enough

  • Had enough of this stupid game already, 48 can’t believe he got 48 he can get that in a 1/4. Need to go lie down in a dark room. FFS!!!!!

  • AFLF – C on Scooter. Pav, Cox, Caddy, Enright, Suckling, Langford, Langdon, Cotchin, Heppel disappointing..
    Only players to crack the ton were Watson, Beams, Sandi, Tyson and Reiwoldt.

    RDT – C on Swan. Pav, Cox ,Caddy, Roughead, Cotchin, Langdon, Langford, Suckling disappointing.. Mitchell late out (Griffiths decent cover though)
    Only players to crack the ton Watson, Beams, Tyson, Sandi.

    Safe to say this is the worst DT week for me ever.

  • Have Scooter and Swanny been hanging out anyone? Seem to have caught the same bug…

  • So who are the early must haves for trading in this week?

  • Scott Bloody Selwood , What The HELL ,

    your team wins by 90+ points and you manage a whopping score of umm 48 ???? 48 Really i could have scored more than 48 against Melbourne and i am 44 years old with a bung shoulder bad back and cant run out of sight on a dark night….

    Really Selwood 48…… that was amazing now go in and sing the song and let everyone tell you how well you playeed because you my friend did JACK SHIT

  • I missed Calvin’s Captains this week, was it suggested to Put Scooter Selwoodas Captain. Why has so many people put the C on the Scoot

    • i think scooter was 2nd on calvin’s captains simply because he was playing melbourne. Calvin but Dayne Beams no.1 which turned out correct and i had beams as capt. aswell

  • What time does lockout generally finish??

    • Might be quite late because of the fact that’s it’s the first time they’ve had to calculate changes in price etc. Hopefully by mid-season everything will be more streamlined. Honestly I’m not surprised they’ve had so many issues this year.

      Surely Virtual Sports had issues when they first started? Anyway last week it was about 11pm WST, so like 2am AEST.

  • To keep or to not

    Enright, birchall, cotchin

    What people thinking

  • Ablett or Pendles captain