Tigers v Demons – NAB Challenge (14th February)


Richmond Tigers v Melbourne Demons
Etihad Stadium. Friday 14th February, 2013
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I must admit, The AFL got something right. The 18 games in 18 days concept is a big winner. Fans get footy every night in the lead up to the home and away season and more importantly, we the Fantasy community, get to carefully assess our current selections and other watchlist players.

‘Superstar’ Jack Watts was a late out tonight so we’ll need to wait a little longer before we see him in his new midfield role. Personally, I don’t believe Watts is fit enough to play in the midfield full time so don’t be fooled. Chris Dawes, Mitch Clark and Jesse Hogan were three more Demon talls out of action. Clark is pushing a fine line to be match fit for Round 1 so let’s hope our forward cashcow features in the next round of the NAB Challenge.

In the end, wasn’t it great to see Melbourne get over the line!? I think we’d all agree that Paul Roos has had a positive affect on the playing group and further improvement is on the horizon. Overall the game wasn’t the most attractive we’ve ever seen but there were plenty of positives from a Fantasy point of view.

The Dees played a short kicking, possession game which saw a number of +6’s come into fruition, many to Jack Trengove (MID, $422,500) who had with 130 Fantasy points. Dean Terlich (DEF, $434,900) started like a house on fire with 45 points at quarter time but ran out of gas and only finished with 90 for the game. Viv Michie (MID, $193,900) was solid as an in and under midfielder and could be a nice little bargain but the biggest talking point of the game was the performance of rookie, Jay Kennedy-Harris (FWD, $157,200). Tonight, JKH secured a small forward role for the Dees. He looked awesome and finished the game with 9 kicks, 4 handballs, 5 marks and 3 goals all in the last quarter!

As for the Tigers, well no one cracked the ton in fact no one got close. Dustin Martin (FWD/MID, $526,000) played most of the game at half back and tried to run and carry. Surely, he is better suited to a mid/fwd role! Brandon Ellis (MID, $429,300) didn’t get a lot of the pill but played on the ball instead of his customary wing role and Trent Cotchin (MID, $511,300) was very quiet with only 14 touches.

Dom Tyson (MID, $218,400) was ok and had 16 touches, 4 marks and 1 tackle. He scored only 56 points but don’t cross him off your watchlist just yet. Conversely, Bernie Vince (MID, $449,300) was best afield after being allowed to roam free all night and had 32 touches, 7 marks and 105 Fantasy points by games end. I’ve added Vince to my watchlist!

Not that it’s Fantasy relevant but Chris Newman (DEF, $364,300) sustained a knee injury in the game and was the only casualty.

What were your thoughts of the game? Discuss in the comments.


  • Trengove’s BOG performance was the most eye-catching for me. Looked super fit and played with a confidence not seen by Demon fans in two seasons. Not the quickest midfielder going around … but can seriously play and accumulate leather. Definite watchlist-er.
    Jimmy Toumpas also looked much more at ease out there and should see a nice price rise in his second year.

  • An enjoyable game to watch – far better than the previous night’s fiasco.

  • For me the most significant points for the night (apart from Melbourne’s game as a whole, from a Fantasy point of view were:
    Trengove’s BOG;
    Melbourne’s rookies JKH & Georgiou,
    the form of Michie & Vince,
    Hampson’s non-performance against little opposition (he is currently in my side but nfl);
    Richmond’s non-performers, esp Rance, Ellis & Morris.

  • Agree with Henry on Richmond’s non performers, particularly Ellis. I know it’s only pre-season, but only scoring 60 against Melbourne is a concern.
    I was really impressed with Michie but can’t decide between him and Tyson (who scored 56 but was apparently subbed out in the 3rd quarter). Also loved Georgiou’s kick to handball ratio (14 kicks, 2 handballs) and the fact that Terlich is still fantasy relevant.

    Thanks for the write up Jeppa. Love your work, especially all the ‘juniors’ articles.

  • vince was named bog not trengrove? great game was locking ellis in my side but for around same price bern is looking pretty nice but he has burnt me before

  • Not too concerned with the Richmond players lower scores, this isn’t the same melb as last year so expectations need to be adjusted (also the fact that it’s only NAB 1)
    Fact is though that Melbournes game plan last night, while quite fantasy friendly was essentially just ‘keepy off’
    Disposals were 243 to 446 in favour of the Dees. Favoriting the short uncontested options, kinda explains the slant in the stats yeah?

    • twice as many disposals isn’t DT friendly?

      the whole point of it is to not have the opposition touch the ball
      I don’t care if the rest of the team wants to form a protective barrier around 2 players and play for a 1-0 at quarter time (and oh the handballs)

  • Jeppa – Just curious mate, how do you consider yourself qualified to know how fit Jack Watts is and wether he has the running capacity to play midfield. Suggest you do some research and have a look at his testing results over the last few summers. Watts is an elite endurance athlete. His effectiveness or otherwise as a mid will have absolutely nothing to do with his fitness or lack of it as you are trying to imply. Who are you kidding mate, make your commentary factual rather than speculative!!

    • he doesn’t know. he never claimed to know. he said ‘I believe watts isnt fit enough…’. it is speculative and no attempt was made to hide that. if you disagree (which you can do because it is speculative) then put him in your team.

    • Love the passion crazy Joe. Lets hope I’m wrong.

  • Let the ninth jokes start in earnest

    • who’s joking? I personally think they’ll struggle to get ninth. I got them 11-11 this year.

      • agree JF – lucky last season and shown up by lazy carlton when it mattered. the bandwagon will crash and burn before the bye rounds.

  • Tyson was subbed during the 3rd quarter so don’t read too much into his score.

  • I didn’t watch the whole game but from what I saw, it looks like roos had made them more comfortable moving the ball by foot and denying opposition the ball. of course it’s one thing to do that in nab cup and quite another to do that in the heat of home and away game, but it’s a very fantasy friendly style and given melbourns soft early draw (they could possibly be 3-0!) I think there’s tons of fantasy value in Melbourne.

  • To be fair, Vince was the far better player for Melbourne. His decision making and effectiveness was far more important than the role Trengrove played for most of the night. In fact, if it wasn’t for the backward defensive kicking to Trengrove in the last quarter to shut the game down, Vince may have ended up with more Fantasy Points.

    As for the Tyson/Michie debate, forget about when and if they were subbed out, look at there time on ground %. Tyson played 41% of the match and scored 56, whilst Michie played 58% for 87 points. Both played approximately half a game, but when you do the math – Michie played 15% more game time, which equates to almost half a quarter. So in half a quarter he managed 31 more points than Tyson…..I know who I’d choose.

  • Does anyone know why Riewoldt didn’t play?

    • According to the AFL website, he had a quad injury … although I reckon he has already started his media ban ;)

  • you left out a mention of the rookie, Georgiou ($115,200) 16 disposals and 70 dt points

  • Thoughts on Cotchin
    I’ve got him in my team and i reckon he’s gonna be back to his best this year, but after this game i’m 2nd guessing myself
    any help would be great :)

    • Also thoughts on Grimes
      I’ve got him too in my def, he played alright racking up 25 touches just lacked tackles and few marks

    • Ellis is a better choice for a Tigers midfielder, he will score just as well as Cotchin would for a fraction of the price.