AFL Teams: Round 1 (Part A)




Friday, March 14 at Etihad Stadium, 7.40pm (EDT)


B: A.Toovey, N.Brown, N.Maxwell
HB: T.Goldsack, J.Frost, T.Langdon
C: S.Sidebottom, B.Macaffer, T.Adams
HF: D.Beams, T.Cloke, J.Elliott
F: B.Kennedy, J.Witts, D.Swan
Ruck: B.Grundy, S.Pendlebury, H.Lumumba
Int: L.Ball, B.Sinclair, M.Clarke, C.Young

Emg: Q.Lynch, T.Armstrong, L.Keeffe


B: Z.Dawson, L.McPharlin, L.Spurr
HB: D.Pearce, M.Johnson, T.Mzungu
C: C.Sutcliffe, R.Crowley, D.Mundy
HF: Boer, C.Mayne, N.Fyfe
F: H.Ballantyne, M.Pavlich, M.Walters
Ruck: A.Sandilands, M.Barlow, L.Neale
Int: S.Hill, T.Sheridan, P.Duffield, J.Hannath

Emg: C.Sylvia, Z.Clarke, C.Pearce


Saturday, March 15 at Spotless Stadium, 4.40pm (EDT)


B: N.Haynes J.Giles A.Kennedy
HB: C.Hampton, P.Davis, S.Frost
C: T.Scully, A.Treloar, H.Shaw
HF: T.Greene, J.Cameron, L.Whitfield
F: D.Addison, J.Patton, D.Smith
Ruck: S.Mumford, R.Palmer, C.Ward
Int:J.Hunt, S.Coniglio, T.Bugg, D.Shiel

Emg: A.Tomlinson, J.Kelly, J.Lamb


B: N.Smith, T.Richards, J.Laidler
HB: J.McVeigh, H.Grundy, N.Malceski
C: R.Shaw, K.Jack, L.Jetta
HF: C.Bird, S.Reid, D.Hannebery
F: B.McGlynn, L.Franklin, G.Rohan
Ruck: M.Pyke, JP.Kennedy, T.Mitchell
Int: H.Cunningham, L.Roberts-Thomson, D.Rampe, L.Parker

Emg:T.Derickx, R.O’Keefe, D.Towers


Saturday, March 15 at Metricon Stadium, 6.40pm (EST)


B: M.Warnock, S.May, G.Broughton
HB: S.Lemmens, C.Cameron, T.McKenzie
C: M.Shaw, G.Ablett, J.Harbrow
HF: A.Hall, TJ.Lynch, J.Martin
F: S.Day, C.Dixon, B.Matera
Ruck: T.Nicholls, M.Rischitelli, D.Prestia
Int: D.Stanley, D.Swallow, A.Boston, J.O’Meara

Emg: L.Russell, T.Sumner, A.Sexton


B: T.Chaplin, A.Rance, D.Astbury
HB: B.Houli, C.Newman, S.Morris
C: S.Grigg, D.Martin, B.Ellis
HF: R.Petterd, R.Conca, N.Vlastuin
F: B.Griffiths, T.Vickery, J.Riewoldt
Ruck: S.Hampson, T.Cotchin, B.Deledio
Int: M.Thomas, M.McDonough, S.Edwards, N.Foley

Emg: A.Edwards, N.Gordon, S.Lloyd


Sunday, March 16 at Etihad Stadium, 7.30pm (EDT)


B: L.Henderson, M.Watson, Z.Tuohy
HB: K.Simpson, M.Jamison, A.Walker
C: D.Thomas, M.Murphy, E.Curnow
HF: C.Yarran, J.Waite, J.Garlett
F: M.Robinson, M.Kreuzer, B.Gibbs
Ruck: R.Warnock, T.Bell, B.McLean

Int (from): P.Cripps, A.Everitt, A.McInnes, N.Holman, D.Ellard, T.Menzel, K.Lucas


