My Team 2014: Round 2

myteamv30articleWe head into round two of the season and for AFL Fantasy Classic, we have unlimited trades – so it’s like starting again. For AFL Dream Team, aka the ‘real’ Dream Team, the trade limit of 30 starts this week.

Discuss your team, strategy, different players, etc in this post. Please offer constructive criticism and if you’re wanting advice, make sure you’re joining in the conversation with others.

Follow live scores all season over at and make sure you get yourself an account to take advantage of the watch list feature to follow your players easily. Also, join the chat and create your own private chat with your mates.

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  • Gee, thanks Roughead and Langford for being duds, much appreciated, cheers.

  • I am glad I dumped roughhead guys anther franklin gose well against weak teams and shit house against good teams he will get the same score against the cats think he only ave over 40 or 50 against them and get of the hawk ban wagon for the first 4 r 5 games then bring them in as all there top plyers will get tagged and get no score etc

  • my god cotchin is gone after this round 79 not good enough I don’t care he can get out of my team and never take place In my team every again I bring in pendles which I should have done and ablett god thanks a lot

  • Well, things have certainly gone quiet on here the last day or day…

    I had Barlow as Captain and Watson as vice, so got good returns.

    So far duds are Roughead, Ablett, Langford, Cotchin.

    Good to have Hickey and Roo.

    • Yes a lot has gone quiet.. where people at?
      I had K Cornes as Captain and Watson as Vice, I guess I did well for myself also.

      Couldn’t be any happier for you in regards to Hickey & Roo. Just wish I had Hickey to! But don’t think he will go BANG like that to often. Great cash cow tho.

      • I’d be happy if he can get 85 plus each weekend though, Hickey.

        Not sure what to do with Roughead hey, keep, or go?

        • With a big score this week he’s break even will be close to minus! Don’t get trapped into holding him for to long IMO.. When he hits 400k flick him off.

          Roughead can hit some massive scores BUT IMO flick him off. How’s your Forward line looking anyway?

          • My forward line is N Reiwodt, Martin, Roughead, LeCras, Dahlhaus, Caddy, Rohan, Ambrose.

    • I only had 4 players cotchin ablett and my two rookies in the fwd patton and s frost I had mummy and sandi as my rucks and also roo got massive scres from them I also had kk and dunston and polac pretty shit scores oh well hope my last 6 smash it today got 1516 have joel selwood caddy Enright bartel and well they have Brisbane looks like those 4 will get over 120 each have Tyson and I think the French man from west coast will get at least 145 150

    • Ended up with 2061 in Fantasy BTW.

  • Does Anyone think Zorko’s score was reflected on Rockliff being out???

  • How do we reverse changes on AFL Fantasy? Anyone..