Keep Rollin’ – Ep. 1, round one

The Traders discuss how their NAB AFL Fantasy Classic teams and the highs and lows of the first weekend of the split round one. Roy, Calvin and Warnie help you navigate the rest of the rolling lockout.

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  • Will you guys be doing a live show on this website every Thursday, or is this not happening anymore?

  • AZUL9KZR Fantasy draft 8.00 pm tonight (WST)

  • A competitive fun league code: 45SAH6AL

    All welcome! :)

  • Who should i get, Watson or Stanton this week?

  • anyone considering deledio as a permanent after his round 1 score?

  • Got myself involved in an Elite draft. 14 teams with 5 minutes allowed for each pick. 26 minutes in and we are almost at pick 9. I reckon it will be an hour before I get to pick again and Friday before the draft is finished.
    #should have known better,
    #did know better but joined anyway :-(

  • next round and rest of the season probably coniglio or wines

  • off topic, anyone know whats happening with assistant coach breakeven, their up for split round players but seem way off for lots of players, any feedbank appreciated

  • And also a lot of people have gone 3 pies and Ablett I think if you are missing 5 or 6 good players and no one to back up ad cap in round 9 might as well forget about it I been studying and planing my team to have and crack at it this year as long as Mitchell plays good and I play Dunston every week