B: J.Trengove, J.Hombsch, M.Broadbent
HB: J.Pittard, T.Jonas, T.Clurey
C: J.Polec, B.Ebert, K.Cornes
HF: A.Monfries, J.Westhoff, H.Hartlett
F: J.Butcher, J.Schulz, R.Gray
Ruck: M.Lobbe, T.Boak, C.Wingard
Int (from): C.O’Shea, D.Cassisi, M.White, O.Wines, S.Colquhoun, B.Renouf, J.Impey

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  • 1st post

  • Shame about Derrickx being named only as an emergency, but otherwise nothing too horrible

  • Laidler and Langdon over Langford as denfence benchspots as we know they have been named

  • Sorry for the post here – need one coach for our UltimateFooty draft league 918893 in the next twenty minutes or so, draft at 8pm

  • Swan named in the Forward pocket?? Should we be worried? Is this the future ala Rockliff 2013? O’Keeffe as an Emg, that would have hurt a lot of draft teams

    • God, I hope not.

    • Yeh, and Lumumba named on the ball – get on him! Got some waterfront land in QLD for sale too – call me.

    • Swan will run through the midfield still you would have to think. Collingwood have around 8 or 9 players they will run through there as well… nothing to worry about. O’Keeffe I don’t understand.

  • 844396 – REAL DT

    Sorry for the post here, need a few guys to join this league.

  • What are your thoughts guys, about Matt McDonough being the sub? He has been named on the bench and seems a likely candidate. I did have him penciled in on the field but might have to swap him to Gary Rohan….

    • McDonough is ideal sub material and Gary Rohan is more likely to play a full game. Neither should be on the field if you can avoid it

      • cheers

      • I think Rohan is a decent choice on field against GWS this week.

      • Sounds like you’ve got a hefty forward line there, GOF. I currently have both Rohan & McDonough onfield. I guess it all depends on your structure. Personally, I’m happy with both boys being onfield. It’s the beginning of the season & you’ve gotta start light somewhere…

    • McDonough won’t be the sub, he’s been picked for a the specific role that he played so well over the pre-season.

  • O’Keefe an emergency? are Sydney just having a massive pull? Looks like I need another POD.

    • I think he may be injured and they are waiting for the result of a test on match day

  • SCREEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! I am so tired of trying to do something on and having a sign come up telling me “Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again.” This has been a persistent problem over the last month and now I have just tried about 20 times to get into the site only to have that wretched sign come up. Already usage of the official AFL fantasy site is down by more than 100,000 users from last year. Are they trying to completely kill it off???????

    • Same here mate …it’s a joke

    • Easy fix, just play REAL DT

    • Exactly the same thing happened to Fantasy NRL, then on the last day of lockout the servers crashed. The site went offline for about 4-5 days. I have a bad feeling.

    • Here here King Henry

    • 9:15pm and I still got the sign. Uh oh

      • 6:31 western time and still no login here either. :(

        • This Fantasy is a farkin joke.
          Just comes up with a blank team and a banner saying “Sorry we are experiencing heavy traffic”
          Happens too often
          What a bunch of tossers.
          I’m going to real DT

          • The AFL are laughable – virtual sports had it running perfectly last year – love to know why they decided it needed to be changed. No, wait, love to know how much money they saved by switching to a new operator – had to find every dollar to fund demetriou’s 2013 bonus.

  • Real dreamteam league 3 spot left code 408369.

  • Fantasy site and Fantasy Android app not working…..meltdown

  • Wtf is up with the teams. It says Dane Swan is playing full forward. Please tell me he’s not actually going to play forward

  • What a joke, its Thursday night and the AFL FANTASY site is down :( How can they expect to run the comp when it can not handle Thursday traffic. Hate to think what it will be like at 7pm tomorrow. RDT all the way!!

  • fantasy site is so crap. If I wasn’t in a league with heaps of coin on the line I would delete my account now. Virtual sport got it all over this amateur rubbish

  • O’Keefe emg: I rekon Mitchell or Parker for a late withdrawal

    • Rolling lockout provides easy solution if you have Parker or Mitchell and either miss – trade one for the other.

