My Team 2014: Version 5.0

myteamv30articleWowee! The free hit in AFL Fantasy and rolling lockout for round one in all forms of the game has changed the way we go about the start of the season! Damn the split round!

Anyway – it’s time to start a new version of My Team as things are a little bit different now!

Discuss the round as it progresses, your team, different players, etc in this post. Please offer constructive criticism and if you’re wanting advice, make sure you’re joining in the conversation with others.

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  • Righto so at this stage my players left to play next week are; Enright, Mitchell, S.Selwood, Liberatore, Shiels, Tyson, Jacobs, Dangerfield, Gunston, Caddy and Higgins.

  • 1120/11

  • 11/1134 with Mitchell, Suckling, McDonald, SSelwood, Lockliff, Shiels, Mcrae, Tyson, Big Boy, Caddy and one other rook to play. Hopefully punch out a 2250 if I am lucky!

  • 12/1302 in RDT rolled the dice on taking Barlows VC score over Gazza, was only 7 points less in the end. Dangerfield, Caddy, McDonald, Watson, Mitchell, Langford, Hanley, Hickey, Dunstan/Ellis and Libba to come, 2100 would be solid I think, people on here talking up 2250 come on guys it’s round 1 not round 6-7, 2000 in rnd 1 last season was just outside the top 5000.

    Can’t be bothered with Fantasy at the moment not a happy customer.

    • In RDT I’m sitting on 1492 from 14 completed (captain played) so with 8 to come I don’t think expecting over 2200 is unreasonable. In fact, considering I have missed out on Barlow and Swallows decent scores, I reckon I might just scrape in to top 5000 after round 1. Anything higher than that and I’d be stoked!

      • Guys just something to take aboard. I’m not all too sure how long both of you have been here, but we count the captain as two people/players. So say you’re on 10/1100 with captain played, you shuts add another one to make it 11/1100 so it’s out of 23 players not 22. It just makes it easier to be able to compare yourselves.
        Otherwise people come out with ludicrous results such as 9/1180.

  • 1,099 from 9 inc. Capt. Cotchin RDT.

    Is it possible to have a separate thread for RDT scores? Comparing apples with oranges when discussing RDT vs rubbish Fantasy.

    • I concur, you’re tracking alright, you get Langdon’s 105 in that 1099?

      • G’day Timothy, no Langdon (he’s on the bench) just dodged any duds, McVeigh is my lowest scorer so far.

        Looks a good score, but does contain most of my gun MIDs (Swan, Barlow, Beams, Cotchin) though I suspect most of the high scores posted here are in the same boat.

  • Thomas looked so unfit so next round its thomas to dunstan/Cunningham play 3 roolies on the field in the mids. Then upgrade Giorgiou and laider to kolondashi and landon and upgrade kersten to god knows what ever forward rookie plays

  • 1412 after 13
    Left: mitchell, suckling, mcdonald, watson, tyson, cox, gunston, caddy, higgins

    is this a good score?

    • It is, but it is actually going to be a very high scoring first round, so don’t be surprised to find many others with similar scores.

      • cheers mate. wasnt sure since i screwed up in getting duffield, putting rohan on the ground, and swan as captain, but i also had gazza cotch deledio beams so was hoping theyd caught me back up.

  • Fantasy free-hit, I’m sitting on 1114 after 10 + captain swan (didn’t want to risk any loop hole). I have Geary, Suckling, McDonald, Scooter, Watson, Libba, Hickey, Gunston, Howlett, Darling, Wright and Higgins to come. If these guys average 91.25, i can push 2200 +.

    RDT, i’m on 1086 with 12 to play: Mitchell, Suckling, McDonald, Rocky, Tyson, Michie, XEllis, McEvoy, Danger, Gunston, Wright and Caddy. If these guys average 88.75, I’ll push 2150+, solid when thinking long term over short term.

  • 1096 from 9. Now have to decide whether to loophole Michie and get polec 85 or see wat michie can do vs a weak St kilda midfield, leaning towards keeping polec score, thoughts people?

    • Keep Polec’s 85. I would estimate Michie for a circa 75.

      • I think i will but i expect michie to score 80+ against the saints midfield who have no dal Santo Hayes Montagna and Steven from last years midfield playing this wk.

  • AFL Fantasy

    McVeigh(83) Swallow(114) Simpson(84)
    Gaz(140×2) Cotchin(127) Beams(122) Murphy(89) Polec(85) Langdon(105)
    Buddy(52) Martin(100) Pavlich(84)

    Mitchell, Hodge, McDonald, Watson, Ellis, Ryder, Dangerfield, Roughead, Caddy to come.


    • You’re smashing it bro. If Ryder and Hodge smash it past 100, you’ll have one of the best scores going around.

  • Which two would you choose out of Darling/Caddy/Wright for the free hit

  • 1697 with 5 to go, captain already played.

