Loop Hole: Captain & Emergency Explained


Full lock-out for the first round starts on Friday the 21st of March.
Over the first five games, a rolling-out is in place meaning that you can adjust your side as teams roll in.

This means that the LOOP HOLE can be implimented during this time.

It works like this:

Select Swanny as your VC this Friday night and if he dominates (which he will) then place a non-playing dude on your field so he scores a zero and the score of your VC (Swan) is doubled.

Picking this guy to do this in your ruck department is easier to manage. A guy who is $115k who HASN’T played yet is your best bet. Make sure you have a player who is playing next weekend or hasn’t played before pulling this move.

If Swan fails to go over 100, or gets injured, then this is where the LOOP HOLE comes into effect. As he was your VC you can now select another player to be the captain over the course of the remaining games.


Firsly, I suggest not to do it in RDT and SC. This is because you are not getting a free hit this week and it starts for real, and you should be aiming for all your players to be playing.

It is still a rolling lock-out though so it can be done it you want. Especially if you have a throw away fourth ruckman. If this is the case then it can still be done as mentioned above, if your fourth ruckman plays after your designated captain.


The concept is very similar.

Let’s take Gary Rohan for example. He is on your bench and scores 100. You want to have that score so you place a NON-PLAYING person on your field so Rohan covers it with his 100.

RISKS – You now have no bench cover if there is a late withdrawal and if you are playing RDT or SC, you now have a dud player stuck in your squad.


  • Good work Calvin. Nice to see you back to explain again this year. We know the season has started now.

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  • Thoughts: M. Murphy or T. Liberatore?

  • Great Article Calv! The loop hole affect is fantastic haha I feel like I’m cheating, so currently I have the vice captain on the pig and my captain is Patrick Mitchell the ruckman from Sydney who will not play.. and I have hickey as my emergency who plays next week! is that the correct way of implementing the loop hole affect?

  • No need for the loophole – gotta get in first

  • Hi Calvin/All, great info cheers. So if Im understanding the VC trick correct;

    I cover Swann with the VC (on field 1st week)

    If his score is awesome I trade him with a non playing player who I nominate as captain?

    Its a trick to select the captain bonus after the fact? Not getting Captain and VC bonus at same time?


  • So just to get this right, Dream team Classic on AFL website we can make unlimited trades from round 1 to round 2?
    What is Real Dream Team?

  • Hey guys, In RDT can will you be able to trade players during the rolling lockout, or is the team you set final, and all you can change is EMG?

  • OK so Tom Langdon scored 105 today and he’s my emergency defender, so now I swap one of my on field defenders who is playing next week for someone who won’t play next week?

  • Calvin, because you love the punt I have respect! You should analyze the betting markets on highest DT’er for each game. Money in the bank hahahah

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  • Dude i did the Fantasy one with Beams, when he chopped up i tried to get rid of Cotchin being captain and I couldnt because it locked him in, it’s so stupid

  • what happends if you dont select a Captain and just put the VC on a player who has already played?