  • What a pathetic, poorly coded site the AFL Fantasy league has become. As soon as they ran into trouble, they should have rolled back to the previous year’s version of the site. I’ve given up, after spending weeks of constantly seeing “Sorry, but something went wrong”. Looks like it’s SuperCoach for me.

    Who remembers ClickFrenzy?

    • Why not support the original and the best? Real Dreamteam run by Virtual Sports who ran the AFL DT for years.

  • Anyone up for a competitive league. Some spots still up for grabs.
    RDT code – 800561

  • Warnie and co got all the cash and they forgot they need a website to play the game…You guys should be ashamed of being affiliated with such a low-class site.

  • i thought i had just finished my team so i hit save now the site can’t load properly so i have now idea if my team is saved or incomplete or what. Just 24hrs out from the 1st lockout what rubbish GRRRRR!!!!

  • A couple of leagues available if anyone wants them;
    Real DT: 628647
    Fantasy: EwH7POOR

  • Serves the AFL right to hand this competition to amateurs.

  • No sh!t you’re “experiencing heavy traffic”!

    Very poor planning, not happy

  • Can’t get online or use the app, too much traffic? Didn’t they say they had their shit sorted out because they knew this was coming? Absolute crap

  • 890633 Real DT league – rather have DT Talkers than randoms who abandon it after a few games. In it for the year? Jump in here.

  • No Time for Julia (724937) Sportsbet League

    Feel free to join. I’m only playing this as the prizes are nice free bets and seems easy to use the salary cap.

    If FUNHUB get their stuff together I will be playing in 4 comps this year.

  • Just brought up my team on RDT with no problems. Still can’t get onto the AFL’s joke of a budget fantasy website or app.

  • Swan will run through the midfield still you would have to think. Collingwood have around 8 or 9 players they will run through there as well… nothing to worry about. O’Keeffe I don’t understand.

  • Just spent a lot of time updating my team and then try to save it and it crashes ! Working all day tomorrow and wont have internet access so i wont have time to change it, not happy.
    Think I will change to RDT or Supercoach and see if they actually work.

  • Couple of leagues I need to fill.

    RDT: 664166

  • Quote from March 11th FAQ.

    Q: How do we know the servers are going to hold up for that last minute rush?
    A: You may have noticed a few errors that were plaguing the site over the weekend, these errors have now been eradicated. These errors were created due to the huge amount of work we were putting into our servers that will help them deal with expected traffic over the next week. We have worked absolutely relentlessly to make sure that the servers will hold up to the mad rush in the lead up to lock out

    Utter crap. I’m off to RDT and delete my fantasy account. When I can log in, that is.

  • Just set up a RDT league for anyone who’s interested. Code: 827763

  • I still can’t login. There’s no way this is going to work for the lockout

  • Same, still can’t log in this morning, glad my main league is in RDT. Hoping i can log in to finalise my work team sometime today

  • If anyone looking for a league to join, trying to get all people who finished in the top 10k last year, enter my AFL fantasy league. Code: RTANTUFK

  • No one concerned about J.Lamb as emergency. What options do we have around his price?

  • hey guys, i am trying to set up my team on afl fantasy, but it is only giving me a 6 million 200 thousand salary cap. Does anyone know why?

  • Need fantasy players to join experienced league

  • 2 spots left

    AFL Fantasy: M3Z7XCF7

    Starts rd2 and no bye rounds

  • How bad is Fantasy. DTTalk should be embarrassed putting their name too it. Wtf is happening they only had 6 months to get it together. Very very disappointing, can’t see live scores, app is Shiite, multiple crashes. Hate to whinge but FFS get it together it’s really pisssiinng me off. Faaaarrrkkkkk

    • Surely you remember who is in your team? Right? Well, just cruise over to and check out the huge amount of stats over there.