Cats v Magpies – NAB Challenge (12th February)


Geelong Cats v Collingwood Magpies.
Simmonds Stadium. Wednesday 12th February, 2013.
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Ohhh yeah! How good is it to have the footy back? It was great to be able to turn on the TV and see the game we have missed in this long off-season back, especially with quite a few AFL Fantasy players we have on the radar.

Before the game even started, Alex Fasolo‘s stocks dropped due to not making the 26 and being an emergency. He was probably never going to play and he is probably being managed, but really it’s not great signs for him regardless. As we knew before the game, Hamish McIntosh wasn’t going to suit up and he might have be to be crossed off our lists now. Dane Swan ‘loves preseason’ and we didn’t see him tonight, but there’s nothing to stress about there.

As a whole, the game was played fairly loosely with plenty of posessions being racked up by both sides; however there was a massive tackle count – especially in the first half.

As we thought before this game, the biggest lock of the season will be Dayne Beams (MID, $498,800) who scored 115 points. He went about his business racking up 35 disposals (22 of them were handball… get that K:H ratio up!). Tomorrow Lefty has Steele Sidebottom (MID, $523,000) coming up as one of his leftfielders and hello… there shouldn’t be too many complaining about that one! He ran through the midfield, spent time coming out of the backline and even sat up forward kicking a goal. A great all round game. Check out the article in the morning.

Former GWS player Taylor Adams (MID, $445,400) had 15 kicks and 16 handballs on his way to 116 points. After this performance, I think we’ll see him in Collingwood’s best 22. Calvin is excited about Josh Caddy (FWD/MID, $343,500) and there was enough to like about him. He was hard at it and with 84 points, he remains on the watchlist.

Don’t write off Heritier Lumumba (DEF/MID, $475,400) as an option in defence. He spent a fair bit of time running up the ground and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was one of the top defenders come seasons end. Scoring 95 points, Cam Guthrie (DEF, $301,00) performed much better than what he is priced at thanks to his 19 touches and a massive 8 tackles (equal second best tackle count on the ground).

Clinton Young (MID, $218,300) didn’t see much of it – only 9 disposals – but he was clearly managed throughout the game. Even though he just scored 35 points, don’t cross him off your watchlist yet. On the other hand, after starting as sub and coming on a few minutes into the second quarter, Scott Pendlebury (MID, $611,200) showed class with his 99 points. When he came on in the second quarter, he had 39 points by half time. Beast! Swan who?!

Unfortunately there were a couple of injuries to report. George Burbury lost a few teeth and broke his jaw and draftees Nathan Freeman (hamsting) and Tim Broomhead (hand) were both subbed out.

What did you get out of the game? Discuss in the comments.


  • Caddy will get better, I’ve locked him in, I’m also liking Harry o after tonight’s game, could be a very unique def

    • Mate it’s Harry L now!

      • Remember how Yarran was hyped up all those years ago at half back in the NAB? Be cautious on Caddy. But if he did play significant midfield then he is making a compelling case. Still NAB though.

        Harry L has been a mainstay in my defence for the preseason up till now. Alternatives in Houli and Hibberd and even Enright might change that…

      • Nope, wrong again. I think it’s simply H.

  • thoughts on corey enright? Had a blinder.

    • Is he a rookie?

      Never heard of him.

      • Wtf, is this your first time ever watching AFL?
        He’s one of Geelong’s best defenders and had a great season last year. How tf have you never heard of him.
        To answer your question Wayne, I’m personally still uncertain, no-one’s really talked about him throughout the preaseason so he seems like he could be a nice POD. Very consistent and if he continues that scoring rate it’d be hard not to lock him in but I’m still looking at other options for now. See how he goes next game

        • I think he was taking the piss Matt.

          Enright is getting on a bit but he did have a marked increase in average over 2012. Only 5 scores 70 and below in the regular season as a sweeper across halfback, 6 scores above the ton. This game has got me considering…

        • Wtf Matt, is this your first encounter with attempted humour in a footy forum? Are you American?

        • seeing as we’re unfamiliar with sarcasm I shall close the register at this point….but in the 1% chance that alberts comment was serious, he’s one of the greatest players of all time and the first player I’d choose to build a team around in the league.

          • He is a great player, but saying he is one of the greatest players of all time? That is a stretch if I’ve ever heard one.

        • Sucked in – and the season has just started

        • Welcome aboard Matt

  • Perma-captain Pendles.

    Has a nice ring to it.

  • Jackson Ramsay for Collingwood. Played only 30% game time and managed 74 points, interesting if he picks up a full game but hopefully not another Kane Mitchell

  • Enright is looking good, no signs of knee issues, better value than some of the other high priced defenders as he floats, receives to kick out and doesn’t usually cop a tag, lock

    Some good rookie options tonight, locked a few but so much footy to come and round 1 they must be in the 22 to get a run in my side.

  • I think I might stay away from Bartell got stung last year not impressed with his game tonight

  • Who else like Elliot’s game could be a good pick but with few others to come in could also be a risk thoughts??

    • Elliot’s a gun and will only get better this season. Job security isn’t an issue – not in the slightest.

  • Liked Cam Guthrie, Jessie White and H. Good to see Chappy back again but strange seeing him in number 15.

    • Agree Ian, Guthrie played a half decent game last night and could be a smoky to ave close to 80. Very awkward price though.

  • Can someone post a link to where all of the fantasy/dreamteam player scores are listed??

    I thought Caddy looked good but only 84…..still unsure

  • Brodie Grundy with 74 despite missing a quarter when he went off for Concussion.


  • Fasolo didn’t play I may look at Menzel for Carlton. I believe he may slip in the midfield this year. Any other opinions?

    • With Kersten apparently “not ready” according to Jelwood, maybe Lennon. But sub beware. Also Billings is 202k in RDT, but also has Kermit signs.

  • as a long time watcher, first time commenter, where do you guys build those sweet team shields? i neeeed one of those. hook me up someone pls :)

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  • I’m not sure what to do with McIntosh
    i’ve got him but i have no idea if he’ll get a game
    Also thoughts on Stokes as a replacement for Murphy in the mid, he played a ripper
    Help would be great :)