    Hopefully my last 5 players can smash it and I can scrape to a respectable score. Don’t want to fall behind the 8 ball.

  • 1338/13 (out of 23 :p) in RDT

    I still have 10 players left so 2,200 is still well on the cards.

    Mitchell, Enright, Suckling, McDonald, Liberatore, Tyson, Ellis, Dangerfield, JJK and Caddy

    So far only Thomas and Rohan have gone sub 80 and i’ve been pretty lucky with Mumford, Swallow and Ablett (C)
    Would love to hear thoughts

  • 1091/12 in AFL Fantasy

    Unfortunately I haven’t been so lucky in AFL Fantasy but I feel if Stanton (C) can co huge, I could be well on track… Most likely though, this is a below par score

    Mitchell, Suckling, McDonald, Stanton (C), Watson, Michie, Tyson, Cox, Riewoldt and Caddy

    Thoughts – thinking 2100 – 2150

  • Is anyone else disappointed with the AFL Fantasy App and website? The League I am in started this week and the functionality is terrible. During a game you cannot even see the scores of other people in the same league.I am not expecting to see the scores of individual players until after the free hit but if you don’t have the “live” scoring component it rtakes half the fun out of playing. Interested in others thought. BTW do Emergency scores only get added to your total after the end of the round?

  • 1312/12 (captain played)
    suckling, l McDonald, s Mitchell, Enright, j Watson, libba, cox, danger, caddy, roughead left

  • Im not going to be happy if everyone jumps on Wingard & Pendles for round 2. This free hit nonsense is giving all the sheep a chance to get a free look at the well-thought-out PODs of good coaches, and giving the a chance to jump on. Thus the ones with the original idea lose their advantage.
    (I know Pendles isn’t exactly a POD but I predict he’ll have a better year than Swan, giving me an edge over Swan owners).

    Anyway, 9/1076 (Cotchin [C] counted as two).
    Hodge, Sitchell, Suckling, McDonald, Enright, B Martin, Zeibell, X Ellis, Hickey, Gunston, N Reiwoldt, Dahlhaus, M Wright.

    If they can average around 85 between them, looking at 2181

    • +1 free hit sucks everyone jumping on my pods too

    • I agree the advantage of starting well is much diminished (I suffer a bit too with people sure to jump on Mummy), but I just think that the cream will rise to the top. The biggest skill differentiator still remains the MBRs.

      Sheep are sheep. They’ll inevitably pick a dud to back (looking at you Westhoff!) soon enough, and feed themselves to the wolves.

      The starting free hit may not necessarily be back next year anyway, depends on whether the AFL sticks with this fixture scheduling or not.

      • The free hit won’t be back next year because the AFL will come to their senses and rehire virtualsports to create the fantasy game again.

        I agree with you about the free hit being a bad thing for coaches who rely on PODS. But I disagree with you thinking Pendles is a POD.

        Don’t worry about the sheep, they’ll try and hang in there at the start but they won’t make it to the end, don’t worry.

  • Hey all, has anyone done the DTtalk app update that appeared last week and had issues? I ask because since I updated the app, I no longer get the DTtalk articles, but instead get ‘Supercoach Paige’ articles. Anyone else got this issue?

    • Hey Warnie, I sent yourself and Calvin an email a few days ago about this, would really appreciate a response at some point.

  • Players so far in AFL Fantasy
    McVeigh 83, Swallow 114, Duffield 61, Langdon 105
    Delidio 132, Coniglio 130, Cotchin 127, Ball 124, Beams 122, Swan (c) 194, Polec 85
    Sandi (110)
    Dusty 100, Titch 93, Hoff 113.

    Players played 14+captain. Score: 1593

    Players to come: Suckling, Mcdonald, Tyson, Cox, Gunston, Roughy, Caddy.

    Suckling 90, McDonald 85, Tyson 80, cox 110, gunston 90, roughy 95, caddy 85 takes me too 2238

    • Hay jake good team just looking when round 8 comes you wont have any mids for big scores as richmond and pies have same bye just food for thought like you wont say score well through byes Ihave set my team up to have top players in each postion each bye round good team though

  • Man I hate being right I said I put enright and took suckling out and said bartel will smash it and he did I have 1516 after 15 got roughhead s mitchell mcdonald cox dom tyson jay k harries and jobe watson man the way the gun mids are going think watson mitchell 130 plus watson I45
    Think I score 2250 maybe 2300 what you guys reckon

  • Fell for the hype again about Sam Mitchell guys Shit house got 2020 with Tyson playing and jk h if Mitchell dose not pick his game up I don’t care if he is a premium I will take him out god Dunston nearly has a better score then him at half time and Tom Cleary and luke Mcdonald will be warming the bench for me until they make some cash then there gone