Fantasy Freako Pre-Season Review #1

freako_download_2014The 1st edition of the Fantasy Freako Pre-Season rave for the 2014 season is now ready for download.

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  • Any idea what coloum 1 means, i assumed it was “game 1” but then i looked at it closer and some of the scores are no where near there actual score for nab 1.

    Perhaps ptsper100m is “game 1” and “1” is ptsper100m, but that still doesn’t make sense.

  • I’ve go to admit I’m totally confused by the statistics in Freako’s Review. There seems to be inconsistencies all the way thru. Just take as an example the first 3 lines of the Tigers’ page:
    Gms TOG (mins) PtsPer100m 1
    Brett Deledio Mid $514,900 1 81% 88 81
    Dustin Martin Fwd/Mid $526,000 1 73% 86 79
    Chris Newman Def $364,300 1 51% 77 78

    If Deledio scored 81 pts from 81% gt, it seems to me that this equates to 100 points to 100% gt. Even if game time is 120 mins, then his pts per 100 mins should be more that 88. Dusty has 2 fewer points from 8% less gt than Lids. How can his pts per 100 mins be only 2 fewer than Lids’? Proportionally Dusty should have more point per 100 mins than Deledio. More starkly Newman had only 1 point less than Dusty from only 51% gt. How can that equate 9 fewer pts per 100 than Dusty. Surely Chris scored at a far faster rate? Compare Delidio’s entry with that of Adelaide’s Matthew Wright. Wright had a raw score (column 1) identical to Deledio – 81 points. Wright’s game time was 1% more than Deledio’s at 82%. Yet his point per 100 mins was 139, a whopping 58 points more than Deledio’s!!!!! How does this work? Or am I missing something here?

    As I said, these perceived inconsistencies are on every page, probably every line.

    The other issues raised by Freako’s review is that in DT Talk’s excellent series of articles reviewing each of the NAB games, when a writer such as Calvin or Matt says “Player X scored 85 points from 49% game time”, if Freako is to be believed, the points they are quoting are the points from the Points per 100 mins column, not the raw score from the “1” column.

    • Firstly Lids. 81 from 81% game time. Game time would have been around 115 mins. 80% of 115 is 92. So he scored 81 in 92 mins, equate that to 100 and he probably averaged 88 every 100 mins. Wright is a typo in the raw score column, he scored 135. As for the Martin score per 100 mins, you’ll have to ask him on twitter!

  • Oops, sorry! I formatted my extract from Freako’s Review into columns, but when I hit the Submit button the formatting disappeared. You’ll just have to nut it out. My basic point remains – Freako has totally screwed the figures – probably a faulty algorithm.

  • The column headed as “Ptsper100m” should be “Game 1 score” as that column shows the fantasy scores from round 1 NAB games. As for the rest of it, nothing makes sense. Even the TOG figures are all different to those listed on the AFL website. E.g. Freako has Jackson Ramsay at Collingwood listed as playing 60% game time whereas the AFL website has it as 30%. Cameron Guthrie (Gee) 57%Freako vs 78%AFL. First edition hiccups.


  • I’ve honestly never rated Freako’s tips and when he said that Martin and Zeibell are absolute locks this season, I have reason to doubt him.

    He is a glorified Dr Dream Team saved by the stats he provides eg TOG.

    His strategical opinions are average at best.

    • I reckon it is someone different now he used to know his stuff but last couple of years seems like he has less idea, just an observation.. im still very grateful for the info he provides.

    • Freako didn’t say either of them were locks.

  • Some fine work here Warnie; those who do not want your help and ideas are welcome to their opinion. I hope they have they decency to acknowledge what they spurned at season end,